The T. Eaton Co., Ltd., Montreal, P.Q., Canada


A comprehensive history of Canada's great
national department store.
Une histoire complète du grande

magasin canadien.
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The elegant neo-classical building of Eaton's in Montreal was expanded from 5 to 9 floors in height
In the 1950s, the store was expanded laterally northward to Bd. Maisonneuve

The jewel of Eaton's in Montreal was surely its very moderne 9th Floor Restuarant

The T. Eaton Co., Ltd.
677 Rue Ste.-Catherine Ouest
Montreal, Quebec

VIctoria 2-9211


Main Floor
Jewellery (215) • Silver Holloware (515) • Silver Flatware (515) • Clocks (515) • Cutlery (515) • Cosmetics (216) • Toilet Sundries (212) • Pharmacy • Notions (222) • Blouses (203) • Hosiery (201) • Handbags (217) • "Felinie" (209) • Foundations (609) • Gloves (202) • Fashion Accessories (262) • Wigs (225) • Main Floor Sportswear (246) • College Shop (646) • Cameras (512) • Men’s Dress Furnishings (228) • Men's Sport Shirts (428) • Men's Hosiery (201) • Men’s Casual Clothing (288) • The Marco Polo (528) • Men’s Hats (428) • Stationery (208) • Calculators (306) • School and Office Supplies (408) • Candy Counter (214) • The Blue Cake Counter (1104) • Specialty Food Shops (379) • Books (205) • Coins, Stamps (405)

Second Floor
Men's Shoes (237) • The Executive Shop (237) • Men’s Suits (229) • Warren K. Cook Shop (229) • South Winds Shop (229) • Men's Clothing (329) • Monsieur Chez Eaton Distinction Shop (629) • Timothy E. (329) • Men's Sportswear (429) • The Sun Shop • Tuxedo Rentals and Formal Wear • Men’s Sportswear• Adam (729) • Abstract Shop (332) • Made-To-Measure Shop (230)
"Four Corners" Gift Shop (270) • Chez Elle Boutique (536) • Fashion Fabrics (233) • Creative Stitchery (224) • Sewing Machines • Bedcoverings (436) • Linens (236) • Bath Boutiques (336) • Table Linens (356) • Women’s Shoes (238) • "Le Salon" Shoes (338) • Children's Shoes (239) • Teen's Shoes (239) • Optical Salon (221)• Little Red Basket Shop (208)

Third Floor
Chelsea Place Sportswear (246) • The Villager Shop (246) • Beach Shop • Chelsea Place Coats (344) • Suburban Shop (744) • Chelsea Place Dresses (341) • Women’s Place (446) • La Colonnade Coats (444) • La Colonnade Dresses (541) • La Colonnade Coats (546) • Millinery (264) • Salon Français (305) • Wigs (304) • Fourth Gear 640 • No. 1 Shop 442 • New Orleans Town House 441 • The Ensemble Shop (242) • Fur Salon (248) • Bridal Shop • Four Seasons Sportswear Boutique • Ports International (641, 646) • Premier (242) • Attitude • La Boutique (341) • Coach House
The Young Montrealer Shop Junior Dresses (241) • Junior Sportswear (346) • Junior Coats (244) • Scene 3

Fourth Floor
China (252) • Glassware (452) • Housewares (254) • Small Appliances (271)Foundations (609) • Loungewear (609) • Lingerie (247) • Mic Mac Shop • Lingrie (209) • Le Petit Boudoir • Maternity Shop
Fourth Floor Sportswear (545) • Fourth Floor Dresses (541) • Fourth FloorCoats
Infants’ Wear (210) • Nursery Shop • Young Happenings • Children’s Wear (210) • Eaton’s Juvenile • Girls’ Wear (211) • "Like Young" Shop (211) • Children’s Hosiery (201) • Boy’s Wear (232) • Students’ Clothing (432)

Fifth Floor
Special Events Centre • 'Trim-A-Home' Shop • Sporting Goods (227) • Toyville (227) • Science Centre (227) • Ranges (256) • Home Laundry Equipment (257) • Refrigerators and Freezers (259) • Outdoor Living (261) • Hardware (253) • Paint (274) • Garden Shop (260) • Garden Grove (253) • Auto Supplies (263) • Place Elegante • Salon Elysee Beauty Salon
Music Centre Televisons (440) • Stereos (260)

Sixth Floor
Curtains (268) • Draperies (267) • Custom-Made Draperies (456) • Upholstery Fabrics (267) • Floor Coverings (273) • Rugs (272) • Pictures and Mirrors (276) • Luggage (264) • Eaton Travel • Gift Shop (218) • Table 'Hôte Boutique

