Paul Steketee and Sons Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan

Read about Steketee's in
Michael Hauser's new book

Steketee's tall and imposing building on Monroe Avenue
was built in 1916 and  expanded in 1920

The store expanded in 1940 by building a
matching 4-story addition on Monroe Avenue

Paul Steketee & Sons Co. (1862/1916/20/40)
88-94 Monroe Avenue
Grand Rapids, michigan
GL 4-8281


Steketee's Budget Basement

Street Floor
Fine Jewelry • Jewelry • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Gloves • Hosiery • Neckwear • Fashion Accessories • Scene One Shop • Cosmetics • Candy • Notions • Library • Service Desk
Men's Store Men's Furnishings • Men's Sportswear  • Men's Clothing • Men's Hats • Men's Shoes

First Floor Elevation
Linens • Bedding • Fashion Fabrics

Second Floor
Infants' Wear • Toddlers' Wear • Girls' Wear • Pre-Teens' Wear • Hi-Shop • Boys' ShopChildren's Shoes • Teens' Shoes • Clothes-In Shop • Lingerie • Robes • Corsets • Sleepwear • Housedresses • Daytime Dresses • Maternity Dreses • Gift Wrapping

Fashion Third Floor
Millinery • Dresses • Coats • Suits • The Trend Shop • Bridal Shop • Fur Shop • Career Shop • Shoes • Sportswear • Junior Shop • Ladies' Lounge • Beauty Salon • Christmas Gallery

Fourth Floor
Furniture • Home Decorating Service • Draperies • Bedding • Mattresses • Floor Covering • Lamps • Luggage • Yarn Shop

Fifth Floor
China • Silver • Gifts • Antique Shop • Bridal Sercretary • Credit Office

Sixth Floor
Housewares • Small Apliances • Hearth Shop • Bath Shop • Paint-Garden Shop

Seventh Floor
Toys • Sporting Goods • Junior Science

Eighth Floor
Executive Offices •  • AccountingAdvertising


Grand Haven
Washington Avenue

40 East 8th Street

Eastbrook Mall

Maple Hill Mall

Muskegon Mall
Muskegon (downtown)


  1. This is a fantastic site. I am looking for any former employees that used to work at Steketee's from 1980-1983.


    1. I WORKED THERE IN THE FALL OF 1966 UNTIL I went in the service in August of 1967. Loved working there. Main floor courtesy desk.

    2. Worked there in 1966-1967.

    3. I worked at the Muskegon Mall location during that time period.

  2. I was a member of the Youth Advisory Board late 70's and the cleric for Cheryl Nelson 80-81. Before that I worked in the Eastbrook store, junior dept. or where ever needed.

  3. Was there a james M Steketee in the family who was a landscape painter in 1940? I have a painting of his.. signed James M Steke, Detroit, Sept.1943?
    Please let me know and thanks.

  4. This is great. I just finished the Jacobson's book and got me thinking about Steketee's. I worked there late 80' early 90's @ Eastbrook. Would be nice to find people, maybe facebook?

    Marcia (Taschner) Conradson

  5. Erin, what store?

    Marcia (Taschner) Conradson

  6. I worked in the Advertising Dept from May '83 to May of '85 for Mary Ellen Collins. My first job and my favorite job I ever had. Working in Advertising allowed me to learn more about the stores behind the scenes. Would have never left if they paid more than minimum wage. But I sure loved the employee discount. Had the best wardrobe ever!

  7. I worked at the downtown location. Started in budget basement and then as an assistant buyer for children's clothing in the 1980's

  8. I worked at the downtown location started in budget basement then as an assistant buyer for children's clothing. This was in 1980's. I would help out when they would have their big sale at Eastbrook Mall. Have so many wonderful memories

  9. I worked at the downtown location. Started in budget basement and then as an assistant buyer for children's clothing in the 1980's

  10. I remember shopping with my mother in the 1950's and 60's at the downtown store in the basement. They had tables and tables full of fabric. Used to wait for the Pendleton wood to go on sale each year. Wonderful quality fabric!

  11. I was a member of the teen board, probably in 1969, and then continued to work at Steketees downtown and Eastbrook Mall in several capacities for about 4 years. I worked in the bridal registry for a while and also helped put on fashion shows. Lots of memories.

