ZCMI, Salt Lake City, Utah

Historic ZCMI store on Main Street in Salt lake City

Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution (1868)
36 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah


Housewares • Hardware
ZCMI Budget Store

Street Floor
Tiffin Room Restaurant • Snack Bar • Sunlit Bakery • Candy • Specialty Foods • Gourmet Foods • Fine Jewelry • Jewelry • The Silver Room • Accessories • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Gloves • Scarves • Hosiery • Cosmetics • Blouses • Street Floor Sportswear • Young Moderns Shoes • Notions • Books • Stationery • Camera Bar • Luggage • Sporting Goods • Ski Shop • Men's Furnishings • Men's Sportswear • Men's Clothing • Men's & Boys' Shoes • Men's Hats • Bailiwick Shop • Boys' Wear
31 South Main Street
Record Center

Annex - 33 South Main Street

Garden Shop
Appliance Center - 47 South Main Street

Major Appliances

Second Floor
Fashion Shoes • Shoe Salon • Etienne Aigner Shop • Pappagallo Shop • Fashion Sportswear • Fashion Dresses • Fashion Coats • Women's Fashions • Thrift Shop Dresses • Daytime Dresses • Town & Patio Shop • Sportique Shop • Young Salt Laker Dresses • Young Salt Laker Sportswear • The Loft • The Roost • Deb Den • Young Gadabouts Shop • Miss ZC Dresses • Miss ZC Sportswear • Miss ZC Coats • Cameo Room • Cameo Room Furs • Formal Shop • Fashion Foundations • Fashion Loungewear • Fashion Sleepwear • Fashion Lingerie • Maternity Fashions • Uniforms • Fashion Children's Wear • Girls' World • Fashion Children's Shoes • Infant's Shop • Beauty Salon • Clippers

Third Floor
Fashion Yardage • Sewing Machines • Art Needlework • Home Entertainment • Toyland • China and Glassware • Gifts • Wall Decor • Lamps • Centennial Shop • Fashion Linens and Domestics • Furniture • Carpets • Draperies • Cashier • Customer Service


Cottonwood Mall (1962)
128,000 s.f.

Ogden (1967)
2380 Washington Blvd.
226,000 s.f.
Tiffin Room

Valley Fair Mall (1970)
West Valley City
105,000 s.f.

University Mall (1973)
163,000 s.f.

Cache Valley Mall (1976)
61,000 s.f.


  1. When I moved to Salt Lake City from Boston in 1998, I worked at the downtown ZCMI, this was the best department store I ever worked for, I was dishartened to see it go, but greatful to have had the opportunity to work there. I miss the old departemnt stores. Jordan Marsh andFilene's in Boston and ZCMI. Those days are gone!

  2. I used to have lunch on occasion at the ZCMI Tiffin Room with my Grandmother, now deceased. Wonderful memories of this grand place. Some things should stay as part of history. This should not have gone. Too bad.

  3. your pictures helped us with our web site for the National History Day. Thanks So Much

  4. Willard C. Smith05 March, 2012 13:01

    I remember the Old ZCMI that was eventually torn down in the early 1970s and converted into part of the ZCMI mall. My grandfather ran all the Shoe Depts for nearly 50 year. The original Tiffiny Room was just off the South Temple entrance. There were all these little passage ways and stairwells in un-expected places to get from one area to the next. I remember the four or five story parking area just to the East of the old Department store. I wish I could find a layout of the old store

  5. Willard:

    You and me both! As one familiar with the tall, bulky department stores of big eastern cities, I always wondered how they could pack all the things ZCMI was to its customers in that building! The Historic American Buildings Survey has some information on it, but it focuses on the cast-iron facade.

    It is an interesting comment on history to realize how long the original store flourished, and how short-lived the (admittedly impressive) ZCMI center was by comparison.

    Thanks for your comments; I will now wonder about all of those passageways and unexpected places, not to mention those pine columns and that famous restaurant.


