Woodward's Stores, Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada

Woodward's massive red-brick pile at Hastings and Abbot Streets in Vancouver

Woodward 's Stores Ltd.
101 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

MUtual 4-5321


Lower Main Floor
Woodwad's Food Floor Produce • Grocery • Candy • Bakery • Meat • Flowershop • Restaurant • Tobacco Dept.

Main Floor
Fine Jewellery • Costume Jewellery • Watches and Clocks • Handbags • Gloves • Cosmetics • Women's Accessories • Neckwear • Blouses • Sweaters • Men's Fursnishings • Men's Wear • Men's Clothing • Young Men's Shop • Men's and Boy's Shoes • Notions • Stationery • Books • Candy • Drugs • Cameras • Famous Hardware • Auto Accessoris

Second Floor
Ladies' Shoes • Young Boutique Shoes • Lingerie • Foundations • Children's Wear • Children's Shoes • Boys' Wear • Girls' Wear • Teen 'n Twenty Shops • Sporting Goods • Family Ski Lodge • Housewares • Kitchenware • Appliance Accessories • Fireplace Accessories • Electricals • Luggage

Third Floor
Woodward's Fashion Centres Millinery • Ladies' Dresses • Ladies' Sportswear • Ladies' Suits • Ladies' Coats • Ladies' Rainwear • Custom Size Sportswear • Custom Size Dresses • Fur Salon • Cosmopolitan Shop • Shop International • Chandelier Room
Young Vancouver Shops Junior Dresses • Junior Sportswear • Junior Coats
Needlework • Portrait Studio • Gift Bazaar

Fourth Floor
Draperies • Staples • China • Glassware • Silverware • Giftware • Pictures and Mirrors • Lamps • Hearing Aid Centre • Fabric Centre • Trim-a-Home

Fifth Floor
Furniture • Floor Coverings

Sixth Floor
Paint Centre • Wallpaper • Major Appliances • Toys • Music Centre • TV Centre • Entertainment Accessories



Edmonton (1926)

Victoria (1945)

Port Alberni (1948)

Park Royal Shopping Centre (1950)

New Westminster (1954)

Westmount Shopper's Park (1955)
Edmonton, AB

Oakridge Centre (1959)

Chinook Centre (1960)
Calgary, AB

Northgate Mall (1963)
Edmonton, AB

Guildford Town Centre (1966)

Southgate Centre (1970)
Edmonton, AB

Cherry Lane (1973)

Mayfair Shopping Centre (1974)

Sevenoaks (1975)

Lansdowne Park (1977)

Coquitlam Centre (1979)


  1. Woodward's in Downtown Vancouver was about 700,000 square feet. While open, it was the largest store in Vancouver. The building was imploded, save for a small corner, in 2006 for a significant re-development of the site.

    The original store opened by Charles Woodward stands at the corner of Main Street and E. Georgia Street. The Hastings and Abbott store was #2, and was opened in 1902. It's unfortunate that the neighborhood took a turn for the worse, and the store had to close in the early 90's.

  2. To complete to your list of Woodwards stores.
    Original Edmonton store 1926
    Edmonton Centre (replaced flagship in 1974)
    Park Royal 1951, West Vancouver BC (Canada's first shopping centre)
    Port Alberni BC 1948
    Parkwood Centre, Prince George BC, 1966
    Market Mall Calgary AB, 1971
    Lethbridge Centre, Lethbridge AB, 1975
    Arbutus Centre Vancouver BC 1977 (Food Floor only)
    Metrotown, Burnaby BC, 1979
    Sunridge Mall, Calgary AB, 1981
    Bower Place, Red Deer AB, 1981
    Woodgrove Mall, Nanaimo BC, 1981
    Royal Centre New Westminster 1980 (replaced original New West store)
    West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton AB, 1985
    Mill Woods Town Centre, Edmonton AB 1988

  3. Woodwards wanted to open stores in the east. In 1961, Charles Woodward and Sam Steinberg (supermarket pionneer in Quebec under "Steinberg's") did built up and founded "Steinberg Woodward" department store. Two of them existed for a year under the said name. However, marketing issues, discrepancies and mismanagement has forced Woodward to remove his name. The departement stores were renamed "Miracle Mart".

