Hochschild, Kohn & Co., Baltimore, Maryland

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Department Stores.

Hochschild, Kohn & Co., Howard and
Lexington Streets in Baltimore

Hochschild, Kohn sported an updated
marquee in later years.
A part of the store fronted on Eutaw
Street as well; in the 1960s, Hoschschild,
Kohn expanded the Eutaw fontage as
it took over adjacent properties. 
In 1942, Hochschild, Kohn opened a service building
at Park & Centre Streets, which also housed the
store's retail furniture department.

In the 1930s, Hochschild, Kohn proposed
building a colossal new store one block
west on Lexington Street, but the plan never
mateerialized, and the store remained at
the corner of Howard and Lexington.

Hochschild-Kohn & Co. (1897)
208 North Howard Street
Baltimore, Maryland

LExington 9-1111                   

Lower Floor 
Housewares • Paints • Hardware • Art Needlework • Music Hall

First Floor

Jewelry • Fine Jewelry • Silverware • Hosiery • Neckwear • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Gloves • Belts • Fashion Accessories • First Floor Sports Shop • Stationery • Notions • Candies • The Kitchenette Shop • Coin Department • Guildery Gift Wrap Service
First Mezzanine

Men’s Shop • Books • Records
Lexington Street

Pet Center • Shoe Repair

Second Floor

Women’s Shoes • I. Miller Shoe Salon • Slippers • Millinery Salon • Young Baltimorean Shop • Modexpress
Second Mezzanine

House and Town Shop

Third Floor

Sport Shop • Casual Shop • Coats & Suits • Bridal Salon • Pacesetter Shop • Pacesetter Coat & Suit Shop • Dress Shop • Mt. Vernon Shop • The Place • Designer’s Room • Fur Salon • New Directions • Ms. Generation
Third Mezzanine

 Boys’ Shop

Third Floor Promenade - to Eutaw Building
Bake Shop

Fourth Floor 
Foundations • Lingerie • Loungewear • Career Dresses • Career Sportswear • Career Suits  • Career Shoes  • The Better Half  • Men’s Shoes
Fourth Mezzanine 

Fifth Floor

Linen Shop • Bedding • China • Glassware • Bridal Gift Registry • Rugs
Children’s World Infant’s wear • Toddlers’ Wear • Girls’ Wear Children’s Accessories • Younger Set Shoes • Young Men’s Shoes

Sixth Floor

Luggage • Outdoor Furniture • Pictures • Toys • Jean Sardo Studio • Continental Dining Room • Employment Office

Eutaw Building
First Floor

Furniture • Sleep Shop

Appliances • TV • Stereos • Service Desk • Sewing Machines

Second Floor

Draperies • Broadloom Gallery • Oriental Rug Gallery

Edmondson Village
89,000 s.f.

York Road and Belvedere St.
45,000 s.f.
The Coffee Cup
Eastpoint Shopping Center
100,000 s.f.
The Penguin Room
Harundale Plaza
October, 1958
100,000 sq. ft. 
The Severn Restaurant

York Mall)
York, PA
September, 1968
160,000 sq. ft.

Security Square
September, 1972
150,000 s.f.
Tudor Restaurant

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  1. I worked at the Howard and Lexington store during the 1969 Christmas season. My department was the "Trim the Home" shop and we were located on the 4th floor, next to men's shoes and around the bend from lingerie. Christmas trees were kept in the lingerie stock room and had to be dragged through their department when someone was taking it with them.
    Loved working at HK!

  2. Does anyone remember a big gold eagle at the HK store in downtown B'more?

  3. wasn't there also a store at Columbia Mall? I remember it being there for a short while and then I think that Hecht's moved into its place. It was at the opposite end of mall from Woodward and Lothrop.

    I used to love Hochschild Kohn's logo.

  4. Yes, there was a Hoschild's at Columbia Mall when it opened. Hecht's took its place followed by Macy's.

  5. I thought they also had small apparel stores. I think some were at North Plaza, Kenilworth, Reistertown, and Harford Mall

  6. Interestingly enough, you are correct; but the stores were part of an ill-advised expansion strategy that did nothing to help this store survive. The stores were opened well after Hochschild's passed its prime. I read an online analysis of Baltimore stores' expansion strategies, upon which I base my comments.


