Neiman-Marcus, Dallas, Texas

Neiman-Marcus' main store at the corner of
Commerce and Ervay Streets in Dallas

The elegant details of the main building were
supplanted with modern additions in the
1950s and 1960s

A popular and renowned spot on Neiman-Marcus' sixth
floor was the Zodiac Room, famous for gourmet food
and lavish dinner buffets on nights the store was open.

1618 Main (at Ervay)
Dallas, Texas

RIverside 1-6911

First Floor
Precious Jewels Salon • Costume Jewelry  Handbag Shop  Small Leather Goods  Hosiery Shop  Scuff Bar  Hat Bar  Accessories  Umbrellas  Scarf Shop  Handkerchiefs  Designer Collections  Millinery  Blouse Shop  Top Shop  Lingerie Shop  Sunglass Boutique  Cosmetics  Estée Lauder Beauty Spa  Candy  Chocolate Bar  Godiva Blue Boutique  Stationery Shop  Sound and Camera  Electronics  Luggage Shop  Via Veneto Espresso Bar
Man's Store Men's Toiletries  Men's Furnishings  Men's Hats
Commerce Street Entrance
Epicure Shop  Fresh Market  The Wine Cellar

Young Colony Shop for Juniors  Young Colony Shoes

Second Floor
Famous Second Floor Shops  Silver Key Collection  Couture Shop  Boutique de Luxe  Shoe Salon  Fur Salon  Millinery Salon
Designer Collector Shops Calvin Klein Shop  Valentino Boutique  Givenchy Nouvelle Boutique  Chanel Boutique

Third Floor
Showplace: Lingerie and Robe Shops  Figure Shop  Trophy Room  Fur Boutique  Sports Shop  The Beachcomber  Gittings Neiman-Marcus Studio  Concierge Desk
Man's Store Men's Clothing  Sport Shop  One Up Shop  Teen Man Shop  Men's Shoes

Fourth Floor
Maisonette  The R.S.V.P. Shop
Galleria Dresses  Suits  Coterie  Millinery  Shoes  Furs  Accessory Bar  Hair Boutique
The Galleries The Dining Room  Rosenthal Studio  Gift Galleries  Fine Linens  Bath Shop  Bedroom Shop  Sterling Boutique  The Contemporary Room  Cookery  Oriental Room

Fifth Floor
Nonesuch  Young Jr. Shoes  Young Jr. Lingerie
Children's World Children's Accessories  Children's Shoes  Infant's Shop  Children's Shop  Girls' Shop  Boys' Store  Student Shop  A Different Tack  Toy Shop  Maternity Shop  Bride's Shop  The Cuttery  Oak Room  Neiman-Marcus Travel Service

Sixth Floor
The Zodiac Room  Custom Beauty Salon

Seventh Floor
Personnel Office  General Offices

Preston Center

917 Main Street

Fort Worth
Camp Bowie Drive

218,000 s.f.
The Little Mermaid
The Galleria

224,000 s.f
Mariposa Cafe
The Shops at Bal Harbour
Miami Beach, FL
97,000 s.f.
The Zodiac

Atlanta, GA
Lenox Square
154,000 s.f.
The Zodiac

St. Louis, MO
Plaza Frontenac
148,000 s.f.
The Zodiac

Northbrook Court
Northbrook, IL
144,000 s.f.
The Zodiac

Coming in due course.


  1. Neiman Marcus will be opening in the Roosevelt Filed Mall (the largest mall on the east coast) in about two years. It will mean expansion of an already too large mall and will mean more crowds in an already too crowded mall.

  2. Neiman Marcus has a store in Boston at the Copley Place Mall. A beautiful building it has pretensious service and over priced goods. The sales staff is very snooty and not very helpful.

  3. There is a Neiman Marcus in the Westchester in White Plains NY. It took over the former Bergdorf Goodman building (which did not last very long). Most people shop the other end of the mall at Nordstroms

  4. If there is a department store in Hell, it most certainly looks like NM in the Houston
    Galleria. Once a mid-century stunner in honey toned woods and soft aqua walls, the place is now snowy, hospital operating room white with what could be called "interogation" lighting. The salespeople, of which there are many, are dressed from head to toe in funeral black, complete with garish "Twilight" make-up (including the guys). But, worry not, these vampires will not attack because they are too busy chatting with each other. Warm, fuzzy memories of shopping will never be conjured up here!

  5. Wow, what great memories this brings back! The downtown Dallas store was in its entirety a magic store. Every step and turn off the escalators to the top floor was amazing. The Zodiac room with its floor to ceiling diaphanous curtains that filtered the bright Texas sky made for a dreamlike atmosphere along with the slender long legged models in evening gowns and furs and the Andre Previn inspired piano player. The popovers with strawberry and cinnamon butter weren't bad either. Thank you Dallas and Neiman-Marcus for such a rich time in my life. The Russian waitress at the Mermaid Bar at NorthPark was a real cutie too.

  6. I lived in Dallas during the "Dallas" T.V. Show era, when the oil boom was building Dallas into a mega-shopping destination. My first visit to NM was when I was in the 6th grade. I went to buy my grandmother, mother and sister a Christmas gift, the store was magical in every sense. They had the BEST gifts for everyone, Free wonderful gift wrapping, pretty shopping bags, all the things that a true luxury store should have. Now as a adult, I will be moving back to Dallas in two weeks, and I will live on the top floor of the highrise building(Republic Tower- Ervay St) in the background of the original NM store photo on your site. I can see NM from my living room windows, and it brings back such a special time in my childhood. I know the store is much more modern and colder now, but it will be nice to walk down the street, pop in and remember it when it was such a special place.

