J. Bacon & Sons, Louisville, Kentucky

J. Bacon & Sons buildings fronted on Market Street and
Fourth Street in downtown Louisville.

The Market Street building was the
larger and taller of the two.

The 4th Street building completed
the Downtown Bacon's L-shaped

A round balcony greeted customers inside the Market
Street entry; the balcony floor can be seen
in the distance.

"Kentucky's Oldest Department Store"

J. Bacon & Sons (Bacon's) 1845
332 Market Street
Louisville, Kentucky

JUniper 3-6581

Shoe Repair • Toys  Housewares  Garden Shop  Unpainted Furniture  Sporting Goods

Street Floor
Fine Jewelry • Costume Jewelry  Silver  Handbags  Gloves  Neckwear  Accessories  Blouse Bar  Wig Boutique  Hat Bar  Hosiery  Cosmetics  Popular Sportswear  Popular Lingerie  Notions  Stationery  Candy  Linens  Bedding  Sheets  Domestics  Fabrics  Knit Shop
Men's Shop Men's Furnishings • Men's Sportswear • Men's Clothing • Men's Shoes • Thoroughthreads Shop

Boys' Shop  House and Town Casuals  Luggage  Books  Records  Watch & Jewelry Repair

Second Floor
Ladies' Shoes  Dresses  Sportswear  Women's Dresses  Custom-Size Sportswear  Coats & Suits  Ms. Sportswear  The Manor House  Club Classics  Collectibles Sportswear  The Designer Room  Bridal Shop  Fur Salon  Day In, Day Out Shop  Lingerie  Foundations  Robes  Maternity Shop  Uniforms  Millinery  Wig Boutique  Baby Shop  Tots 'n Toddlers Shop  Girls' Shop  Children's Shoes  Infant's Furniture
Junior Accent Junior Sportswear  Junior Dresses  Junior Coats  Jr. Ms. Shop  Young Jrs.

Third Floor
Rugs  Carpeting  Draperies  Lamps  Pictures  Mirrors  Personnel Office

Fourth Floor
Furniture  Mattresses

Fifth Floor
China  Glassware  Fine Gifts  Appliances  Credit Office
(115,000 s.f.)

St. Matthews
3939 Frankfort Road

August 27, 1953/1957/1960
100,000 s.f.

Youngstown Shopping Center
May, 1956
32,000 s.f.

Dixie Highway & Heaton Road
August 23, 1956

54,000 s.f.

Bashford Manor
October 22, 1972

190,000 s.f.


  1. I enjoy your site a lot. Thanks for the big time investment you have made.


  2. Hello, Mike!

    You are very welcome,and I thank you for taking the time to write. I would like to develop it further so stores like Bacon's get the treatment they deserve.


  3. I totally appreciate all the time and effort you have put into preserving our retail history. It is so neat to look back at all the once familiar logos. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! I so miss Bacons..

  4. Wow, my mom was a shopaholic! I vividly remember her dressing me up and taking me "downtown" for her shopping sprees!! Thank you for the memories. What a wonderful site this is. I am going to show my mom! She is 89!

  5. I have a dresser from here. Does anyone know the time period?

  6. Bacon's was part of Mercantile Stores, Inc. Out of Cincinatti. I worked there in the early 1970's, moved to Owensboro to open the store there, and then on to Greenville, SC to open a sister store, JB White at the Greenville Mall. Mercantile was bought out in the mid 80's and J Bacon and Son no longer existed. They had the policy that "the lady (customer) is always right". They took it to extremes. I knew of a wedding that brought the entire wedding party dresses back and received a full refund. The lady is always right. PERIOD.

  7. I came across a Bacons gift box today while wrapping presents. It brought back many good memories.

  8. My grandmother worked at the Bacon's in Jeffersonville, Indiana back in the late 70's or early 80's.. My Grandmother and Bacon's have been gone for many years... Great memories!

  9. I stumbled upon 2 Bacons gift certificates that were given to me by extended family back in the early 80's great memories

  10. I remember Bacon's in Jeffersonville, Indiana and Louisville, KY. Thanks for preserving retail history. It's like a stroll down memory lane. Thanks also for your candid details of your remarkable faith and life. Blessings.

  11. Thanks, Phyllis!

  12. Today I ran across what might have been an Easter brochure from J. Bacon & Sons dated Spring 1893. I had to do a google search to see if the store was still in business.

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  14. It brings back memories of a time that can never be duplicated and sadly is gone forever.


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