Dupuis Freres Ltée., Montréal, P.Q., Canada

Une vue stylisée de Dupuis Frères,
le grand magasin canadien-français de Montréal
A stylized vue of Dupuis Frères,
the great French-Canadian department store of Montreal

L'édifice du magasin Dupuis, rue Sainte-Catherine,
construite en 1938
Dupuis' frontage on St. Catherine Street, built in 1938

Façade de Dupuis Frères, rue De Montigny,
un bâtiment de 1923 et 1937
en maçonnerie un peu sobre, agrémentée
par les détails de briques très beau.
The De Montigny Street facade, built in 1923 and
1937, a sober masonry structure enlivened by
beautiful brick detailing

Dupuis Frères, sur la rue Saint-Christophe. Vue du bâtiment
1937 (extrême gauche) sur la rue De Montigny,
l'expansion de 1948 sur la rue Saint-Christophe,
et la façade principale sur la rue Ste-Catherine de 1937.
St. Christopher street view of the store, with the 1937 building on
the far left on De Martigny Street, the 1938 St. Catherine Street
facade and the 1948 expansion in the middle.

Dans les années '70, la rue Saint-Christophe a été fermée
 et le magasin Dupuis Frères a été englouti
 par la Place Dupuis, un complexe à usage mixte.
In the 1970s, St. Christopher Street was closed
and the Dupuis Freres store was engulfed
by Place Dupuis, a mixed-use complex.

Dupuis Frères Ltée.
865 Rue Ste.-Catherine Est
Montréal, P.Q.
VIctoria 2-6171


Sous-sol d'economies

Rue de Montigny
Vêtements Garçons • Merceries Garçons • Merceries • Papeterie • Les Livres • L'Artisanat du Quebec • Le Restaurant • Coiffure • Optiques • Studio Marantow
Rue St.-André
Bas • Gants • Cosmetiques • Parapluies • Chapeaux • Bijoux et Montres • Appareils
Dupuis pour Lui Chemises • Cravates • Sous-Vêtements • Chausettes • Gants • Souliers • Chapeaux
Rue St.-Christoph
Dupuis pour Lui Complets • Manteaux • Vêtements de Sport • Boutique Président • Au Petit Napoléon • 15-25 Rue de l'Élégance
Rue Ste.-Catherine
Sacs à Main • Mouchoirs • Blouses • Chandails

Rue de Montigny
Disques • Radios • Electroniques • Machines à Coudre • Sacs à Voyages
Rue St.-André
Menus Articles
Rue St.-Christoph
La Cabane de Ski • Dupuis Sport

Au Deuxième Etage
Rue de Montigny
Le Petit Salon • Robes de Mariage • Salon de Fourrure • Salon Louis XV • Robes • Robes "Demi-Tailles" • Manteaux • Costumes
Rue St.-André
Vêtements de Sport • Chalet du Ski • Lingerie pour Dames • Robes Junior • Vêtements de Sport Junior • Manteaux Junior • La Chaumière
Rue St.-Christoph
Soulieres • Chapeaux
Rue Ste.-Catherine
Tissus • Tricots • Uniformes

Au Troisième Etage
Rue de Montigny
Verrerie • Porcelaine • Cadeaux • Argenterie • Lampes
Rue St.-André
Confection pour Enfants • Le Layette • Nappes • Oreillers
Rue St.-Christoph
Confection pour Fillettes • Chausseurs pour Enfants
Rue Ste.-Catherine
Linge pour la Maison • Couvre-Lits • Serviettes de Toilette • Couvertures

Au Quatrième Etage
Rue de Montigny
Quincaillerie • Articles de Cuisine • Peinture • Mobiliers Chambre
Rue St.-André
Mobiliers Dinette • Jardin
Rue St.-Cristophe
Fleurs Artificielles • Rayon des objets de piété • Voiturettes
Rue Ste.-Catherine
Paradis des Enfants

Au Cinquième Etage
Rue de Montigny
Poeles • Refrigerateurs • Machines a Laver • Tissus d'ameublement
Rue St.-André
Rideaux • Housses
Rue Ste.-Christophe

Au Sixième Etage
Rue de Montigny
Renseignments • Comptoir
Rue St.-André
Mirroirs • Peintures
Rue St.-Christophe
Tapis • Broadloom • Couvre-Murs


Trois-Rivières (1964)

Dupuis pour Elle (1968)
Plaza St.-Hubert
46,000 sq. ft.

Dupuis pour Elle (1968)
Les Galleries d'Anjou
14,000 sq. ft.

Dupuis pour Elle (28. Mars 1974)
Carrefour Laval


  1. Would you be care to translate that store directory into English, s'il vous plait?

  2. Non, c'est "en Français"

  3. Durant les années Dupuis & frères "dans l'est" il était impossible d'avoir du service en français
    "dans l'ouest" chez Eaton, chez Morgan ou Ogilvy's, le seul grand magasin a rayon ou on pouvait espérer un peu de bilinguisme a l'ouest de St-Laurent était Simpson !