  7. Does anyone remember the penguins that used to be outside at the Hochschild's in Eastpoint? I can remember standing outside watching the penguins slide down their fake iceberg. And they had a big penguin at the restaurant full of holes with lollypops stuck in them. I used to take a whole bunch and stuff them in my pockets.

  8. I do remember the penquins in the cornor window at the HK store at Eastpoint. Eastpoint started out as a covered opened air retail center anchoered at the opposite end by Hutzler's Dept Store. I do believe that Eastpoint (after it was converted)may have been the first mall in the Baltimore area. Hess Shoe stores (located halfway between HK & Hutzler's) had live monkeys in their windows. There was also an Arundel's Ice Cream Parlor (Cherry, Chocolate & amoniated Cokes)There was also A&G Clothiers, Bakers Shoes and Lerner's Shop

  9. They also had two stores at Freestate Mall in Bowie, an apparel store at one end opened in the spring of 1981. It was successful but there wasn't an adjacent unit available to expand, so they opened a home store in its own unit at the other end (towards Woolco, later Bradlees) in the fall of 1981, in time for Christmas. For administrative purposes both were considered Store #11 (renamed Store #81 after the Howland-Steinbach-Hochschild consolidation in 1983). The home store would be the last new store Hochschild's ever opened.

  10. To everyone, "Have a happy Hochschild Kohn this Christmas."

  11. In the early 1970's I worked in the housewares department in the York Mall store. Crockpots were new and everyone's choice for wedding gifts, although an occasional customer asked where they could find a "crackpot." "Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys" blared from the electronics department and unpacking new merchandise seemed like Christmas.

    1. Love thinking about the image of unpacking new merchandise and listening to the "Low Spark of High-Heels Boys."

    2. Love thinking about the image of unpacking new merchandise and listening to the "Low Spark of High-Heels Boys."

  12. I have a small silver (plated) cup which is shaped like a trophy that was awarded to my grandfather for 10 years of service (1945-1955) with Hochschild's. He worked part time at the Belvedere Ave & York Rd store in Baltimore. He lived nearby on Evesham Ave and I spent a large portion of my growing up years (early 50's) in that area. My grandmother used to take me to Hochschild's to shop for clothes and my favorite section was the candy area. Shopping was truly enjoyable back in those days, or maybe I am just showing my age and being nostalgic.

  13. Thank you for your comments, but I believe it was the former, and not the latter, even though I, like you, have a healthy sense of the nostalgic.


  14. After completing the "executive management program", I was the housewares manager at Belvidere and then the assistant jewelry buyer, leaving for another department store buying job just after we opened the White Marsh store.

  15. Was happy to find this site. I found an old mirror 20 plus years ago in a pile of discards. Its a beautiful wooden framed mirror with Hochild Kohn, and Co. Baltimore, ME stenciled on the back.

    Marcie E. in Penna.

  16. Oh, my gosh! I lived on Evesham Avenue at 363, one of the houses that was torn down. I wonder who the grandfather was who worked at the York and Belvedere store. My parents moved onto Evesham sometime in the 1940's, and left in 1973 when Northern Parkway tore down our house. I'm sure my mother would have known the grandparents of the person who wrote last February. I loved that store. I still have a necklace I bought there. Ah, the candy department! I bought black licorice pipes there. The fabric department was down near the coffee shop, and I used to buy fabric and patterns there. Also, I loved the hot fudge sundaes the coffee shop had. Oh, my. Growing up in Govans in the 1950's and '60's. I live in CA now, but I can remember it all so well.

  17. For Sale a receipt 1924 and book purchased. Hiawatha make an offer 317- 701 - 2750. Thank you

  18. Does anyone know the Christmas jingle for the store...so have a happy Hochschild-Kohn this Christmas...great tune and still remember it to this day. Anyone know the words or where the audio might be posted? Thanks


      There was a short version and a long version the lyrics below are the LONG VERSION. The version I adored!

