Rhodes of Seattle, Seattle, Washington

Rhodes of Seattle was located in an imposing,
6-story building in downtown Seattle.

Though related, Rhodes of Seattle was a
completely different organization from its
neighbor in Tacoma, Rhodes Brothers.

Rhodes interior was lofty and airy, with a restaurant
on the mezzanine, complete with an Aeolian organ for

Rhodes of Seattle (1907/1927)
2nd and Union
Seattle, Washington

MAin 2-8000

Jiffy Bird Cafeteria • Jiffy Bar • Rhodes Basement Store

Main Floor
Fine Jewelry • Jewelry • Watches • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Gloves • Belts • Hosiery • Fashion Accessories • Hosiery • Slipper Bar • Hat Box • Main Floor Sportswear • Casual Shop • Shoe Salon • Children's Shoes • Cosmetics • Toiletries • Notions • Stationery • Book Bazaar • Candy
Men's Shops Men's Furnishings • Men's Sportswear • Men's Clothing • Men's Shoes • Teen Man • Boys' Shop

Mezzanine Tea Room

Second Floor
Draperies • Floor Coverings • Lamps • Pictures • Mirrors • Furniture • Slumber Shop • Home Furnishings • Appliances • Sewing Machines • Trim-a-Home Shop

Third Floor
House and Town Shop • Dresses • Sportswear • Coats and Suits • Young View Shop • Better Dresses • Better Coats • Better Suits • Blauner Shop • Bridal Salon • Fur Salon • Millinery • Wig Boutique • Lingerie • Robes • Sleepwear • Shape Shop • Junior Shop

Fourth Floor
Infants' Shop • Children's Shop • Girls' Shop • Preteens • Toys • Fabrics • Art Needlework • Linens • Bedding • BedspreadsvPhotograph Studio

Fifth Floor
China • Silverware • Gifts • Figurines • Housewares • Garden Shop • Books • Credit Office • Cash Office • Personnel

University Village
25th Ave. N.E. & E. 4th St.
105,000 s.f.

156th Ave. N.E. & N.E. 8th St.
July, 1964
45,000 s.f.

Forest Park
Bothell Way at Ballinger
October, 1964
50,000 s.f.

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  2. We just found a photo of my Aunt taken at Rhodes of Seattle and found this. What a great surprise to realize it was a department store. She later worked at a Department store in Millinery so wonder if this is the same store.

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and love what I've seen so far. I appreciate all the hard work required to launch and continue to maintain these sorts of sites.

    I noticed the address for the University Village location of the Rhodes of Seattle is incorrect. It should read: 25th Ave. NE & NE 45th St.

    Look forward to following this blog.

  4. I first started working at Rhodes reconstructing some $250,000 lost business through charge accounts that had been inadvertedly been thrown away....I was very young, and eventually went into a management training program, where I managed the Century 21 booth on the first floor....then went onto being an assistant buyer in many, many departments, as part of the program....I worked at the downtown store, opened up Crossroads, and also worked at the new Forest Park store....It was one of the best experiences I could have had.....later became a buyer in another department store, and eventually worked at Nordstrom for 16 years...... Wonderful memories of wonderful people.....

    1. My Dad was manager at the Forest Park store, my grandfather VP of Merchandising for Rhodes. Do I know you?

  5. I remember as a child my grandmother taking me to lunch at Rhodes in Seattle. We would eat and listen to that wonderful organ music. Miss them both greatly!!

  6. My research on an unrelated topic, the history of a couple pewter goblets (!) stamped for a dept store in L.A. (Robinson's), has led me to the blog on Rhodes of Seattle (for another reason). Rhodes was a major hangout for my grandmother (on my mom's side), as she was quite smitten by an organist who use to play there (likely back in the fifties, and she WAS a married woman, btw)...And I have a cousin who apparently was taken there for lunch (which coincided with my granny listening to the organist)! So this comment by "Anonymous" on August 14th of last year has my mind wandering....and wondering...What are the chances of this being my cousin Sylvia??? Probably not very likely....But who knows?!?!? Thanks for all this extensive Dept Store History!

