Gayfer's, Mobile Alabama

C. J. Gayfer & Co. (Gayfer's)
12 St. Emanuel Street
Mobile, Alabama
103,000 sq. ft.
The Kopper Kettle

Town & Country Plaza
Pensacola, Florida
September 24, 1956

Springdale Plaza
February 1960/Enlarged 1966/1976
280,000 sq. ft.

Edgewater Mall
Biloxi, Mississippi

McFarland Mall
February 12, 1969
90,000 sq. ft.

Tallahassee Mall

North Monroe at John Knox Road
Tallahassee, Florida
March 26, 1970
85,000 sq. ft.

Jackson Mall

Jackson, Mississippi
July 16, 1970
150,000 sq.ft.

Cordova Mall

Pensacola, Florida
August 4, 19711971
185,000 sq. ft.

Village Mall
Auburn, Alabama
August 1, 1973
93,000 sq. ft.

Clearwater Mall

Clearwater, Florida
November 8, 1973
143,000 sq. ft.

Peachtree Mall

Columbus, Georgia
August 6, 1975
148,000 sq. ft.

Albany Mall

Albany Georgia

Panama City Mall

Panama City, Florida
August 11, 1976
90,000 sq. ft.

Santa Rosa Mall

Mary Ester, Florida
February 16, 1977
65,000 sq. ft.

Eastdale Mall

Montgomery, Alabama
August 3, 1977

Metro Center

Jackson, Mississippi
March 1, 1978

Montgomery Fair Company, Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery Fair Company
29 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama (1868)

Lower Floor
Housewares • Small Appliances  China  Paints  Toys  Sporting Goods

Street Floor 
Jewelry  Handbags  Belts  Scarves  Hat Box  Blouses  Sweaters  Leisure and Lounge Wear  Stationery  Luggage  Bakery  Men's Furnishings  Men's Shoes  Men's Hats  Men's Clothing  Boys' Clothing
Dexter Arcade Cosmetics  Gloves  Leather Goods  Hosiery  Umbrellas  Silverware  Records  Teen Town
Monroe Arcade Appliances  TVs  Stereos  Men's Work Clothes  Trend Shop

Ladies' Shoes • Children's Shoes • Teen Shoes • Young Moderns' Shoes • Art Goods • Books • Luncheonette

Second Floor
Sportswear  Dresses  Daytime Dresses  Ladies' Suits  Ladies' Coats  Gold Room  Bridal Salon  Fur Salon  Millinery  Junior Dresses  Junior Sportswear  Junior Coats  Lingerie  Foundations  Beauty Salon

Third Floor
Piece Goods  Linens  White Sewing Center  Infants' Wear  Infants' Furniture  Tiny Tots' Wear  Girls' Wear  Credit Office  General Offices

Fourth Floor
Lamps  Pictures  Mirrors  Draperies  Bedding  Furniture
(146,000 sq. ft.)

Ave. B & 8th Street

April 11, 1957
64,000 sq. ft.

Montgomery Mall

Coming in due Course

Personal Shopper: Miss Frances Fair

Northern Commercial, Anchorage, Alaska

Northern Commercial's Anchorage store was a well-
recognized landmark in the city until it was damaged
in the tragic Good Friday earthquake of 1964.

Northern Commercial operated from temporary
quarters until its new store was ready in 1970.

Northern Commerical's three stores were purchased
by Nordstrom in 1975.

"Alaska's Pioneer Merchants"

Northern Commercial Company
603 D Street
Anchorage, Alaska


Street Level
Fine Jewelry • Costume Jewelry  Handbags  Gloves  Hosiery  Accessories  Sixth Avenue Separates  Cosmetics  Women's Shoes  Stationery  Cameras  Luggage  Men's Furnishings  Men's Sportswear  Trend Shop  Men's Shoes  Work Clothing  Boys' Wear  Ski Shop  Sporting Goods

NC's Appliance Center (Sixth Avenue Mall under the Penney Garage)
Appliance Center  Home Entertainment

Second Level
Sixth Avenue Dresses  Dresses  Custom Corner  Mayfield Place Sportswear  Miss "A" Shop  Forecast Shop  The Gallery  Fur Salon  Bridal Salon  Coats  Suits  Millinery  The Attic for Jr.'s  Lingerie  Sleepwear  Robes  Infants' World  Children's Wear  Girls' Wear  Children's Shoes

Third Level
Fashion Fabrics  Art Needlework  Sewing Machines  Bedding  Liens  China  Silver  Crystal  Gifts  Housewares  Small Electrics  Lamps  Pictures  Carpets  Draperies  Furniture  Toy Town  The Friendship Room
(97,500 s.f.)

Second and Turner

Coming in due course.