      Puppy Paws and Santa Claus the holiday season is here. Wonderful sights, Christmas lights twinkly and frosty and shiny and bright. Happy a Happy Hoshchild Kohn this Christmas... Hey it’s snowing, Hoshschild Kohn at Christmas time sleigh bells brushing the sky, reindeer really can fly. Giving the reason the season is here so have a Happy Hoshschild Kohn this Christmas. It's really not so far away, may the sun come out every day. May every one of you have all your dreams come true and have a HAPPY HOSHSCHILD KOHN THIS CHRISTMAS!

      I have a link to the actual jingle song done in 1973. Problem is the very last stanza of the Hoshschild Kohn song is missing. I just remember the words so well I did not need to hear the end. I am an autistic werewolf and this little Hoshschild Kohn song was the holiday high point of what was for me an often dark, abusive and dismal childhood!

    2. I remember the other jingle:
      When you buy, better buy Hochschild Kohn
      It's the store Baltimore calls its own.
      You'll find everything that is good there.
      Your needs are understood there.
      At Baltimore's own Hochschild Kohn!

      I was in the executive trainee program, starting August 15, 1967; two months later, I was an assistant buyer, and a year after that, I was the buyer of robes/loungewear and sportswear - all on the fourth floor in the downtown store

  19. Actually the first Mall on the east coast was Harundale in Glen Burnie, which did have a H-K store. The Belvedere store also had live reindeer at Christmas each year. We lived about 4-5 miles away, and always went to see them. Thank you for the blog as well. I enjoy reminiscing about old Baltimore. Another great site is www.kilduffs.com .

  20. Loved the store, history and memories including downtown Baltimore, Edmondson Village and the store at Security Square Mall where I worked from '73 to '77.

  21. I came across one of the Precision sewing machines. Its says that it is a Deluxe. I'm not anything else about it, but would love to know more. If anyone would could help me I would greatly appreciate it. I have picture of it just in case anyone would like to see it to give me more info on it.

  22. I purchased a vintage wedding gown with a Hochschild Kohn The Wedding Shop label and a Vene of New York label. Is there any way to tell the approx. age of the gown? Thanks

  23. I lived for a number of years on Orkney Road, just behind the Belvedere Square HK. A great old building. You could always tell someone from out of town as they could never correctly pronounce Hochschild, Kohn on the first couple of tries. Only natives could wrap their mouths around those flat, long, yet rounded "Bal'mer" vowels!

    1. Did you know the Rumbaugh family?

  24. My Grandmother was a waitress at the Hochschild's in Eastpoint.

  25. I was raised in the Govans area in the good old 60's .Hoch Kohn brings back a lot of memories for me .my older sister and mother took us shopping there.I remember the spiral tile walkway to the upstairs and the back entrance where they had the teeter totter set that we loved to play on.

  26. Laurel Perkins (nee Thornton) Facebook12 November, 2013 23:18

    I started out in the Men's dept. @ Eastpoint Mall in1973. My Sales Mgr was Ruth Cooper. My employee # was 8232!!! I remember it like it was today! Ruth used to laugh at me, because I would "talk" my way through each transaction! I loved going to the Men's wear seminars, which were held @ the "Playboy Club" downtown. Jim Horinka, Bernie, Jack Powell and Dennis Weiss were our buyers. What a crew they were! I worked my way up the proverbial ladder and completed my executive training, Worked with a wonderful man named Armisted Funn @ the Belvedere store. Finished top of my class! Had 2 offers. Mens ,Boys and toddlerwear mgr @ the new Kennilworth Store or Asst. buyer for Housewares. Mr. Funn wanted me to open a bath co-op shop with him! Oh, I am so happy to have found this site! What sweet, sweet memories.....Absolutely Mr. Hochschild....Positively Mr, Kohn!!!!!!!!!

    1. OMG...I worked for Ruth Cooper too - loved her and my job in the Men's Dept. I was very young and she really helped me along. I remember, very well, our Playboy Club seminars. I remember the first one I attended. I was driving an MG at the time. While parking in the garage, the hill was very very steep and with my manual shift, I had a difficult time and kept rolling backwards. The car behind me who was also trying to park in the garage, pulled waaay down the ramp so I wouldn't roll backwards into his car! I was so embarrassed. However, today it's pretty funny! Oh my! I remember Jim Horinka too! So happy to have found your message - certainly brings back fond memories. There are so many faces I can see in my mind but the names won't come to me. Thanks for the memories!