  4. Elaine Frizell26 July, 2011 21:18

    I have a program for what was to be King Edward VIII coronation. Inside I found the actual receipt of 25 cents. I also have a square linen with embroidery lines (some parts finished) regarding Edward VIII. I don't know if the 25 cents is for both or just the program. Does anyone know where I could find out more information?

  5. I was at Woodward's on Hastings & Abbott before it closed. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard it closed in 1994. It was unfortunate that the location wasn't the best place for it. The Store was great and the people where great. They knew the meaning of customer service.

  6. My name is Nancy Thormann. I worked at the Westmount Store in Edmonton for two years before the store closed. I was heartbroken when the store closed. It was the best job I ever had. Woodward's knew the meaning of quality merchandise and customer service. There's no other store like it.

  7. RE: Canadian dept. stores such as Woodwards, Simpson's (with out Sears) and Hudson Bay Co.
    About 20 or so years ago I found in a scrapyard in Vancouver BC a bread tin full of enamelled small appliance tags. Some had the names of the above stores and their in house brands on them and all were in pristine condition. Just lately I have started to sell them and have done research but there are many gaps. Can anyone shed some light on any of these bygone brands? I find these tags fascinating and would love to know more.
    Sandy A

  8. Did anyone know a Mr.Jack Craven?

  9. I remember the glass doors on the elevators with the friendly operators. I miss the doughnuts with the pink, green, blue icing sold in the food floors. It was a treat to go downtown for $1.49 days with my mother in the 60's and early 70's

  10. I moved to Vancouver from Toronto in 1995, so I don't have any memories of Wodward's being operational as a store. However, IO work in film/TV and spent countless hours in the building as it was a popular filming location until it was imploded. I remember several times having stunt performers plummet down the (open) shaft which formerly held the elevators.

    Seeing "Woodward's" listed on the next day's call-sheet was a guarantee of a long, cold night with junk-scum trying to steal everything we didn't nail down.

  11. I have some sets of towels in the original boxed sets from woodwards in Calgary. I wonder if they are worth anything. They are brand new even have the fancy ribbon around them! probably go back to the 70's
    High River Alberta

  12. So many good memories attached to woodwards at christmas..5th floor toyland,and the train..Woodwards windows at Christmas ...149 day tuesdays...it will never be same world.

  13. I have some woodwards gift certificates is anyone collecting this stuff

  14. i remember 149 days and christmas floor and train, and had picture taken on santas knee there, which has disapeared..so many good memories and no pictures

  15. When I was growing up in Vancouver, we often shopped at Woodward's. I particularly loved the old glass-door operator driven elevators of various vintages, wish i could find a few photos.

  16. HI: I am looking to acquire copies of Woodward's catalogs from the 1960s and 1970s for research on a book that I am writing. Do you know of anyone that might have these?

  17. Actually the name is Woodward, not Woodward's
    There was also a branch in Prince George, B. C. but I don't know the year it was built. In it's latter years I worked security in the food court in the basement on Hastings St. After its closure, the front windows (on Hastings St.) were all smashed by a hover craft (for the making of a movie staring Jackie Chan).

  18. Woodward's was my favorite department store.

  19. does anyone have a picture of the old auto center building that was on northgate parking lot? It used to be on the south west corner of the parking lot. Reason I ask is because my mom used to work there in the 70's. The building was uneque cause it was round :)

  20. Also on the Fourth Floor in the original store was the Optical Dept.. My Dad worked there from before WWII until his retirement in 1990. There were 3 optometrists and a full service optical lab that provided completed eyewear for all the Woodward's stores. Charles woodward came in for his glasses and was a great, humble gentleman.

  21. I worked at the downtown store while I was still in high school and at UBC. It was like a whole city inside with a giant bakery and mailing dept in the sub sub basement and all sorts of cool spooky places behind the scenes. We got all these giant boxes of clothes from China and split up the contents to send to all the other branches.

    My favorite was their strawberry pie.

  22. I worked in the Men's Wear dept from 1975 to 1983... I have a profit sharing token.....I rememebr the old cashier Alice grumpling : ''It's me bowling night''....while I was serving a late coming customer...dear alice never missed her bowling nights......those were the good old days.

  23. I just found three packs of lunch bags with woodward's on the front wrapping. It's always a treat to hear stories about the Woodward's building in Vancouver. Shopping there was the big outing for the week.

