Frost Bros., San Antonio

The Downtown San Antonio Frost Bros. Store, on Houston Street

Interior Main Aisle of Frost Bros.

Frost Bros.
217 E. Houston Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205 (1917)        


Street Floor
Precious Jewels Salon • Fashion Jewelry • Cosmetics • Blouse Bar • Sweater Bar • Fashion Accessories • Bag Shop • Gloves • Stocking Shop • Neckwear • Lingerie • Bra Bar • Fabric Shop • Gift Shop • Bedding and Bath Shop • Silver Shop • Linen Shop • Stationery • Candy
Man’s World • Contemporary Shop

Gift Wrap • Offices

Second Floor
Children’s Shop • Younger Set Shoes • Junior Shop • Predictions Shop • Spectator Shop • Young Miss Frost Shop • Bridal Salon

Third Floor
Shoe Salon • Miller Eye Shoes • Fur Salon • Millinery • La Boutique • Collector’s Corner • Rendez-Vous Dresses • Couturier Collections • Collector’s Corner • Coat Shop • Dresses • Sport Shop • Swim Shop • Designer Fashions

Fourth Floor
Studio Four • Maison Antoine Beauty Salon


North Star Mall (1963)
94,000 sq. ft.

Hilton Palacio del Rio Boutique (1968)

Corpus Christi (Lichtenstein’s 1941/1972)
401 Chaparel Street
145,000 sq. ft.

Parkdale Fashion Plaza (1957/1972)
Corpus Christi

Northcross Mall, (1975)

The Galleria (1976)

River Drive Mall (1977)
145,000 sq. ft.


  1. Neiman-Marcus, Frost Bros., and Sakowitz were the "big three" specialty stores in Texas when I was growing up. Neiman's was sui generis; Sakowitz tried hard to be another Neiman's, but couldn't quite pull it off; Frost Bros. was smaller, more reserved than the other two, and very "old" money.

  2. Frost Bros. had a "boutique" store at NorthPark Center in Dallas (in the 1980's?). No doubt that store was stocked with "the best of the best", but their prices were so shockingly expensive that I never bought a thing there. They made Neiman's prices look very reasonable!

    I believe they also had stores at Memorial City in Houston, River Oaks in Houston, North Star Mall and Wonderland Mall in San Antonio. I also seem to recall that they were building a store in Fort Worth (across from Ridgmar Mall?) at the time they went out of business.

  3. Was there ever a Frost Bros. at Wonderland Mall in San Antonio? I say no. My friend says yes. Of course there was a Frost Bros. at North Star.

  4. there most definitley was a Frost Bros. at Wonderland Mall it is where burlington Coat FActory is now. The elevator and escalator parking garage entrance is much the same as the one used for Frost Bros.

  5. Frost Bros. was the best palce to work! Mr Mathews was a genious when it came to retail! Forget Nieman Marcus ...Frot Bros had all the exclusive designers like Chanel, Gucci, Marcella borquessi and Estee Lauder where in the house exclusives! meaning no one else had them! imagen!! And I worked! those were the days! The fashion the people that worked there met business! those were sales people that knew all their clients by their name's and gave them what really is customer service! I'm one of those lucky people that had the incredible fortune to have worked there! Always gratefull...lola

    1. Lucky you! I shopped there in my high school years. I'd save up and buy clothes at Frost instead of other stores. It was a classy place. Do you happen to have access to any photos of the interior? I miss that place.


  6. Anderson Road store Austin, Texas -- I never left there empty-handed. Since it closed my shopping has been more difficult even with all the store openings over time in Austin. Frost Brothers had wonderful well-chosen merchandise. My Christmas tree at this moment is bearing some of my Frost Brothers ornaments.
    Cathia, Austin,Texas

  7. I loved Frost Bros. Their personal service was unparalleled and the shoe department ("bring me everything you have in a size 5, Mr. Sontag"), was fantastic! Mrs. Nix in the cosmetics department was always so lovely. It was huge part (along with my wonderful Mother) of my education into the world of elegant sophisticated fashion. I would give everything I have to go "browsing" at Frost Bros. with my lovely Mother and have lunch later at the Tastesetter Restaurant on the second floor.

    I love you forever, Big Ed--and I cherish the memories of us at "Frosts".
    Your Julia

  8. There was a Frost Bros. at Wonderland is where Burlington Coat Factory is located now...before Frost Bros. it was Joske's....that was a great mall in its day....

  9. It was Texas women. Period. And if you didnt have the money the old money rich ones did, you saved. Cosmetics counter was science class... Cutting edge- the finest, newest work from europe. The fur salon upstairs- gentlemen were certainly welcome to accompany. a "courtesy card", for those of us who didnt want to tie up credit cards or fuss with checks. Thank God for valet- a gal's feet can get pretty sore. Wish I had a time machine.