  6. Also branches in St. George, Pocatello- Pine Ridge Mall, Idaho Falls- Grand Teton Mall, and a location in the Phoenix area. There were also smaller stores called ZCMI II located in FAshion Place Mall and Foothill Village in SLC. I remember ZCMI as being a REAL department store even into the late 80's. A grocery dept in the basement, a pharmacy, appliances, pianos, high end clothing, a large toy department, books, the best bakery, candy dept. Etc. Very much missed. I still have flyers, shopping bags, boxes etc. from all the time spent here. Lunch in the Tiffin Room was the best!

  7. I have some family photos taken at a ZCMI in Salt Lake in the 1940's. Seeing this site was a nice surprise.

  8. I noticed on Youtube that the old ZCMI facade has been preserved with the logo for the new Macy's on the Crystal Creek Mall that opened this spring.

  9. The Tiffin Room was where our 34-years-and-still-going marriage began. I started there as a busboy one summer and my wife began work as kitchen help the following March. By October the matchmakers had us going on our fist date. I must confess to stealing the occasional strawberry and a kiss in the walk-in.
    The Tiffin Room had a Breakfast with Santa promotion on Saturdays in December. The place was always packed. I also remember the dinner rolls, pot pies (because they were such a pain to wash) and some great roast beef with gravy.
    At some point they added a street-front soda fountain called The Pink Pantry.
    I remember the kitchen staff. They were an odd collection of folks who could be bag ladies without any change in costumes or make-up. But they were good people who taught me how to work.
    I didn't shop much in the store, but when the ZCMI delivery truck came down your street you knew someone spent some serious money for a quality product.

  10. To the anonymous poster above, the facade that was installed on the storefront for the new Macy's at the newly complete City Creek Mall is in fact the entire original facade.

    When May took ownership of ZCMI, they removed the infamous ZCMI nameplate (bad move, ticked off a lot of people) and placed a Meier and Frank logo in it's absence. When Macy's bought May, attention was given to the historic value of the storefront and I believe a small ZCMI logo was placed above the Macy's logo.

    Since it took a number of years to demolish Crossroads Plaza (the newer, adjacent mall) and ZCMI Center to build City Creek and Macy's had agreed to be an anchor since before demolition, the storefront was transported to a proper restoration authority where extreme detail was paid to restore it to absolute original condition. The storefront is now attached to a grand reincarnation of the building and proudly displays the ZCMI logo with the Macy's logo adorning the storefront suspended from above.

    You should visit City Creek, as many employees there worked in the original building and can easily recall the very peculiar design of the building (I had been through the administration area once), and Macy's has graciously taken numerous steps to honor the memory of ZCMI with many displays paying homage to ZCMI.

    Side note -- catch a glimpse of the new Nordstrom's storefront on the opposite end of the mall...it's really quite beautiful and entertaining!

  11. When I was in grammar school, my older sister (14 or 15 years old, I think) unsuccessfully attempted suicide by jumping off the top level of the ZCMI parking lot. This was in the late 50's or very early 60's. Somehow, in my memory, the height of the structure has increased and the miracle of her survival has grown in improbability. Does anyone know the actual height of the top level of the ZCMI parking lot? I would like my memory to be more accurate.

    1. OH! I was also in and near SLC during those years, and heard about someone jumping off ZCMI! It was so startling and sad.
      Survival really would have been a miracle. The parking garage was not that tall [cannot remember the height--it was back in the 1950's I lived there; after that, visited sporadically through the 1960's].
      But still..even one at a single-story height, could cause death if the person lands badly.
      I hope she got better at "life" after that? Hope you are doing OK. Those incidents tend to badly affect everyone in a family.

    2. I worked at the ZCMI Parking Garage around 1959. The Parking Terrace was three stories tall. You could enter all three floors from each level. My father also worked for the store. He was about 25 feet away when the girl landed in the parking lot. He was bothered by witnessing that for many years.