  7. I miss the "Fortnight" celebrations at the Main Store (known locally as "The Store" thanks to Stanley Marcus). The whole store would get re-made into whatever country they were celebrating. They brought in foods, clothing,souvenirs and the like from that country; things even tourists to the country being celebrated, had never seen. One year, I stopped at Neimans while I was on an Antique Show circuit through Texas. I was headed to Lubbock for a show/sale and needed warmer clothes than I had with me. I found a Fisherman Knit wool sweater (Fortnight was Ireland that year) for about $50.00. CHEAP, really. I still have the sweater! If I still have memorabilia, I will send in some photographs when I get back to Dallas. Avie K.

  8. As far as Neiman Marcus goes I highly recommend reading Stanley Marcus's 1st book "Minding The Store." I have most likely read that dam book from cover to cover at 3 least 3 times! It is written in a wonderful semi auto biographical style. It's like reading gossip. lol!
    You will get to know Stanley's kindly father Herbert Marcus who co founded the company with the semi tyrannical Al Neiman. There are some very interesting women mentioned in the book such as the quality driven Carrie Neiman (Aunt Carrie) and her assistant buyer Moiré Cullen . "Always For Better" was their motto.

    The show room salesman in the fashion district shuttered when they came to town, because they like to dissect a garment to make it better. "Don't use rayon to line that dress, use silk instead." "Change those garish buttons." And when a special customer was in New York and wanted to be shown around the fashion houses they would drop what they were doing. A young Stanley Marcus asked his Aunt Carrie " "How can you afford to take the time out of a buying trip to do this?" She replied "We can't afford not to."
    It should be noted that as the head buyer/Vice president Carrie Neiman never had or wanted an office. She preferred to work on the sales floor and eat her lunch in a fitting room. She was a hands on gal.

    No description of Neiman Marcus would complete without mentioning the Cantankerous Helen Corbett the food director of the Zodiac restaurant. Stanley Marcus nick named her "My Wild Irish Genius."
    Helen Corbett's response to Stanley Marcus's complaint that the restaurant was still losing money-
    "you didn't mention money when you employed me. You simply said that you wanted the best food in the country. I have given you that. " He never again complained about the losses. lol!
    And there are many very funny antidotes about customers too!

  9. I have heard that the second branch store in Dallas was opened in 1959 in Big Town Mall in Mesquite. According to rumor, the store closed within six months after it opened and Sanger Brothers bought that location.

  10. I received my new Neiman Marcus credit card by mail, with notification that my old credit card is no longer valid. I guess I'll frame the old
    beige and cream Neiman-Marcus card that I've carried so many years. When I first got it, it meant more than my college diploma. As I recall, Stanley Marcus send credit card applications or gratis cards to all Texas women
    graduates. I carried the old card, with pride,
    around the world, and have most, maybe all, Christmas books.

    We knew Mr. Marcus, from a distance, when we lived in Santa Fe. My husband had one great encounter with him, in early 1960s. Husband was
    an employee of the Interior Department. He was
    on a muddy, dirt road, near Chimayo, NM. He came upon a luxury car, stuck in mud, off road.
    He gave a ride in his government pickup to the
    car's occupants, to the town of Espanola. He
    recognized Stanley Marcus, who rode in back of
    pickup. With him in front rode a woman he did
    NOT then recognize--turned out to be Greer Garson Fogelson and Mrs. Marcus. The Fogelson's
    owned a ranch near Pecos, NM, and they'd gone out to see some of New Mexico. They did great
    service to that state and to our world.

  11. I tried shopping at the branch at King Of Prussia PA ( a large three level trend setter) but alas I was apparently invisible to a group of trend setting sales associates.

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  13. Thanks for the share and keep up the amazing work.

  14. I have loved reading about the dept. stores but came here in search of information re the Southwestern Life Ins. bldg. on Main and Akard. I know it was torn down and replaced by a park but I'd like to know the details/timeline. I worked for the ins. co. in 1962-64 then left for college in Commerce, TX ETSU

  15. I have purchased a small copper pot with Neiman Marcus Exclusive Texas stamped on it ( Wagner Copper) But I cant find ANY information about it. I would love any input

  16. My grandmother worked in the Coutoure department of the downtown Neiman Marcus and the Galleria location for over 30 years. That being said, I have a watch of hers that I'm trying to find the history of, if anyone can help. The watch is 24k gold, is surrounded by diamonds and emeralds, says "Neiman Marcus" on the face and came in a Tiffany watch box. I'm thinking it might be from a grand opening or anniversary celebration. Thanks for any input!

  17. Walked thru N-M with a convention group of CIA guys and pointed out that we'd risked our lives for such extravagance. All nodded silently and we all slinked away.

  18. its all made In China now. Their bags are made in Vietnam for 20 cents an hour. what was upscale has been reduced to rubble. lately

  19. M. Miller
    My husband returned from a business trip to Dallas in the late 1960s with a beautiful necklace. We were just starting out and every penny counted. He refused to tell me what he paid for it. I would love to hn Ave more information on it - maker etc.
    If anyone knows how we to research it let me know please.

  20. I would think your best bet to find out more about your necklace is contacting reparable antique jewelry/appraiser like the people on Antique Road Show. There is a website for them with a listing of their appraisers. Usually there maybe a small fee and that will be told to you up front if there is. I wish you luck in your search. L Sandalwood

  21. I would like to have things from the old days. Because nowadays are all made in China, or First class, second class and even authentic. If gotten to have an original, the price would be huge.

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  23. The Fort Worth store moved to Ridgmar Mall in 1976, which many lamented. The mall declined as so many have. The store relocated to the chic new Shops at Clearfork in early 2017.


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