    1. Where in the WoodaRd store did you work in the 70s my mo worked in the restUrant and we lived out at badly Hughes. we took mom to work on sat. and wasted the day.we had lunch at the Deli and they had the most delicious sub sandwich.and best hot dogs then to then to candy store and got cheese popcorn and soap candy and then Saturday matinee then mom day was almost over and time to go homethe malts were the best.i

  24. I WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT ANY OF MY WORKMATE THAT WORKED AT WOODWARD's store in prince george b.c. see face book for my address. Rudy Persaud.

  25. Kamloops had a Woodwards, does anyone know when it opened?

  26. In Port Alberni you could drive through to pick up your groceries

  27. I grew up going to Oakridge in the 70's with my famly for our monthly grocery shopping. After groceries a frosted malt was sometimes in order but we ALWAYS visited the Candy Counter, usually leaving with 4 or 5 bags! Also, we would often split up and visit our favourite departments: tools, clothing and toys. An extra special treat was visiting the restaurant downstairs! Good Times.

  28. http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261203025086

    Killer Woodwards advertising item from 1910 - see above link on ebay.

  29. In the Antiques Section of Craigslist, there's a new pair of Woodward's Beauty Gloves for sale.

  30. I am looking for any remembrances of relatives that worked at Woodwards in 1929? I am looking for information about my Grandmother that I have just discovered.
    thank you.

  31. I worked at Woodward's on Hastings in 1972 as a santa helper and later on in the pet and toy dept. We had a mascot guinea pig which we called Charlie. What a great place to work as a young girl, my favorite was going downstairs to the cafe for Toasted shrimp sandwiches on their famous cheese bread. Also as a child visiting the reindeer at Christmas at Oakridge, wonderful memories.

  32. A friend pulled out a pristine exercise book (ruled) from the early 70s. It has the metric system on the back cover and I remember them from when I was a kid in grade school.

    My dad was an electrician at the Victoria store until about 75 and then in Penticton until 82.

  33. I remember the Surrey Guilford store - It had an ice rink as part of the mall. You could get some candy at the candy counter at Woodward's and watch people skate just outside the food floor.

  34. Does anyone remember Woodwards in New Westminster being closed on Wednesdays?

  35. I worked at the Downtown Hastings store right out of high school in the early 80s. Appliances, Housewares, China depts. Then went back to school up the block to VVI. Was standing just above the veterans memorial when they imploded the store. It was a sad day. Their is an excellent Woodward group in facebook with lots of ex employees and pics. Jason

  36. Does anyone know "Susan" who was the Woodward's girl - for advertising - born in Victoria

  37. Great food floor but nothing else. High priced for the same thing you could get at the Bay, Eatons, Sears for less. Was an employee at Woodwards after working at Sears. Sears rocked, Woodwards sucked with archaic stupid beliefs like older or pregnant staff couldn't use a stool behind the cash register. What century did they grab that out of.Such rubbish in the late 1970's. Made people retire in the 1970's just before the profit sharing tanked. Not surprised they couldn't keep going. No staff orientation like Sears, etc. Wouldn't let women take any management courses because they would become pregnant.

  38. I totally miss Woodward's. It was our "go to" store. I have read that the Christmas display in Vancouver is now at Canada Place. Does anyone know what happened to the Toyland "Enchanted Forest" display from Edmonton Centre? It was an annual stop for us as kids. Just wondering if it was taken over by anyone else in Edmonton?

  39. I am trying again to comment the last one didnt post. I worked at the Chinook Woodward's store in Calgary. Great memories of the store. We had a grocery floor that we could get our groceries bagged and put into totes or bin, and be sent on a conveyer belt down and out to the kiosk to get them put into our cars by staff!! Anyone know of 2 managers we had, Marv Anhorn? or Maurice Free? Maurice was from B.C and went back to either Burnaby or Surrey. Most all my coworkers have passed on, only 1 left I communicate with.. Great company

  40. I loved the 1.49 day, but it was sooo so busy!! We could get a cup and saucer, Price Elbert brand. Cant recall the name of the print,, good ole days!!

