Harzfeld's, Kansas City, Missouri

Harzfeld's official address was on Main Street, but the
longer side of the store stretched down 11th Street,
popularly known as "Petticoat Lane."

Harzfeld's 11-story building was faced
in cream-colored ornamental terra cotta
and opened in November 0f 1913.
A 1950s view of Petticoat Lane, bustling with
shoppers, reveals a modernized storefront
on Harzfeld's, which had also expanded
eastward into the adjacent Lillis Building.
Harzfeld's - Petticat Lane,
Kansas City, Mo.

Harzfeld's (1891)
1111 Main Street
Petticoat Lane
Kansas City,

Main Floor
Precious Jewels • Fashion • Jewelry • Perfumery • Cosmetics • Beauty Essentials • Hat Bar • Neckwear • Handbags • Hosiery • "Legs" • Gloves • Fashion Accessories • Les Must de Cartier • Stationery • Luggage • Men's Shop • Men's Furnishings

Second Floor
Sports Shop • Sportstuff • Gadabout Sports • Theme Generation • Petticoat Lane Dresses • Plaza Dresses • Plaza Sportswear • Coat Shop • Suit Shop • Y.E.S. Young Essentials Shop • Contemporary Sports • Contemporary Dresses

Third Floor
Signature Sportswear • Custom Cove • Production Numbers • Better Dresses • Private Collectors • Designer Sportswear • French Room Salon • Bridal Consultant • Coat Salon

Fourth Floor
Shoe Salon • Petticoat Lane Shoes • Gadabout Shoes • Corset Shop • Exercise Place • Slippers • Robes  Something Comfortable • Designers At Home • Absolute Essentials • Daywear • Sleepwear • Uniforms

Fifth Floor
Harzfelds "Kids" Baby Shop • Toddler Shop • Girls'Shop •  Boys' Shop • Teen Shop • Children's Shoes • Toy Shop • Maternity

Sixth Floor
Millinery • French Room Millinery  Junior Dresses  Junior Coats  Junior Sport   Jr. Accessories

Seventh Floor
Fur Salon • Alterations • Repairs

Eighth Floor
Gift Gallery • Idiosyncrasies • Linens Boutique • Georg Jensen Room • Silver Gallery

Ninth Floor
Beauty Salon

Tenth Floor
Executive Offices • Credit Office • Cashier

Eleventh Floor
Employee Cafeteria

Lawrence, KS
"On the Hill"
March, 1923
922 East Broadway

Country Club Plaza
Nichols Road and Pennsylvania
55,000 s.f.
Blue Ridge Mall
Kansas City, MO

41,000 s.f.
Corinth Square
Prairie Village, KS

Metcalf South

Coming in due Course


  1. I've come across an old Harzfeld's hat box from Kansas City, would you have any idea as to what it's worth? Please let me on know, thank you. (asteidel87@yahoo.com)

  2. What a treat finding this historic site. Harzfeld's was just the best-and offered the best service. We shopped there for decades-then moved from the area-and so sad to hear it had closed some time back. Gosh, I remember Mr. Kosmicke (Mgr. at the Blue Ridge Mall store and all the wonderful ladies in store. Such fond memories of when customer service really meant something. Won't see many as this store was in the future. Too bad.

  3. If boxes have monetary value I'd like to know. I have a large coat box. These photos grab at my heartstrings, especially the Lawrence store. My first apartment as a newlywed in 1954 was directly behind the store at 12th & Indiana. My address during the previous school year was just one block to the West on 12th so I walked by there every day. I knew the staff pretty well. Years later I was employed in the shoe salon at the Metcalf Store, then at Corinth when it closed. So sad to watch its demise.

  4. I worked in the Harzfeld building, after it was converted to office space. I wish I could have seen it as a department store.

  5. I searched for "Petticoat Lane" silk scarf and what a surprise! I have an orange silk scarf with the full view silkscreen of people walking down the street. I was trying to find out more about it. Any ideas?

  6. I came across a Harzfelds Kansas City mink stole and would like to know how much it's worth.