Seventh Floor
Lamps (377) • Accent 7 (718) • Gallery of Fine Furniture (770) • Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture (270) • Living Room Furniture (470) • Kitchen Furniture (370) • Unfinished Furniture (370) • Studio of Interior Design • Slumber Shop (271) • Pianos and Organs (360) • La Maison Rustique • Decorator Showroom (456) • Summer-Furniture Terrace (470) • Holiday Live-In Shop

Eighth Floor
Employment Office

Ninth Floor
Ninth Floor Restaurant • Foyer des Arts • Eaton Gallery


Fairview Pointe-Claire (Aug. 12, 1965)
Trans Canada Hwy. and St. Johns Road
180,000 sq. ft.
La Cuisine Restaurant

Les Galeries d'Anjou (Aug. 8, 1968)
Metropolitan Blvd. at Montée St.-Leonard
147,000 sq. ft.

Bayshore (1973)
Nepean, ON

Cavendish Mall (1973)
Côte Saint-Luc

Carrefour Laval (1974)
Carrefour de l'Estrie

Place Ste-Foy (1975)
Quebec City, PQ

Galleries Chagnon (1976)
Levis, PQ

Les Promenades St.-Bruno (Aug. 23, 1978)

Les Promenades de l'Outaouais (1979)
Hull, PQ


  1. Been to this Eaton and the Galeries d'Anjou branch within the year before all the Quebec stores closed. The branch store was quite dated which was a bit of a surprise, whereas The Bay/La Baie stores were more up-to-date.

    T. Eaton Co. first set up shop in Montreal in 1925 through acquisition of Goodwin's. It is now Les Ailes de la Mode (The Wings of Fashion), and its namesake mall, which is the Nordstrom of Quebec.

  2. I believe the Montreal flagship Eaton store was about 1million square feet. It was actually larger than the Toronto flagship at The Toronto Eaton Centre.

  3. I enjoyed the basement supermarket at the Ste. Catherine Street store in Montreal. I miss that store.

  4. BTW, Les Ailes de la Mode is no Nordstrom

  5. I purchased a painting sold originally at the art gallery in Eaton's Montreal, probably from the 1960's. It has a catalogue number on the back, but I can't find any info on it, nor can I read the artist's signature on the front! Does anyone have any suggestion of how I might research this further? Any existing archives?

  6. i bought a painting and its from eaton's it was a painter yuriko but i cant find it anywhere if anyone knows who the painter is message me back thanks for the help

  7. I also have two paintings from the Store from 1945. Can't make out the artist name on either but they are both the same artist. They are also numbered. Would love to find out info on the amazing artist. They are water colors of children. If you have any information please contact us sbfphotography @ gmail . com thank you. Have a wonderful day!

  8. I'm in my late 60's now - however, I have such fond memories of being @ the restaurant/cafeteria in the 50's & 60's. Mom took us there all the time. The elevator's decor & attendants wearing gloves was very impressive. Loved the atmosphere in the dining room & the fine meals I enjoyed there. Ahh.. wish I could go back in time and re-visit!

  9. In 1948, 1964 and 1973 the Eaton's Winnipeg store displayed Canada's Battle of Britain lace panel.
    This panel went missing and another had to be found.
    The replacement is displayed in the Aviation Heritage Museum.
    Does anyone have any information regarding the missing one?
    I am researching the panels and any information would be welcome.
    B. F.
    Western Australia

  10. Today, Les Ailes is more like Target than Nordstrom. Too bad the former version didn't last. :(

  11. Hi! You wouldn't by chance have a photo of the Blue Cake counter in the Montreal Eaton's? Also, who owns the rights to the photo of Eaton's at the top of this page?

  12. In reply to David Bateman, an internet search brought forward the artist Yuriko Kitamura who lives in Canada. Go to: A long shot, of course, but you never know...

    TRC Ottawa

  13. Je possède une toile signée Allan acheter chez T.Eaton co of Montrèal le numéro est inscrit derrière. Elle représente un paysage du Québec. Je recherche des informations sur cette toile.

