The Crescent, Spokane, Washington

View of The Crescent from a 1974 Ad after the store was enlarged and remodeled for Expo '74

Earlier view of The Crescent from the Wall Street side

The Crescent  (Spokane Dry Goods Co.)
Riverside, Main & Wall
Spokane, Washington

Street Floor
Accessories • Notions • Fine Jewelry • Fashion Jewelry • Handbags • Wonderful World of Cosmetics • Hat Bar • Cosmetic Accessories Scarves • Blouses • Hosiery • Gloves • Lingerie • Fashion Footwear • Miss Spokane Sportswear • Candy • Gourmet Shop • Flower Stall • Cameras • Shavers • Stationary • Adult Games • The Answer Shop • Books
Store for Men Men’s Clothing • Men’s Shoes • Men’s Sportswear • Men’s Accessories • Men’s Furnishings • Boy’s Shop

Second Floor
Sportswear • Active Sportswear • Midway Shop • 7/15 Shop • Dress Salon • Young Moderns Sportswear • Young Moderns Shoes • Millinery • New Dimensions • House & Town Shop • Fur Salon • Better Coats • Shoe Salon • Leisure Square •Intimate Fashions •  Infants’ Wear • Toddlers’ Wear • Children’s & Teens’ Shoes • Little Sister Shop • Little Brother Shop • Children’s Accessories • Children’s Furniture

Third Floor
Third Floor Dresses • Third Floor Sportswear • Trendsetter Shop • Town & Travel Shop • Career & Casual Shop • The Women’s Shop • Designer Collection • Pacesetter • Young Spokane Sportswear • Young Spokane Dresses • Young Spokane Coats • JR. Dimensions • Junior High Shop • Fabrics •  Luggage • Fabrics • Woolens • White-Elna Sewing Center • Needlework • Bedding & Linens • Table Linens • Bath Shop •  Closet Shop • Floor Coverings • Sporting Goods • Ski Shop

Fourth Floor
China • Glassware • Fine Glassware • Silverware •  Fine Silver • Gift Shop • The Pewter Shop • Housewares • Small Appliances • Hoover Center • Records • Lamps • Clocks • Hardware • Sound Equipment • Garden Shop

Fifth Floor
Furniture • Mattresses • Draperies • Pictures • Toys

Sixth Floor
Auditorium • The Tea Room • Men’s Grill • The Bakery


Northtown (1961)
91,000 sq.ft.

University City (1969)
104,000 sq.ft.


  1. We used to vacation in Spokane when I was a kid in the 70's travelling down from Edmonton, Alberta. I remember the downtown Crescent store from a holiday in 1972. Very "All American" at the time so unlike the dowdy Canuck stores of the day. It used to have a suspended four sided clock on the main floor that Spokanites would always rendevous at "Meet me at the Clock in the Crescent" Always will remember that store.

  2. I collect vintage clothes and accessories (and I currently live in Spokane) so I have a number of hats and purses from the Crescent stores. It's neat to see what they looked like back in the day!

  3. A friend of mine owns the old telephone switchboard. Does anyone want to buy it?

    1. Wow--my mom used to work there as a switchboard operator when I was a kid! :-D

  4. As a child form the 70's i remember the Christmas toy displays and the mini monorail over the fifth floor toy area.

  5. I worked at the Crescent back in the '60's. I started out in the Drapery and Curtain Dept and then moved to the Display Department--we won national display awards! Our Christmas and Spring displays transformed the whole first floor into wonderlands! We had an unlimited budget, full-time carpenters and painters and our boss (Hib Bender)kept us in line and striving for perfection. Russell Bishop was my best friend and worked on the 2nd floor.

    1. Wow., my mom used to work there in the second floor shoes. Did you know Vivian Felix. ? A neighbor John Cobb worked in display for years also...ring any bells?

    2. That is so cool. My mother & grandmother worked there. I remember the Christmas display so much. Was the best!!!

  6. Gary N Mellstrom19 February, 2014 23:24

    My Grandfather started the tailor shop in the crescent some time around 1900 and retired in the 1950's. My father told me it was a tent when he started it. I remember visiting him as a child in the 40's & 50's with my mother. His name Charles O. Mellstrom

  7. I was researching this store because I am selling a vintage overcoat that has a label inside the collar that says "The Crescent, Spokane" as well as a smaller label inside the front lower part of the coat that says David Smith, Massachusetts. It is a sort of navy blue with big silver buttons and great pocket. Very 60's looking, sharp and Mary Tyler Moore or Patty Duke in excellent condition. Size 8. I am putting it up on Ebay and Craigslist this week. If you're interested you can email me and I'll send you the link. "sukaprima" on Ebay and at gmail.

  8. I grew up in Spokane. My father sold appliance up on the 5th floor and at some time my mother worked in the beauty shop. I remember the beautiful Christmas window on the corner of Main and Wall. Everyone waited to see that window during the holidays. I remember catching the bus to go home out in front of the store. I still have some coveted boxes with Crescent embossed on the top. There use to be a lunch room under the clock, too.

  9. My grandmother, Birdseye Becker, worker at The Crescent as under cover security. She even carried handcuffs! I have great memories of the Christmas window displays we visited on many occasions. I also remember her buying my sister and I our first pair of Nike's there.

  10. Well I have a set of Hansel and Gretal pictures they were purchased from the Crescent maybe in the 50's or earlier, they were a gift from a dr.s wife I babysat for I am sure she had them for along time before I got them,which was probably around 1960 Any infor would be amazing the price tag is still on the back the Artist is Kaulback

  11. The Crescent was my first job when I moved from NY. I was an elf with Santa in the apple tree restaurant later I work in accessions and the shoe department .Doing inventory I found a black & white picture from the victory garden world war 2. only the gardening gloves was color from isotone.

  12. I have a wooden chair from The Spokane Dry Goods Company. I'm trying to get more information about it. Anyone know anything or know who I could ask?

  13. I just bought part of an estate in Denver and it included a vintage mink coat with The Crescent Spokane label. Don't typically buy mink coats but this was kept in cold storage and seldom worn.