R. H. Macy & Co., Kansas City, Missouri

Looking north on Kansas City's
Main Street at the 1947 Macy store
View south on Kansas City's
Main Street , with Macy's on the right

Macy’s Missouri-Kansas (Macy’s)
1034 Main Street
Kansas City, Missouri (1947)

BAltimore 1-3737

The Cellar
Housewares • Gourmet Housewares • Cookware • Gourmet Foods • Bakery • Candy • Art Gallery • Cellar Restaurant

First Floor
Fine Jewelry • Precious Jewelry • Fashion Jewelry • Gloves • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Hosiery • Belts • Accessories • Scarves • Blouses • Sweaters • Cosmetics • Stationery • Notions • Cameras • Lunch Counter • Men’s Sport Shirts • Men’s Separates • Men’s Jeans • Dress Shirts • Ties • Men’s Accessories • Men’s Clothing • Men’s Outerwear • Men’s Rainwear • Men’s Shoes • Men’s Hats • Pacesetter Shop

Second Floor
Westport Sportswear • Westport Dresses • Westport Coats • Women’s World • Fabrics • Art Needlework • Sewing Machines

Small World of Fashions Children’s Accessories • Children’s Shoes • Children’s Furniture • Layettes • Infants • Toddlers • Girls’ Wear • Boys’ Wear • Teen Shop

Third Floor
Misses’ Coordinates • Put-Together Shop • Misses Dresses • Town Shop • 70's Shop • After 5 Shop • Better Dresses • Better Sportswear • Better Blouses • Better Sweaters • Coats • Young Collector • Clubhouse • The Little Shop • Fur Salon • Bridal Salon • Jr. Colony Sportswear • Jr. Colony Dresses • Jr. Colony Coats • Jr. Blouses • Jr. Sweaters • Fashion Foundations • Sleepwear • Robes • Daywear

Fourth Floor
Sheets • Pillows • Comforters • Bedspreads • Bath Shop • Towels • Table Linens • China • Crystal • Silver • Glassware • Lamps • Stereos • Radios • Televisions • Books • Records • Major Appliances • Hardware • Paints • Kitchen Furniture

Fifth Floor
Decorative Accessories • Corner Shop • Draperies • Curtains • Blinds • Broadloom • Rugs • Bedding • Furniture • Chairs

Sixth Floor
Garden Tea Room • Men’s Grill • Beauty Salon • Executive Offices
(427,000 sq. ft.)

First Floor Broadway

First Floor Market

Mezzanine Market

Second Floor Broadway

Second Floor Market

Third Floor Broadway

Third Floor Market

Fourth Floor Broadway

Fourth Floor Market

Fifth Floor Broadway

Fifth Floor Market

First Floor Annex

Second Floor Annex

(Acquired Christman's)
501-505 Main Street

Wichita KS
(Acquired The Innes Co.)
200 South Broadway
296,000 sq. ft.

Antioch Center
March 1, 1963
79,000 sq. ft.

Mission KS
July 30, 1956
Mission Center
147,000 sq. ft.

The Landing
March 1, 1960
63rd & Troost
89,000 sq. ft.

Red Bridge
July 31, 1963
Red Bridge Shops
Red Bridge Road & Holmes Road
20,000 sq. ft.

Topeka KS
800 S. Kansas St.
125,000 sq. ft.

Indian Springs Mall
September 2, 1971
Kansas City KS
99,000 sq. ft.

Oak Park Mall
August 7, 1975
95th & Quivira Rd.
Overland Park, KS
167,000 s.f.

Metro North
August 2, 1979
150,000 sq. ft
Stringbean II
August 7, 1980
I-435 & Bannister Road
165,000 sq. ft.


  1. The photo of the Wichita store from the Wichita Public Library, taken in the 1930s, shows the Geo. Innes Co. before the 8-story Market Street building addition of 1948.

  2. You're missing the branch that was in Country Club Plaza from 1968 or so until the the early 1980s. That building is now a Barnes & Noble and Pottery Barn Store. It originally housed a branch of Emery, Bird & Thayer.

  3. Independence Center never had a Macy's until 2006, when The Jones Store was converted. The original department store lineup at Independence Center was The Jones Store Co., Stix, Baer & Fuller, and Sears. Sears is the only remaining original dept. store. SBF converted to Dillard's when SBF went out of business in 1984.

    1. The Jones Store was at Blue Ridge Mall and didn't open a store east of it. Macy's was indeed one of Independence Center's three original anchors.

    2. Yes, I shopped at the Macy's at Independence Center on the last day when they closed the first time in 1986, I believe.