  12. While I am not a great fan of Macy's, they have indeed made a great effort to pay respects to ZCMI through their displays in the store. I do not live in the Salt Lake area, but regularly visit and have missed the quality and service of ZCMI deeply. ZCMI was unique, unlike Macy's.

  13. I lived in Salt Lake City from 1965-1980 and have a few interior photos of various areas of the old ZCMI including the small pioneer shops that use to be outside the store, (the ice cream shop, etc). As soon as I can locate them, I will scan them to the internet for all interested. I too remember all the corridors to go from one department to another. Also the mazazine stand that was directly across the Tiffin Room and the grocery department and snack bar in the lower level. Anyone remember the wonderful large "hunk of bread with cheese" and the great chili they had at that snack counter? Remember the auditorium on the 3rd floor where they would hold special weekly-monthly sales like inexpensive paintings? On the first floor, by the escalators, typewriters were for sale and on the opposite side of the floor was the book department. Sure miss it - that and Auerbach's!

  14. When May Co purchased ZCMI it was stipulated that the name had to be changed within two years. I was surprised when they chose to make them Meier and Frank rather than their Denver stores.

  15. I am sorry about your sister.

    Here is a link to an article in The Deseret News Nov. 1, 1954 that describes the building of the parking lot. It was five stories, two levels to a floor with parking on the roof for a total of 12 levels I believe. The article does not specify the height in feet but stories back then were generally taller than stories today.

    You will also find a picture of the parking lot and several older pictures of ZCMI at the following link.


  16. I grew up in Sandy, UT and was about 13 when the Cottonwood Mall opened, with ZCMI as an anchor and JC Penney at the other end. (Anyone else remember Pehrsons, Makoffs, Woolworth? )
    I spent so much time there as a kid, both with my parents and just hanging out with friends. ZCMI was always the store the rich people shopped in and we shopped at JCP (my mom worked there, too, as a men’s clothing seamstress). To go downtown as a kid was such a treat, to go to the original ZCMI and Auerbach’s store.
    Then later in my married life, I worked at ZCMI, although I was actually employed by The Brown Shoe company and they leased the space in the malls for their shoe departments. I worked at the Cottonwood Mall, Southtowne and University Mall stores over a period of about 10 years.
    I was sad when ZCMI was sold, although I didn’t really miss working for the shoe company. I don’t live in Utah now but make it back a couple of times a year and was sad to see the Cottonwood Mall all torn down. I’ve not heard if there’s anything planned for that spot now.

    1. Oh my....when you mentioned Makoffs & Auerbach's, it really brought back memories. I grew up in Salt Lake through elementary (Uintah) & junior high school (Clayton), 1954-1964. Makoff's was such a treat! It was Salt Lake's Neiman Marcus. They had the best shoes ever. There was also Castletons up in Foothill Village. It was always such fun to catch the bus & go downtown to shop ZCMI & Auerbach's.
      I eventually wound up in Houston where I worked as buyer for Foley's, Sakowitz, & Abercrombie & Fitch. Wonderful memories!

  17. I work for ZCMI a long time ago (1963/1964) in Salt Lake. I would like to hear from any friend that worked witrh me by that time.
    My email : ferd56ama@yahoo.com

    Fernando Amaral

  18. By the way, my main boss was Leonard Dugger and depto manager Arthur Rice. Big boss Mr. Smith as far I remeber. Please if you heard about them wirte to me

  19. Mr. Willard C. Smith:
    I am Fernan do Jose do amaral and use to live in Salt Lake in 1963 thru 1965. ZCMI was my first job in USA.
    I think my boss Mr. Smith was one of your relative. Please confirm. My email is ferd56ama@yahoo.com,

  20. Hi, I have some memorabilia of Zion's Cooperative American Mercantile Institution. And am interested in knowing the value of it. Where can I get info on that?

  21. I am a former employee of ZCMI, it was a great place to work. If you had a desire to learn, the management at ZCMI was willing to train. The opportunity for advancement within the company, was great. Much of what I know in retail, I learned under their teams. Many wonderful memories, many lifelong friendships began there. It was an honor to have worked as a member of their team.