  14. do not forget Eatons Cavendish Mall; Cote ST Luc

  15. I have a picture and will post it in due course.

  16. I was born in Montreal and moved to the states. As my golden years keep coming l want to hold onto my thoughts growing up with my mom and dad and brother. Having the ability to see this like Eatons brings a smile to my face. This is one of the things l can still hold onto as life goes on. Everytime l take a trip to Montreal or read something that talks about Eatons, Simsons It makes me feel great. I sat on Santa's leg for the first time in Eatons before we moved. Thanks for listening to my tale

  17. Worked as a carrier part-time on the 3rd floor. It was a great place to work. Made $0.50/hour. Worked for John Crabbe. Lots of great memories. Remember a cashier Huguette she lived in Verdun. Very nice person. Robin Pollitt

  18. both my Dad & Grandad worked for Eaton's Montréal - each received a gold watch & ring for 25 years of service. During the 1940s my Grandparents spent summer vacations at Colford Lodge, I have always been under the impression that Eaton's either fully or partially paid for these holidays ... does anyone have any information?

    1. Same here, my Grand-father and father (40 years) both worked at Eaton's Montréal downtown store.
      I myself worked at Eaton's off and on between 1971 and 1976 in Montréal and Ottawa

    2. Same here, my Grand-father and father (40 years) both worked at Eaton's downtown Montréal store. They both got their gold watches. I myself, worked at Eaton's off and on between 1971 and 1976 in Montréal and Ottawa.

    3. My grandfather also worked for Eaton's for 25 years and I have a watch and a ring. The watch is a Rolex. The ring used to have a crest on it, but has since worn off. Do you have a picture of the ring with the actual crest still on it? I have been trying to find it forever.

  19. My great uncle, Peter Connolly Lyons, worked at Eatons before 1929. If any of his descendents see this I would like to hear from you.

  20. Correction: Eaton operates in Galeries Chagnon just between 1983 and 1986. From 74 to 78 it was Pollack, and after to 1981 Paquet

  21. Pointe-Claire store was a 2 floors store in 65. It expand to .180M in 79/80. Anjou expands to more than .2M in 91. At Galeries Chagnon, Eaton was just there between 83 and 86. Between 74 opening and 78 it was Pollack. Paquet operates that location between 78 and 81

  22. In 1973, Eaton opens in Carrefour de l'Estrie, Sherbrooke, now The Bay. They opens in Centre Rockland in 1983, Carrefour Angrignon in 1986 and Galeries de la Capitale, Québec in 1981. After Horizon discount stores closings in 1979, Mail Montenach, Beloeil became a small general Eaton's to 1998, now subdivised. 2 Horizons in Galeries Taschereau and Galeries St-Laurent were converted in Eaton Foyerama ( Home ) for some years. The Centre Domaine Horizon became a furniture clearance store for about 3 years. Zellers pick that store in 1982 and now it's Wal-Mart. The fifth Montréal Horizon in Galeries des Mille-Iles, Rosemère was a greater relocated Steinberg, noiw Maxi

  23. Hello,

    I according to "Eaton's: The Trans-Canada Store", Eaton's Montreal became the company's largest store at 1,052,000 square feet following its 1960 expansion.

    1. Yes, I wrote the book. That number came from Eaton's archive.

    2. My grand father received both the rolex for 25 years of service and a ring at retirement. The ring used to have a crest on it. Do you know where I can find that crest??

  24. Thank you so much for the book!
    Its special to me because Eaton's has a long history in my family (and I'm sure many families across Canada) who considered it to be a second home.

    1. It was a great pleasure to study and research Canadian history and get to know so many delightful people involved in the store. Sadly, the distribution chain failed greatly and the book has not gotten the traction Ihoped for. Eaton's remains a great part of Canada's history and is missed by anyone who knew it as tou and your family surely did.

  25. That's a shame that the distribution of your book did not materialize as it should have. Perhaps I'm lucky that I have a copy and I'm glad I do.

  26. How many people worked at Eaton's in Montreal in the early 1950s?

  27. How many people worked at Eaton's in Montreal in the early 1950s?

  28. How many people worked at Eaton's in Montreal in the early 1950's?

    1. Iworked there in 1957 for 2 years, enjoyed every moment of it.

  29. In or about 1956, my dad, Albert Trink began working for the T. Eaton Co. Ltd. department store in Montreal. He eventually became a "shop-at-home" salesman for draperies, carpets and furniture upholstery. He said he eventually was the top grossing shop at home salesman in Canada. One of his fellow co-workers was named Art Chevalier. Art came over on Wednesday's during hockey season to watch the habs play on TV. My mom would make her trademark Austrian phankuchen doughnuts for these occasions. Uncle Art sure loved his doughnuts.

  30. what fond memories i have of Eatons on St. Catherine st. i worked there as a carrier on the 4th floor for 2 years. was a great place to work.


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