    2. If you have any pics to share or have had any contact with Ruth Cooper, please email me at anneargle@comcast.net.

  27. Judy from Annapolis, I am writing a book about my life and was recalling my first job after I graduated from cosmetology school, and could not remember how to spell Hochchild Kohn, so Googled old Dept stores in Baltimore and found this wonderful site. Loved reading everyones memories. It was about 1978 I believe and worked as a stylist for Canned Ego at the Belvedere store. I grew up in Roanoke Va. and remember going "downtown" to Miller and Rhodes mom would wear a hat and gloves, in the 50's. We would get "in cahoots" so mom could find a free parking space. Thanks for the good memories I didn't know Harendale was the first mall on the east coast, interesting.

  28. Mom retired from HK, proudly receives her monthly (under $100) retirementment check

  29. my older sister visited over weekend, asked if i remembered running up and down a ramp at HK...until Mom told us to stop!

  30. too bad no pics of the eastpoint store with the penguins in the window.so cool

  31. I grew up in Gaithersburg and our Elementary School went to HK every year to sing at Christmas during the '60's...now I am an adult, living out West, I go to an antique store and there is a beautiful mink stole with a HK label in it. Such memories came flooding back.

  32. I worked as a fashion illustrator at Hochschild's in the 1960's and early 1970....My husband was also their menswear illustrator..this was back when department stores had artists who illustrated all that the store sold...good memories. I still have some of the original illustrations that we did.

  33. The fashion illustrations of your era were true works of art. They had such class and style, in a way that contemporary advertising most decidedly does not. I would love to share some of them with the readers of this blog if I could scans of them.
    -Bruce (bakgraphics@comcast.net)

  34. I worked in Career Shoes as a stock-boy (my first job), then a salesman in the early 70s. The directory above doesn't list a Career Shoes, but it was on the 4th floor, just off the elevators. (I used to hear DING! Going up. DING! Going down in my sleep.)

    1. I added "Career Shoes" to the directory based on your memories.
      - Bruce

  35. This is great, thank you. We would shop in downtown Baltimore each weekend, usually lunching upstairs at Hochschild's. I remember Miss Estelle and Miss Reba being our special servers, always asked for one of their tables. They were so sweet.

  36. I did not know the history of Hochschild Kohn. I have a beautiful camel coat that has hand stitched collar and pockets. It is a classic camel coat, and I am still wearing it in 2017. Who would believe that a garment that is so well made still speaks volumns about classic well-made garments. Love your blog that gives testiment to department store elegance and history. Thank you.

  37. I worked at the downtown Hochschilds in high school and later at the Edmondson Village store through college. I worked in lingerie, toys, and records downtown and in china and glass at Edmondson Village where Mrs. Brown was my boss. I was very sad when Hochild's closed...still miss it.

  38. I came across this blog because I just bought a 1950's vintage doll at an estate sale here in Maryland and it had the price tag from Hochschild Kohn & company still attached. Very cool to see the history of an item and where it was bought.

  39. I have 2 adult and 1 child's Japanese kimonos that I bought at an auction. They are in a box that was shipped from Hochschild Kohn Baltimore, MD!

  40. Does anyone have a photo of the penguins at the Hochschild Kohn store in Eastpoint Shopping Center, Baltimore.

  41. My wife and I bought our first wall covering (a wall picture) from Hochschild Kohn at a mall in Glen Burnie Md when I was stationed at Ft Meade Md in 1969. Does anyone know or remember the name of the mall and does it exist today?

    1. I believe that it is Harundale Plaza. It still exists, but not in its original form - just a big box store center. Here is a nice article with pictures you may remember: http://mall-hall-of-fame.blogspot.com/2009/06/baltimores-harundale-mall.html


  42. 16, January, 2021
    In 1946-47 my mom entered me on photography contests in which the store would take heads shots of young kids (I was four and five). Then judges would evaluate all of the photos and select winners. I won a few times and am wondering if the photos of those long ago times are still available.


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