  4. Trois-Rivières store was formerly Fortin.
    St-Hubert Street was Corbeil sur la Plaza

  5. Trois-Rivières store was formerly Fortin.
    St-Hubert Street was Corbeil sur la Plaza

  6. Trois-Rivières store was Fortinb before

  7. 2 esthetics boutique were also operated in Berri-UQAM metro station and Longueuil station.
    East downtown store was at it third site.
    Before Place Dupuis construction, there was a women boutique ( Fantasmagoria ) on the west side of St-Christophe Street. That street was closed for Place Dupuis complex.
    After 1978 bankrupt, the Montréal store became a mall, fluently renovated.
    Anjou store was pick by Pollack of Québec City, who start Pollack pour Elle for around 12-14 years. It became after Gap and now H&M
    Laval store had been a time a Wise, after boutiques. Forever 21 pick the free second floor
    The front of Trois-Rivières was pick by financial institutions.
    St-Hubert Street was taked firstly by Marks & Spencer. They converted after that location in a Peoples, their second on St-Hubert. Peoples was owned by Marks & Spencer That chain merges after with Wise ans the 2 chains falls.
    Now, Jean Coutu Drugstore is in that building after crossing the street where they bought the former small pharmacy chain Sarrazin-Choquette***
    Before 1961, Dupuis had operated a catalogue and I think that the warehouse is now the Ubisoft building. 5 catalogue stores were operated in the province
    A car centre was operated near De Maisonneuve/Amherst
    *** Sarrazin--Choquette was the drugstore in Dupuis. They stay after in Place Dupuis and became Jean Coutu

  8. Outside downtown Montréal, several smaller stores had exists. Browns on St-Laurent, Plazamart on St-Hubert, Gagnon at Wellington/De l'Eglise in Verdun ( I don't know their relations with the former Gagnon of Chicoutimi ). For Letendre, I will check Eatons before. On the south shore, the flagship Taylors on Victoria in St-Lambert is a small fashion department store. There was also Les Ailes de la mode ( 1994-2005) with 4 stores before becoming a dump!
    In Québec City, you forget Pollack ( 1938-1988) who bankrupt 6 months after starting and save Pollack pour Elle. Pollack had 3 stores in la Capitale: St-Joseph Street ( now Place Cartier ), a freestanding in Ste-Foy who became the Place de la Cité complex ( also named Place Bellecour ) and a smaller store ( 60.000 ) in Galeries Chagnon, Lévis who became Paquet-le Syndicat ( the merged concept ), sometimes after Eaton's ( about 3 years ) and finally splited between Caisse Populaire Desjardins de Lévis on one floor and Sports Experts on the other floor.
    The fourth store was in downtown Trois-Rivières on Des Forges Street. It passed mainly to offices of Québec government.
    After Anjou, Pollack pour Elle opens stores in Place Vertu, Centre Laval ( a time ) and Carrefour Laval.
    0ther ads later.

  9. Québec City again:
    You miss Laliberté ( 1865), the sole of the 4 in St-Roch who stay. Without branches, they cut floors and focus now on fashion.
    Remember that Holt Renfrew start on De Buade Street in 0ld Québec. Their Place Ste-Foy closed recently and will became a Saks Off

  10. Québec City and Ottawa:
    Steinberg Supermarkets ( Montréal 1917-1992 )was the leader in great Montréal ( to 50 % of the market ). Their first openings in Québec City and Ottawa in the 50s were in the Pollack and Freeman ( now Ottawa downtown Bay store ). They stay no longer after opening branches in these towns. Steinberg was also in the basement of the Bay ( former Morgan ) in downtown Montréal between 1959 and 1979. That store was replaced by La Cité store.
    Steinberg operates a chain of discount stores under Miracle Mart name who became M stores in the last years.
    Having to 32 stores in Qc and On., it was in 1961 a joint-venture between Steinberg and Woodwards for a short time named S&W, started in Pont-Viau/Laval, now a Guzzo theater.
    Upscale discount if you compare to Zellers, Kmart, Woolco, etc
    In 1974, Steinberg opens an hypermarket concept in Carrefour Laval: Beaucoup, the Steinberg with the Miracle Mart together withouth walls. Now a Rona l'Entrepôt
    In the 80s, Cavendish Mall store became Caplan-Duvall ( after Lupton-Duvall ) a big home store merging Caplan with Steinberg's Lupton-Duvall.
    Southern Ontario stores fall near 1985-6. Québec and Ottawa stores falls at the 1992 bankrupt. Several pass to Zellers ( the Bay ), Mail Champlain became the first Les Ailes de la Mode.Flagship store was the Plaza Alexis Nihon store in Westmount with 3 floors at the beginning. It was where was Steinberg headquarters. In 1982, the third floor became a small IKEA, who moved for greater store in St-Laurent's Cavendish Boulevard. Now a Winners branch.
    The second floor was replaced by Canadian Tire, at the time they became M
    Last first floor, pass to Zellers and Target, and now Canadian Tire relocates there for greater space.

  11. During the 60s, Dupuis control pass from Dupuis family to Sogena, a small holding owned by Marc Carrière. At the 1973 Québec election, Carrière had the "cynism" to promise a Dupuis branch in Sept-Isles if that circonscription votes Liberal and not if they vote Parti Québécois, as they do. Dupuis never goes in Sept-Isles who was a boomtown at this era with iron exports. A Woolco arrives there in these years. Carrière talks shock many current Dupuis customers who forget the store for long. Ownership of Dupuis changes in 1975, but it was too late and many Québecers don't know that change. Another mistake: when you expand and renew a store, you don't phone in NYC for designs, culture is different!

  12. J'aimerais bien savoir savoir si il existe un musée ou une exposition permanente de segment de notre histoire ?

  13. If you are interested in the history of department stores you might like the Cash Railway Website, which documents the cash-carrying systems used there and lists all the shops (stores) I have traced that had them.


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