  4. Incorrect, Macy's was at Independence Center. Jones was one exit up at Blue Ridge mall. When Macy's sold to Dillard, they (Dillard) Had two sites there, the Old Stix, and the old macy's. They sold one of those sites to Jones when they moved out of Blue Ridge, effectively killing that mall.

  5. The Blue Ridge Mall store stayed open until 2003.....it was the last dept store left at Blue Ridge...and as of 2011 the only original MAcy's kansas city stores that are open as a dept store are indep center,and oak park mall

  6. Macy's bought out the John Taylor Dry Goods Company Store enlarged the site and built the downtown store shown in its place. Please consider coverage of other KC stores: Emery, Bird, Thayer; George B. Peck & Co, The Jones Store Co and Kline's, Harzfeld's and Woolf Brothers specialty stores for future listings

  7. The original Macy's at Oak Park Mall was bought by Dillard's in 1986. The current Macy's was Motgomery Ward. May Company gutted the building and opened it as a Jones Store in 2002.

  8. Hi, I have some things from the John Taylor Dry Goods store that was taken over by Macy's in IKansas city in 1949, the John Taylor Dry Goods store was begun in 1881 and there is a 1900-1901 catalog on Google books. I was wondering if there was a Macy's museum that might want this stuff!

  9. The Downtown KC store also sold sporting goods and toys. They sold the first surround sound stereos when they came out. People would come and sit in the display cars just to hear the new sound. Randy Garcia sold the sporting goods and was a recently returned decorated Vietnam veteran. Jim Hughson sold the toys and was a high school student on a work program.

  10. Hi- I just wanted to add that there was a Macy's located at Antioch mall also. My mother worked there in Housewares and Men's clothing for 12 or 15 years. This is a great site and a fun trip down memory lane back when stores sold quality merchandise and knew what customer service was all about.

  11. I have been searching the internet for DuVall's Kansas City. I acquired a mink coat bearing a "DuVall's Kansas City" label that has been hand-stitched in it. The coat is in remarkably great condition still and I'm trying to date it. I believe DuVall's was an upscale women's clothing store possibly located on "Old Independence Square". The store may have closed by 1960-1964. I haven't had much success in locating information on this store and would greatly appreciate any and all knowledge of this department store. Thanks.

    1. funny that I freelanced the windows for DuValls in the early 1960s and the other store the Berkowitz family owned in Levenworth Kansas. I worked for Macy's downtown KCMO full time in their display dept until the mid 60s when I went to work for Harzfelds on The Plaza. email is jcmvawa@gmail if you would like to chat sometime.

    2. DuVall's was a high-end store that had two locations in Kansas City that I'm aware of. The Plaza location is where I purchased my first fur coat in 1985. I believe the store closed in the late 80s/early 90s. I do remember the Plaza location closed first.

  12. I have not heard of the store, but you should look at Newspapers.com, a pay service, since they have the Kansas City Star available from the era you mention. You could try a free trial, and search for Duvall's.

  13. Got my first charge at the Antioch MAcys when i was a sophmore...low creid t line but to a high shcooler in the 80s it was like winning the lottery...i worked 48hrs a week in the summer dna 30 int eh winter so i could always make that low low payment....lol. 15 yrs later it was a dillards with a 20k credit limit. EEK...Hate the new macys stores they may as well be pennys or kohls but kohls has better linens.

  14. Duvall's was located at 119 W Lexington in Independence directly across from the courthouse. It occupied the old Plaza theater building which went out in 1951 or 52.

  15. I bought an original Geoffrey Beene black velvet dress in 1969 at Duvall's in Kansas City. It still is hanging on the hanger that came with the dress. I believe that was the year the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl and I was invited to a party to celebrate so I spent $300.00 on the dress. So where was Duvall's in that year?

  16. I have a professionally taken photographic portrait with the name JOHN TAYLOR DRY GOODS CO PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO KANSAS CITY, MO. stamped on the back. I would like to know when this photo could have been taken. We are trying to identify the subject who is a 1 or 2 year old child. The portrait was taken in color or was tinted. Any information about the possible years this could have been taken would be a great help.

  17. You forget the Country Club Plaza Macy's location. It had a gorgeous staircase!

  18. Actually, the plaque by the main entrance right where Petticoat Lane ended at Main Street (slightly off the axis of Petticoat Lane) read

    MACY*S 1949
    John Taylor 1881

    The Macy's store was not entirely new construction; you could see the old wooden railing on the second floor mezzanine on the Baltimore Avenue side of the store.

    This site is a find! I hope you find time to document Emery Bird's, which was the city's carriage trade department store from its founding in 1865 to its closing in 1973.