  7. I can see hardly anybody rememebers or has something to say about this grand bldg. and the dept store era. ppl cheat themselves for not rememebering such wonderful and grand buildings that we were those who are old enuff to rememeber. I was lucky enuff to have the privelidge to rememember going into Rhodes on 1st and union downtown seattle and will never forget the wonderful feeling I got and will never forget for these beautiful old buildings that are now just memories.

    1. It was a WONDERFUL Store, and for quite a while, I didn't know there WERE any other Department Stores in Seatttle! I grew up in West Seattle, and my Mom didn't drive. We got on the street-car, (that ran on rails, down the middle of the street!)
      , and got off right at their doorway, on the corner of 1st and Union St.) We'd do our shopping, and maybe have lunch in their lovely restaurant, while listening to their Organ. Then cross the street and take the streetcar back to West Seattle!

  8. I miss this lovely store! My Aunt Sophie was an elevator operator here until they switched to self-service cars. We shopped here often - I still have books and records purchased at Rhodes.

  9. Growing up in eastern Washington, I remember visiting a neighbour of my grandparents who told me stories of working at Seattle's downtown Rhodes Department Store, from 1929 - 1939, in the drapery department. If I remember correctly, she said Rhodes catered also to the upscale and wealthy cliental like Rhodes' rival, Frederick & Nelson. Remember driving by one day when they were tearing down the Arcade building where Rhodes was located to make room for the new Washington Mutual building (Washington Mutual later imploded during the mortgage crisis and Chase bought its assets...). Took a series of photos of a part of Seattle's history fast disappearing...

  10. So, did Rhodes have Uncle Mistletoe at Christmas or was that Frederick and Nelson?

  11. Hello - today I was metal detecting with a friend, and we found 18 tokens that read “Goood for 5ce ts in trade” on one side, and “Rhodes & Noble 94 Union st Seattle” on the other. Would these possibly be from the original Rhodes of Seattle location? If so, do you happen to know why the Rhodes & Noble name was changed to Rhodes of Seattle?


  12. I have had a small wooden tie holder for many years. It is from a home in Seward Park where it had been in the closet when we purchased the house but I brought it with me to my home in the Central Area because it was so handy. I just removed it from the closet wall for the first time in 30 years. There was a tiny tag on the back that said 'Rhodes of Seattle'.
    I want to thank you for enabling me to find the history of this item and see where it came from!

  13. My Dad was a store manager here in the 1960's and my grandfather a Vice President of the company. I remember parking near the store on Union street, going in with my Mom and putting a nickel in the pony merry go round. I remember the elevator lady taking us to the upper floors, and having a root beer float in the dining area. I do remember being in the Rhodes Mansion once when I was very small, and I inherited a repaired marble bird bath that was once on the property which was given to my grandfather because it was broken.

  14. Like others, I had lunch and after (her) work suppers with my Mom in the 50s. I remember the mezzanine dining as very elegant with the organ music and all. Was surprised when it failed.

  15. When I was a kid in the 50's, going to Rhodes during Christmas was a real treat. The toy department was huge and they had a miniature train that you could ride. Just magical.

  16. what terrible change of events that has come to seattle with most of the wonderful beloved dept stores gone and the city selling out to tyrants like Bezo and his band of thieves! no wonder downtown is dead.

  17. Just South of the department store on 2nd Ave was Rhodes 10 cent store. They had a soda bar on the street level at the back of the store where you could get a nice dish of soft ice cream for 10 cents. It was served in a paper cone set on a Bakelite base. It was the best place to buy simple toys like a Fly-Back ,or marbles,balloons, Kilgore caps (they were the best) and cap guns, and Big Little Books.

    1. I ate lunch at the dime store many times. I worked next store at Rhodes Dept store. Loved it.

    2. I have a cash register that is from the Rhodes 10 cent store. The tag on the bottom showes it was sent to them in 1940.

  18. I am wondering if you have any photographs of the terrazzo tile floors in the main entrances/main floor? My husband's great grandfather was one of the workers on those tile floors. Thank you.

  19. I have a beautiful vase that I inherited from my husband's grandmother that has a sticker on the bottom that says Rhodes of Seattle ❤
    Not sure how to post a picture of it.


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