  41. Hey anon hope you come back to this site. I also worked in Calgary a long time ago, Marv was my assistant. Unfortunately he passed away in April 2012. He was a very good friend.
    give me a shout: vikingmail.ralph@telus.net

  42. I loved Woodwards at Chinook Mall in Calgary .... I shopped there from the mid sixtys until the late seventys when I moved to California... and when I mean I shopped ... it was big time!!! And so did my mother ... we loved the gr
    ocery department .. it was really something... I really liked the deli and their do nuts ... they also had great deli sandwiches!!!!

  43. I have a copy of the first issue of the Store Magazine called The Beacon dated July 1945. Some fabulous old photos inside with the first page showing all the four Woodwards men starting with the founder Charles Woodward, then W.C. Woodward, then P.A. Woodward and finally T.P.R. Charles Woodward (think he was known as Chunky Woodward). Has photos inside of the store at that time and the employees with a group photo of the 1945 Advisory Council. All super interesting stuff. I used to shop there with my mother starting in 1947 and remember it well right until it closed, this is the downtown Vancouver store I am referring to.

  44. I am trying to trace Woodward Vancouver store employees or their next of kin from 1953 .
    Eleanor M Leroux and Martha Penner .

  45. I have a photo of myself sitting on the Woodward's Santa's knee, it was taken by a Vancouver Sun photographer for the paper. I remember the train and visits to the sixth floor and toyland. Woodwards was an integral part of growing up in Vancouver.

  46. The Woodwards in Prince George, BC was the anchor store at the Parkwood Mall. It had two levels. The food floor, clothing, gifts etc were on the main - and furniture, hardware, toy dept. restaurant and post office (!) were on the upper floor. The building has been home to The Hudson's Bay Co. since Woodwards shut down. The original 1960s escalator is still in use there!

  47. Was the best job I ever had as the chain had great respect for the staff it had. They valued you as an employee. You were not a number but a family and it did have that feeling. In my career I managed Northgate Auto Centre and Hardware and Garden Centre, I then went to Calgary and did the same and opened Sunridge Mall, then to Chinook Centre and Market Mall doing the same. At the end of my time at Woodwards I went to the Furniture Clearance Centre on Blackfoot Trail and then back to Market Mall and the Stationary Department and Camera's, Luggage and Linens and Domestics. I sure do miss those days we worked hard but had so much fun and all the staff were so wonderful. I hardly had a bad staff member at Woodwards as a Manager. Mr. Phil Jones was my last store manager and he was awesome. Ohhhh the good times it was the best of times.

  48. March 12th Anonymous. mention Marv Anhorn was your assistant. I sent you an email, check your spam!! mattieblue@aol.com

  49. Hi, I'm doing some research on Woodward's Food Floors and I was wondering if you knew when the term was coined? When did they start referring to it as the Food Floors instead of the grocery department? Thanks!

  50. Does anyone remember the Edmonton (Alberta) center Woodwards' food floor,(in the basement); they had a counter where you could purchase individual pastries, and other food items. They sold a drop biscuit that had the taste of baking soda in it....I loved those....anyone know of a recipe that duplicates those drop biscuits of Woodwards??

  51. I have fond memories of riding the rickety old elevators located in the centre of the store. Operators with gloves pulling the heavy gates and doors open at each floor, and one ancient elevator that must have been a carryover from the original building. As a boy, they were fun to ride. Wish I could find a photo.

  52. It was a cool place to work, especially for me working behind the scenes with merchandise coming in and going out: "3 dozen of these to Kamloops, 6 dozen to Southgate,....."

  53. Worked Vancouver downtown store 1 in 1981. Started in Housewares 2nd floor John F. Then moved to Appliances, stereos, pianos and sewing machines. 51-43 and 51-44 under Rick N.. Then moved to China Dept 1-30 under John H. and Eileen G. Left in 85 to go 2 blocks away to school at VVI. Was geting paid in cash back then and had 20% employee discount. Sure miss the place and the building. Sad when they tore it down. Jason C.

  54. at Oakridge, before the store became the horrible mall it is today, as an outdoor mall in the 70's, most favorite time was Christmas, getting my picture taken with Santa in his workshop, the reindeer, one year there was a contest to guess the weight of huge blocks of ice, the blocks of ice sat in the fountain, also a choir sang on the roof. We use to get our Halloween costumes at Woodward , in the box you'd get the costume and a mask $1.49 , I always wondered what happen to the Woodward letters across entrance, least we forget about the ice cream and malts... what do we have now, its called progress, I call it crap!