  12. I worked in Men's at Eastbrook all during college, then was promoted to the DM upon graduation in 1984. After a while, I went downtown to the buying office, working with Cindy Spindler. It was a great experience to work at Seteketee's in Grand Rapids!

  13. I use to shoot fashion photography for th store back in 1985

  14. I was on the teen board in 1980. Did modeling shows at Eastbrook and worked as a "runner" at the annual Gold Sale. Also worked downtown 1980 - 1982 during high school and when home from college. My supervisor was Betty. I worked in handbags and stamped parking tickets and gave out tokens. Also worked in jewelry and loved working in the candy department. People were always happy to get their tokens and get candy. I loved the architecture of the downtown store. Eating lunch (from Ole Taco) up on the 8th floor.

  15. I worked in the IT group from 1974 to 1989. Downtown Grand Rapids flagship store. Our area was secured and off limits to the general public as well as nearly all other employees.

  16. Denise D. Hardy (Wilks)24 April, 2018 15:49

    I interned at the Downtown G.R. store in the early, to mid-80's while attending Davenport College. I worked in lingerie, then manager of hosiery Dept, then Modern sportswear, Jrs., coats & Misses. I left in 1985 to move back "home". Betty Fitzhugh was my supervisor. I also filled in at the candy dept. & stationary dept. for breaks. Also, in the fabric dept. when they closed that area down. Such good memories & store discount! I've been away since then & just visited G.R. last week (4/21/18). Everything is so different now. I love the history & the architecture of the old buildings that made up the Steketee's store.

  17. Hi! My Grandmother was Marjorie Steketee!

  18. Amy Gable Gwinn03 October, 2018 21:22

    I worked in the downtown store from 1986 to 1990. I was a DM of jewelry/handbags, women's sportswear and men's. I remember Betty Fitzhugh! She was the sweetest! Another asst store manager Shirley, hired me when I was 16. I also remember another asst store manager named Chris. I also helped out in the buying offices for the linens buyer Tom Milan, and the customer service department where people paid their bills. At Christmas (loved that time) I wrapped gifts. Inventory time was also fun. Made sooo many friends there! Wish I could find them again!

  19. I worked at Steketee's in the advertising dept. from 1990 to 1996. I was made advertising manager in 1994. Have many fond memories of my time there.

    Karen Marckel (was Karen Krueger at the time)

  20. I was on the Steketee's Teen Board 1974-1975, modeling,and working in juniors. So many wonderful experinces. In the late sixties I even attend Steketee's Charm School.....another great experence!

  21. I was fortunate to work at the Grab Rapids store in the fall of 1961 and 1962 until summer when I left for college. Summer of 1963 I was helped on the in state deliveries. Made trips to Lansing area, new Holland store and one trip to a Steketee home on the shores of Lake Michigan. I enjoyed all facets of my employment. Will miss it.

  22. My father, Bud Kieft was the operations mgr. for Steketee’s. He began his career at the Grand Haven store in the late 50’s. I loved visiting his office on the 8th floor. My mother, Bea Kieft, was an area sales mgr. at the Eastbrook store. I have many fond memories of Stek’s.

    1. As an associate at the Eastbrook store, I worked under Bea Kieft's leadership in the Men's department. Later, I was in the Monroe Ave buying office, and met Mr. Kieft there. Great memories! A very fine retail store!

  23. Cool site. My husband's family traveled numerous times from California to Michigan and they always went to the Steketee's department store to buy something, anything, just to get the bags that said Steketee so they could have them with their last name on them. :)

  24. I worked at age 16 helping my mom in shipping and receiving on the 8th floor. In 1972 I was on the teen board doing style shows and working on the floor. I worked the candy department but loved gift wrapping.
    After teen board I helped doing lunch breaks in candy, cosmetics, notions. I did also work in the women’s department but all the women in that department worked on commissions and I was asked to be moved! I then worked Im china and bridal shop...I guess my years there were many! I think it was at least 6 years I was there!

  25. My mother worked in the Grand Haven location in the late 90s. I have one memory from there, which was buying a bunny dressed in a railroad costume. It's been 23 years and I still have it. I'm trying to find another like him. Comment if maybe you know.


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