Thomas Kilpatrick Co., Omaha, Nebraska

Kilpatrick's occupied a complex
of connected buildings in Omaha.

Thomas Kilpatrick Co.
1509 Douglas, Fifteenth to Farnam
Omaha, Nebraska


Kilpatrick's Budget Store • Charl-Mont Restaurant

Main Floor
Jewelry • Handbags • Gloves • Hosiery • Accessories • Neckwear • Handkerchiefs • Hat Bar • Shoe Box • Main Floor Lingerie • Cosmetics • Toiletries • Drugs • Health House • Luggage • Stationery • Cameras • Candy • Men's Furnishings • Men's Sportswear • Men's Shoes
Farnam Street
Sports Shop • Rainbow Room • Casual Dresses • Books • Records
15th Street
Hostess Pantry

Second Floor
Men's Clothing • Young Men's Shop • French Room • Daylight Fur Shop • Bridal Salon • Millinery • Better Dresses • Better Coats • Suits • Junior Sportswear • Junior Dresses • Junior Coats
Second Floor South
Shoe Salon • Lingerie • Foundations • Robes • Kildaire Shop • Kildaire Coats • Dresses

Third Floor
Domestics • Linens • Sleep Shop • Draperies • Lamps • Daytime Dresses • Uniforms • Maternity Shop • Infants' Wear • Childrens' Wear • Boys' Wear • Girls' Wear • Teens' Wear • Children's Shoes • Beauty Salon • Photoreflex Studio
Third Floor South
Fabrics • Art and Needlework • Personnel Office • Credit Office • Cash Office

Fourth Floor
China • Glassware • Gifts • Silver • Pictures

Fifth Floor
Housewares • Radio-Television • Toys

The Center
42nd and Center
September, 1955

102nd and Dodge
November, 1967
200,000 s.f.

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  1. Oh my Gosh, what a wonderful surprise! Such great memories this brings back!

    Kilpatrick's was the smalller and arguably, the nicer of the two big Omaha department stores (The other one being Brandeis).

    Its downtown store was a patchwork quilt of buildings, cobbled together over the years, but a beautiful and gracious store nonetheless.

    The mall stores were smaller, but also nice. The Westroads store was especially elegant, in that late '60's sort of way.

    The French Room (Downtown and Westroads)offered some of the finest women's clothes available in the midwest at that time, outside of the big cities.

    They were purchased by Des Moines based Younkers in 1970 or thereabouts. Younker's promptly closed the downtown store, and ran the other two as Younkers-Kilpatrick's until the early 80's.

    The downtown store was demolished in the 80's. The Center store closed in the 90's sometime and is now a telemarketing company or something, and the Westroads store is (I believe) no longer a Younkers.

    It's good to see someone remembering a quality store like Kilpatrick's. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for your comments! It is equally good to see that the effort to present it hasn't gone unnoticed! Your personal experience has added a dimension to the exhibit that I could not have.


  3. The original Westroads store when through an extensive remodel in the early 80's and expanded to take the back half of the old McCory's store to the east on the lower level of the mall. This included housewares and the Peacock Restaurant (The Younkers symbol had been the peacock). Later, Younkers moved the store to the former Jones Store location which had originally been Montgomery Ward. For many years in the late 80's the Westroads Younkers store would battle Merle Hay in Des Moines for highest sales volume.

  4. Also Kipatrick's (or Kilpat's as it was known locally) was sold to Younkers in 1961, but the name change occurred gradually. Younker-Kipatricks in 1969 and just Younkers in 1983.

  5. This does bring back some memories... my mother worked as a furrier in the Ladies fur department as well as a consultant in the jewelry department at Kilpat's at Westroads during the mid 1970's - I remember as a young child (all of about six) running through the store and the "employees only" sections playing tag with kids of the other employees.

    Two memories (although traumatic) which I have always vivdly recalled:

    1. While picking my mother up one evening she worked late she, my father and I were caught in a blizzard in the Winter of 1974 - we (along with a few hundred other peole) spent two days in the mall because no one could get out. It was great though, because all the restaurants fed everyone for free, the stores gave out free blankets and pillows and the movie theatre ran movies 24-hours to keep everyone entertained.

    2. My family also (anxiously) waited out the tornado that struck Omaha in May of 1975 at Kilpats hunkered down in the delivery docks underground. I remember my father trying to drive home two hours after the tornado, and we came home to find our house gone. The store opened it's doors to the families of employees that lost their homes and gave us clothing, furniture and other necessity items so that life could go on.

    Good to see that there is still some mention of what I always thought of as a great institution still around somewhere...

  6. I am happy that you have shared your experiences and memories! I had not heard of Kilpatrick's until relatively recently, and am happy that I found the information in order to be able to publish something, rekindling memories of a long-gone, but well-remembered store!


    p.s. You might want to check out the Kilpatrick's charge plate on the credit card page.

  7. Enjoyed seeing this. My great grandpa co owned Kilpatrick's. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell.

  8. This is the first I've seen this. So happy to see Kilpatricks on here. My great grandfather, William Fales Baxter was on of 5 men who started the store. He was a rags to riches story. He ended up with the store as others died or left the business. My grandparents- Dan and Katherine (Baxter) Campbell took over the store and ran it until he sold it to Younker Brothers out of Des Moines, IA in the very early 60's. My great grandparents built a house at 410 so. Elmwood Rd. Sadly,it was demolished by UNO in the last few years. My grandparents lived there after my great grandparents were gone. My great grandfather also donated to UNO and the chapel has a plaque with his name.

