L. H. Field Co., Jackson, Michigan

L. H. Field Co. was remodeled and expanded in the
early 1950s, and took on a very modernistic image.

The store was extended to Cortland Street and
included a new "Rose Room" restaurant.

The original neo-gothic store building is hown before
the remodeling; Leonard H. Field was Marshall
Field's cousin. 

L. H. Field Co.
201 W. Michigan Avenue
Jackson, Michigan

STate 2-0441


Luggage • Sporting Goods • Cameras • Paints • Hardware • Garden Shop
Field's Basement Store

Street Floor
Fine Jewelry • Jewelry • Leathergoods • The Straw Market • Hat bar • Hosiery • Fashion Accessories •Shoe Salon • Isles of Beauty • Street Floor Sportswear • Lingerie • Stationery • Notions • Book Shop • Linens • Domestics • Bath Shop • Fabrics • Art Needlework • Sewing machines • Gourmet Shop • Candy • The Rose Room Restaurant
Men's Store Men's Furnishings •Men's Sportswear •Men's Clothing •Men's Shoes •Smoke Shop • Boys Wear
Cortland Street Annex
Appliances • Televisions • Stereos • Records

Second Floor of Fashion
Sportswear Fashions • Coat Fashions • World of Dresses • Pacesetter Shop • Young Contemporary Shop • Millinery • Wiggery • Fur Salon • Bridal Salon • Field's Beauty Salon • Junior Dresses • Junior Sportswear • Junior Coats • Foundations • Sleepwear • Loungewear • Maternity Shop • Portrait Studio
Children's World Infant's Wear • Toddlers' Wear • Girls' Wear • Young Jacksonian Shop
Second Floor
China and Gifts • Silverware • Housewares

Third Floor of Home Fashions
Home Accessories • Lamps • Curtains • Draperies • Carpeting • Furniture • Bedding


Westwood Mall (1981)


  1. When did the last of these stores finally close?

  2. Sorry for the delay. I believe that L. H. Field closed in 1987; it became a part of Herpolsheimer's by then.


  3. My daughter worked for LH Field's in Jackson for a couple of weeks in the early 1980's until she was 'shopped' away to Jacobson's Miss J Shop. She loved working both places. The building was torn down years ago. So sad.

  4. My mother worked in the Rose Room through the sixties until she retired. I went there many times as a child to eat, the food was pretty good. In the early seventies my best friend worked as the receiving clerk for several years. After they opened Westwood mall downtown Jackson was never the same.

    1. I worked the Rose Room as Waitress1969? Fields was great!

  5. Barb Baird-Pauli04 November, 2011 22:17

    Having worked at LH Field's while in my first few years of college, the experience provided a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. It was a time when management took seriously the responsibility of mentoring younger employees, providing quality service to its patrons, and a commitment to our community.

    On a lighter note, the strawberry ice cream pie in the Rose Room was fantastic.

  6. I went to see Santa at L.H. Fields for the very first time in 1965 and still have the photos as keepsakes.

    1. Me too! Only picture I have with Santa...

    2. See Santa at Fields was a childhood memory which was Winter Wonderland, still have photos 😊

  7. I remember seeing Santa there in the early 80's. I also remember the awesome hard candy sticks.

  8. I have a full lenth womens fur coat from L.H. Fields and still in great condition

  9. I have a original full length womens fur coat in great condition, from L.H. Fields probly from 60's.

  10. My Mother, Peg Jewet, told me about the annual reunion. Could you add my name? I worked there in Unit Control as a high school co-op student.
    Cheryl Jewett
    7420 Waters Edge, #6
    Lansing, MI 48917

  11. Does anyone have ANY photos of the amazing Christmas time windows at the Jackson's Fields? https://www.facebook.com/groups/PrisonCity/

  12. When did L.H Field open, and when did it change names? I have a chocolate pot with a label inside indicating it was from the store, price $1.50. I am trying to figure out when it would have been sold. Are there any advertisements I can check?

  13. Anyone out there interested in the original porcelain sign for the rose room. I bought this the day before the building was torn down. I will offer it for sale on FB soon....Contact me at 517 937-4105

  14. worked at field´s from summer 1979-to fall 1980 as a trainee in the men´s department, while i was living in the us. Who rembers Donald Falk, Markus Tutle, Donna Rydal and so many more.....

    Jürgen Lenz 84489 Burghausen Germany mobil004915758374170

  15. worked at field´s from summer 1979-to fall 1980 as a trainee in the men´s department, while i was living in the us. Who rembers Donald Falk, Markus Tutle, Donna Rydal and so many more.....

    Jürgen Lenz 84489 Burghausen Germany mobil004915758374170

  16. Lorrie Carpenter15 February, 2019 11:38

    I remember shopping her in the late 60's/early 70's with my Mother, Grandmother and sister. Does anyone remember the kids dessert they served in the Rose Room that was a clown made out of an ice cream cone? It seems like it was on display in a case where you paid, but I was pretty young then and might not be remembering correctly.

  17. Fields photography studio I had photos taken when I was about 9 years old.It was going to be a gift for my Mother. Fields had it in the window display, when we went to get them.It was a very nice picture, I only seen it that 1 time a relative thought Fields should pay for using my pictures for advertising took it upon himself to complain. My pictures were removed and, We never got my pictures. I was very hurt and, have tried to see if maybe the film is still around. I hope someone can help.

  18. I was the visual manager for L.H.Field starting in 1976. This was my first job in retail. I loved the store and the people. So sad to see it gone when I visit. I remember the fashion shows we used to have at the Jackson Country Club and on the second floor. If I remember we had 23 exterior display windows. What a wonderful time for retail!

  19. Hi I have a fur coat from the LH Field Co. Fur Salon. Jackson Michigan. I am curious if anyone would want to buy this. It is in very good condition.


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