  10. Anonymous yes I do mis frost bros it was fun to shop their for anything you wanted

  11. I used to work at the Frost Bros in Austin at the North Cross Mall. I wonder if the mall still exists today. I didn't like working there and had found out there were some employees that had worked there for more than 5 years and no raises. No mention of commissions. Yes it wass expensive. At one time they had a full length chinchilla on display for $250,000 (NO JOKE). This ws in 1979. Imagine what they would want for it today. I don't think anyone ever bought it. We had a guy that worked in the fine jewelry dept that took a few 100 thousand dollars worth of merchandise and run off to Mexico. Frost Bros hired dectectives that found him and brought him back. Don't believe me just check the library in Austin in the archived newspapers.

  12. My late husband worked for Selco Inc out of Tulsa, OK. They had the Precious Jewel Salon in Frost Brothers on Houston Street in San Antonio. He was transferred there in 1969. Selco secured us a suite in the La Posoido Hotel only a few blocks over from Frost Bros. while waiting for our furniture to arrive. Our suite opened on the River Walk and we stayed 5 weeks waiting on that truck. I got to shop for new summer cloths at Frost with the employee discount because it was hot there and we had left snow. I had a standing appointment in the hair salon and at 25 years old I felt like a queen. Everyone at Frost were wonderful people, especially one lady who worked in the jewel salon. I have forgotten her name but she was a great help to us finding our way around. We were later told she was a countess from some island. I can believe that as she had so much class and better jewelry then Frost sold. One of my husbands customers was the President of Mexico and his daughter. We were only at Frost for about 6 months then we were sent to Godchaux in New Orleans. It was an unforgetable experience.

  13. I too worked at Frost Bros. downtown San Antonio. No one had the beautiful Christmas displays they had. Elegant & Classy.

  14. In responce to the 1/26/13 post , it was over a Million in jewlery and they didnt hire detectives it was the Directer of Security Bill Weilbacher who went down to Mexico and found the theif and had him extrdited back here.

  15. I found a fur stole in some old things with the label "la boutique frost bros" and i looked up frost. I never knew it even existed it sounds like it was amazing. Ive really enjoyed a lot of these posts <3

  16. I worked at the Frost Bros, at Northpark from 87 until it closed in 1989. The last day we marked down everything to 10.00, 7.00 with my discount. I bought Gucci and tons of great stuff CHEAP! One of the best Texas stores, ever.

  17. Does anyone remember the 'John Wayne Alamo' painting being displayed at the downtown San Antonio branch in 1960?

  18. I still cannot believe that a store on the order of Frost Brothers has shuttered its doors. I still have a charge card receipt from the North Star store that I keep as a book mark. It is from 12/23/74...most likely a last-minute Christmas present 39 years ago. It was my late mother's favorite store of all time. Really, nothing could compare with it. It was more exclusive and New York than the New York stores which currently occupy space at the mall. We will miss you. Oh, the memories. --Bob

  19. My uncle, Dick Wright was store mgr back in the 60s and 70s.

  20. Frost Brother's hired me as an assistant Buyer for Ladies Dresses as my first job in Texas. Coming from Ohio at that time I was fasinated by all the wealth and spendor of texas and Frost Brother's. It was a wonderful place to shop and really know what true customer service was. Thanks to Helen Ford for helping me a better person and teaching me the finer things of life. I really miss Frost Brothers and that type of store. Reva

  21. I recently purchased a fur coat from a guy who was selling items at a flea market. I have no idea if it is worth any thing. all I can tell you is the coat smells old... Very old.. but in great condition and the only label says frost brothers.. no size, no fur info, no cleaning info.. nothing. Anyone know where I can get information so that I may place it on ebay?

  22. It was always my favorite department store, I bought my wedding dress at the Houston St. store in 1963 -- I still have it. The Wonderland store had a fabulous consolidation shoe sale once a year.

  23. Do you know the name of the illustrator who drew the elegant Frost Bros. ads in the 70's and into the 80's? I have always wondered who that talent was. I used to save the ads, they were so unique and beautifully designed. I have many fond memories of shopping in Frost Bros. at NorthStar Mall with my mom. We could only buy things on sale but we were so happy there. Thanks for posting this!

  24. Why no mention of Battelstein's? Most of their Houston locations were originally Battelstein's before Frost Bros bought them out.

  25. I have female mannequins from the frost brothers stores, a few from the down town location and a few from the wonderland mall location, an friend of mine has a friend who was the in charge of the displays at both locations. he had them in an old garage. till I was informed of these beauties they are style and class all in one .I use them in the hair salon salon I work at. in north star mall today .

  26. I worked as an artist/fashion illustrator for many years at Frost Bros. on staff and free-lance after leaving San Antonio. The illustrator in question was most likely Celine (did most of the double page ads) (for the time period mentioned) or possibly Brenda. 'Hope this helps.

  27. I remembered that, there was a Frost's Bros. store located in the River Oaks area of Houston, Texas. I think it's was located on South Shepard Drive? Do anyone remembered that?

  28. I worked at Frost Bros from 1969 - 1970. Downtown-Houston Street. I worked in the basement for Mr. Cunningham. He was a retired Major in the Army.