  9. I have what appears to be a 1973 Younkers Kilpatricks "Christmas at Kilpatricks" mail order catalog. Would this be of value to anyone and how much would it be worth?

  10. Just found a cowl from TK&Co, $2.00. Obviously my grandmothers.

  11. My soon to b mother in law has a pair of old dress or dance shoes date back somewhere around world war two. Th ey are red high heel with a blue bow on the front & open toe. Could you tell me maybe year they were made? Also they are velvet

  12. My Great Aunt lived and worked in Omaha, NE and shopped at Kilpatrick's and Brandeis. I have clothing with Kilpatrick's labels, boxes with Kilpat's and Brandeis labels. Can these items be used for the Department Store Museum? I do not want to continue to store them but do not want to destroy history. I will also contact a textile department at a university. Can you use these items? What is the best way to use these items? Thank you for your help. NJR

  13. I am trying to find a value on a pair of women's heels my great aunt wore . They are in very good condition and very old . They are actually red velvet with a royal blue velvet bow They are stamped in gold inside and say KILPATRICK'S OMAHA, NEBR. There is a stamped number 160 1680, Any tips would be appreciated .

  14. I worked in the women's sports wear back in the 50's as a teenager. I liked working there then because we could get a discount on what we bought and they had very nice expensive clothing there. I had to ride the bus back and forth from Council Bluffs so it was quite a trip going to and from work but worth it. Of course sometimes the buses would get stuck in the deep snow and had a hard time making it up and down the hilly streets in downtown Omaha in the winter!

  15. Those of you with clothing/accessories that you are trying to get rid of...please consider the University of Nebraska Historic Costume and Textiles Collection (in Lincoln)! We love local/regional items and I am currently working on a Master's Thesis dealing specifically with Lincoln and Omaha fashion from 1950-1990. Contact: Thanks!

  16. If you worked at the Westroads location, you knew Mr. Oldecker, the store manager.

  17. I used to work in the Kilpatricks basement post office when I was a teen until I married and started a family.

  18. My grandparents owned Birkholtz shoestore in the building next door to the downtown Kilpat's. After stopping in to the shoe store to visit grandma and grandpa, Mom would take me and my sisters shopping in Kilpat's. Also, my wedding dress was purchased at the Westroads Kilpat's in 1977. It was the first dress I tried on and after looking at a few other stores, we went back and got it. Wonderful memories!

  19. I have always been interested in Nebraska's architectural history. I would love to meet with you and discuss relevant findings. How does one contact you.

    Also is there a place that is holding artifacts and archives for the museum?

  20. Please email and I will be able to answer all of your questions.
    -Bruce Allen Kopytek
    The Deaprtment Store Museum

  21. I am so happy I found this! I recently acquired a few hats that were in a Kilpatrick's box and a coat with a fur collar from Brandeis from an auction. I wanted to know the history of these items and whether or not I should actually wear them. I collect and wear vintage clothing.

    1. Oh please do wear them! I'm thrilled to learn of others who love and appreciate beautiful vintage clothing!

  22. 9/5/18: The very last 2 Kilpatrick's (Younkers) stores closed today, marking a grim moment in Omaha's history. Both were anchor stores at malls, now leaving a huge vacancy that very likely will never be filled.

  23. I'm researching the life of James Scott HIGTON, who was born in England in 1847 (although he lied about his age, eventually saying he was born in about 1861). He was a dry goods clerk in Cleveland Ohio in 1880, and seems to have travelled back and forth between the UK and the USA until he emigrated permanently to the United States in 1905. On his immigration form, he said he was going to stay with his friend, Thomas KILPATRICK in Omaha. In 1910 James was a retail merchant dry goods in Crete City, Nebraska, and in 1920 an unemployed dry goods dealer in Los Angeles.
    Any information on James HIGTON and his links to Thomas KILPATRICK will be gratefully received.

    1. I do not personally have access to any information; however, the "" service has the complete Omaha Nebraska papers online. You could likely find articles (and obituaries) about Kilpatrick and maybe an=bout Higton. Sorry, but that's the best I have to offer. Good luck!
      - Bruce

  24. Not sure, if you knew Kilpatrick Building was the headquarters for Nebraska Blue-Cross Blue-Shield for a time during the 60's. The only reason I know is, my Father worked there at that time.

  25. In 1969 I applied to be the representative from Burke High School to Kilpatrick"s "Teen Fashion Board" and was offered the position. It was a group of girls from each of the local high schools who worked part time at the store, did local outreach, and modeled in a few fashion shows. it was such a special time for me. Still have the publicity photo of all the girls in our hip mini dresses that were our uniform. I moved with my family to the Northeast the following year but will always associate my time in Omaha with Kilpatricks.

  26. I have never heard of Kilpatrick's but was given a box that was labeled such. I was surprised to find this website! Inside of the box are beautiful vintage silks and a kimono! Lovely find from a coworker cleaning out a deceased relatives attic and knew I would appreciate the artful designs. Neat website!

    1. One of my fondest memories of Kilpatrick's is how your purchased were boxed (in very elegant heavy boxes) with tissue right at the sales counter. These days you are sent to office or gift wrap (the few stores who still offer gift wrapping services!) to get a flimsy box a a single piece of tissue.

  27. Anyone have picture of the Peacock restaurant?

  28. I've just found that The Center store opened as Younkers, six years before they bought Kilpatrick's.


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