Powers, Minneapolis, Minnesota

A beautifully produced, luxury-class
book about Minnesota's fabled
department stores, from Dayton's
to Young-Quinlan.

A 1940s photo of Powers, stretching along Fifth Street
from Nicollet to Marquette Avenue.
Powers flagship store, dating from 1893 (left side)
and 1910 (right side) was modernized in 1937.
A view from Fifth Street shows the Marquette
Avenue side of Powers.

Powers Dry Goods Co.
Nicollet Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota

FEderal 2-2141
Downstairs Store  Lunchroom  Portrait Studio

First Floor
Fine Jewelry  Jewelry  Handbags  Leather Goods  Gloves  Belts  Neckwear  Hat Bar  Hosiery  Cosmetics  Drugs  Notions  Fashion Shoes  Better Shoes  The Spot  Gateway Sportswear  Gateway Lingerie • Stationery  Candle Market • Book Shop  Art Needlework  Fabrics  Bowl & Roll
Men's Shop Men's Furnishings  Men's Wear  Men's Shoes  Marquette Shop • The Stagg Shop

Beauty Lounge

Second Floor
Sport Shop • Daytime Dresses  Home and Town Shop  Gateway Dresses • Moderate Dresses  Better Sportswear  Better Dresses  Coats  Suits  Savvy  Costume Shop  Brides' Shop  Fur Shop • Millinery  Lingerie  Foundations • Shape Shop  Robe Shop  Maternity Shop  Uniforms
The Place forJuniors Junior Dresses  Junior Sportswear  Junior Coats
Baby Shop  Childrens' Shop  Girls' Shop  Girls' Accessories  Preteens' Shop  Teens' Shop  Boys' Shop  Students' Shop  Toy Shop  Trim the Home Shop

Third Floor
Linens  China  Glassware  Silver  Gifts  Housewares • The Tastesetter Gallery  Major Appliances  TV, Radios, Stereos  Lamps  Pictures  Mirrors  Domestics  Bath ShopDraperies  Curtains  Spreads  Sporting Goods  Luggage

Fourth Floor
Furniture  Furniture Boutique  Sleep Shop  Rugs  Carpets  Employment Office  Credit Office  Executive Offices

St. Louis Park
Highway 7 at Texas Avenue
August 17, 1955
120,000 sq. ft.
Carnation Luncheonette
Highland Village
St. Paul
Ford Parkway and Cleveland Avenue
March 17, 1960
92,000 sq. ft.

October 12, 1972
130,000 sq. ft.
Carnation Room


Eden Prairie Center
Eden Prairie
March 3, 1976
130,000 s.f.
The Prairie View Room
Burnsville Center
July 31, 1977


  1. What was the young mens shop called within the dayton's department stores in the mid-to-late sixties?

  2. Northbriar was for older (over 21) men. The Varsity Shop was young men's, on trend clothing. I worked at the Nicollet Mall Store in The Varsity Shop from October 1975 to November 1976.

  3. What store had a slide? I remember going down while my parents walked down the steps. I do remember the train so along the ceiling.

  4. I have two different powers paper bags fom the 70's if anyone would like them. Email at kabinoff2002@yahoo.com

  5. My grandmother-in-law was a fashion artist at Powers. I was hoping to find some ads with her work in them, but I don't know where to look. Any ideas? Her name was Betty Wolfe.

    1. If you could get a subscription to Newspapers.com Publisher Extra, you could see the Minneapolis Star and Tribune for that era, and could pick out her work. It is not cheap; but you could also try libraries in the Twin Cities that have it.
      - Bruce

  6. The bottoms of the wooden seats of my dining room chairs are stamped "POWERS-MERC-CO. MINNEAPOLIS-MINN."
    I believe my grandmother acquired the set, used, about 1930 or so.


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