  19. I'm looking for photos of Macy's 6th Floor Tea Room downtown KC. That was a highlight of my trip downtown with my mother (and sometimes my father too). Lunch in the Tea Room. I even have a receipt from the '50s (PBJ and a clown sundae for me!).

  20. The Macy's downtown store was leased from the Taylor Family until 1987 when it was then sold to Macy's. The Store incorporated both the original John Taylor Dry Goods Store as well as an addition built by the Taylor Family on land owned by them adjacent to the original store constructed to Macy's specifications. Geoffrey Taylor - Great Grandson to John Taylor.

  21. Thank you for your (very authoritative) comments. I would like to update the Macy*s-Missouri-Kansas exhibit (see the new Cincinnati store exhibits), and if you have anything to add, you could reach me at bakgraphics@comcast.net. I appreciate your addition to this blog since you are related to the founder of the store that became Macy*s in Kansas City.

  22. Every Christmas (1962-1970), my Grandma would make the drive from Junction City, Kansas to the downtown Macy's Department store on Main Street. My brother and I told Mom that the Macy's Santa Claus was the best compared to the Harzfelds or Emery, Byrd & Thayer Santa Claus. One of the floors was converted into a wondrous Santa Land and we had our pictures taken with Santa Claus. Afterwards, all of us had lunch at the Macys Tea Room. Also, Macys storefront windows was filled with animated Christmas elves all working on building toys for Christmas. Thank you so much for your research.

    1. Eml, I share all those memories with you! (I was there in the 50s and 60s) Am looking for pictures of Santa Land and the Tearoom. I can't believe there were NO pictures of them! And the windows! I loved Macy's so much. I got all my best dolls from there. If you have any more info, I'd be interested in hearing from you. :)

  23. Jones was in downtown independence as was Emry Bird Bunshoe spelling may be wrong , it was part of Emry Bird &Thayer downtown KC.

  24. Worked for Macy's Midwest in the early to mid-80's. Les Ball was the President of the division. Also had executives such as Harry Koerver, Harry Brown, Jeff Brisman, Peter Feigenbaum and others. As a young, fresh out-of-college impressionable know-nothing, I must say that I was disappointed with my first interaction w/ Ball. Dropped the "F" bomb about every other word and put on a show that was all about him. Brisman was the most impressive of all of them...great smarts with a caring heart. I was an assistant buyer and it was such an exciting time. We bought merchandise for the stores in KC, Ohio and Kansas. We would visit our branch stores periodically on Friday's. Oak Park and Bannister generated the biggest numbers...The Landing and Indian Springs were low...in fact, The Landing struggled greatly. The Plaza store was in an exciting area. I would park about 4-5 blocks away from the downtown store every morning (it was cheaper than the lots) and would walk to work. Loved the smell of the coffee in the air from the Folger's plant as I would head downtown. Entered the building through a security door on Baltimore and would head to the 5th floor where our buying offices were located. No computers...all paper...and people working at a 100 mile an hour pace. Many lunches in the sub-floor at City Center Square. Loved my time at Macy's, but retail was not my passion so I moved on. Great memories...great experience...was sad that the division was merged with another (Atlanta) and the stores eventually sold. When the building was torn down and replaced with a parking lot, that was tough. Glad I found this site...not sure if anyone will read this, but it was fun writing it!

  25. I read your comment and could smell the coffee myself. Haha! Thank you for sharing.

  26. Thanks, Lynda! Was a great time to be in KC! At least I thought it was!

  27. I was an executive trainers there from 1983-1985 in the buying offices and then in the Mission store. Howard Rubinstein was my boss. It was CRAZY!

    1. Wow! That's when I was there! I remember the name Howard Rubenstein, but I can't quite pin-point him. I worked for Patty Gitt for a bit then Mike Ricart. Peter Sachse and Julie were in the office right next to our's!

  28. I too recently found a family photo with the same JOHN TAYLOR DRY GOODS CO PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO KANSAS CITY, MO. stamped on the back. It was dated 1876 which has to be close since the older of two little girls is my maternal grandmother and about the right age having been born in 1873. One comment above mentions a date of 1881 for Taylors. Do we have a precise date when this store operated before Mac bought it out? Thanks!

  29. Hello, I have acquired 2 pieces that are solid Pewter. They look like shot glasses and on the bottom of one of them has “ RH Macy&CO”. There is a tiny word under under the word Macy, but I can’t make it out. The other piece is a little bigger and just says “ Pewter 266” and it is heavier. Would you know if they are worth anything.

  30. I worked downtown Kansas city Mo and this was one of my favorites.


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