  22. I have a good luck token with a 1922 penny inserted. Token has Z.C.M.I., Thanksgiving Anniversary, We appreciate your visit, Come Again Is this from a Utah store?

  23. I am 73 and I grew up in that beautiful old store. Behind the store was the loading dock. There was a narrow street running behind the store. It ran between South Temple and 1st South. The street went away when the ZCMI parking terrace was built. I would like to know what the name of that street was. Accost the street was a white building that housed the store physical facilities. George Albert Smith hired my Grandfather away from Utah Light and Transit Company. He installed large steam powered electric generators. This was known as the Engine Room. They supplied electric power for Church properties including Temple Square and the block east of Temple square. My father had his shop in that building too. He maintained all cash registers, adding machines, typewriters etc. He worked for ZCMI for forty years. As a Child I had the run of the store. In the loading dock was a very narrow stairway that went to all of the floors in the store. I used to play in President Harold Bennett's office. I would love to have any pictures of what I mentioned here.

  24. I also worked at the ZCMI parking terrace. It was three stories high. The Church General Authority's would park their cars on the first floor and walk over to the Church Administration Building.

  25. I'll always remember the great service at ZCMI. The sales staff were readily available and always made themselves known. One time I went to purchase a sports coat at the downtown SLC store. After telling the salesman what I was looking for, he looked me up and down, and he instantly told me what size I'd need. He was spot on!

  26. I remember going shopping with my mother to the ZCMI store in Salt Lake City, as well as the Ogden store, in the 70's. When we went to Salt Lake, we would park in a parking lot somewhere on the west side of town (Rose Park or Glendale area?) Then a bus would pick us up and take us to the ZCMI store. The store had an old elevator that required an elevator operator to operate.

    I remember shopping at the Ogden store, and wondering how the shoppers riding the escalators went "upside-down", and why, when I would ride the escalators, I never did. Silly me! Took quite a while before my mother finally explained to me that the shoppers were NOT, in fact going upside-down, and that I was looking at the large mirror on the ceiling over the escalators.

  27. My first time shopping at ZCMI was in Pocatello, ID around 8-9 yrs old, and boy did I think it was fancy! I grew up in rural Wyoming and going into ZCMI was a treat. I think the very first time I rode an escalator was in that store! The store changed to a Dillard's at one point in the 2000s, and I recall a huge change from the sophistication ZCMI gave it previously.

    But the real treat was the downtown SLC store! The store felt so special and old-fashioned in a good way with professional service. I don't ever remember feeling unwelcome at any ZCMI store, and there was something for everyone to afford and buy of the utmost quality. Just to have a shopping bag made you feel special!

    Just like the other commenters above, I applaud Macy's for their effort in preserving the ZCMI presence in downtown SLC. However, the 'feel' of glamour & fancy is no longer. Because let's face it - Macy's is Macy's...

  28. Those are nice memories, Brian . . . but I'd even say Macy's isn't even Macy's anymore. I need to update the ZCMI exhibit here and will try to soon.

  29. I had the privilege of working at ZCMI downtown Salt Lake City from 1987-1989 in the Display dept. Many cherished memories and wonderfully talented people.

    1. I also worked in central display downtown in 88-90 I think it was. My name was Jennifer Coffman at the time. I’ve been trying to find old Central Display friends on FB to no avail. My email is Jennifer.Tidd@aol.com. Please contact me if we worked together! I’d love to know where everyone dispersed to.

  30. Does anyone know what candy company ZCMI used or did they make their own?

  31. I would love to find the recipes from ZCMI.

  32. I too worked for zcmi in the incredible display dept. during the late 80's. I have so many wonderful memories of this true department store.

  33. I have fond wonderful memories of the incredible zcmi display dept from late 80's to mid 90's. Tim T and would love to hear from fellow display co-workers. Justuni@att.net


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