W. C. Stripling Co., Fort Worth, Texas

"Fort Worth's Quality Department Store"
W.C. Stripling Co.
201 Houston Street
Fort Worth, Texas

EDison 5-9611

Downstairs Store
Housewares • China  Glassware  Dinnerware  SIlver  Gift Shop  Lamps  Pictures  Mirrors
Stripling's Basement Store

Downstairs Store - Appliance Building
Toys • Sporting Goods  Post Office

First Floor
Fine Jewelry  Jewelry  Watch and Jewelry Repair  Handbags  Small Leather Goods  Gloves  Neckwear  Handkerchiefs  Accessories  Cosmetics  Notions  Lingerie Lane  First Floor Sports Shop  Stationery  Candy Counter  Luggage  Camera Shop  Books  Pink Rooster Room
Men's Store Men's Furnishings  Men's Sportswear  Men's shoes  Men's Hats  Men's Clothing  Saxon Shop  Young Men's Shop  Students' Shop  Boys' Shop  Scout Headquarters

First Floor - Appliance Building
Appliances  Televisions  Stereos

Stripling's Second Floor of Fashion
Lingerie  Foundations  Sleepwaer  Robes  Professional Uniforms  Maternity Shop  Thrift Shop  Sportswear  Moderate Dresses  614 Shop  Contemporary Shop  Village Shop  Designer Sportswear  Gold Room  Bridal Salon  Millinery  WIgs  Coats  Suits  Shoe Salon  Junior Shop  Jr. High Shop  Infants' Shop  Toddlers' Shop  Girls' Shop  Photoreflex Studio

Third Floor
Bedding  Linens  Fabrics  Art Needlework  White Sewing center  Curtains  Draperies  Floor Coverings  Furniture  Wishmaker House  Credit Office  Cashier

Fourth Floor
Fur Storage and Repair  Personnel Office  Executive Offices

Seminary South
March 14, 1962
100,000 sq. ft.
The Charl-Mont Restaurant

North East Mall
March 18, 1971

August 19, 1976


  1. When was this store first operable? I can't find the date it opened.

  2. When was Stripling's opened?

    1. Stripling moved to Texas in 1884, operating a dry goods store first in Alvord, then Sunset, then Bowie. In 1893 he opened a “branch” store on Houston Street in Fort Worth, historian Oliver Knight wrote, after meeting William Monnig when both merchants were on a buying trip in Baltimore

    2. Thank you for that nice bit of history!
      - Bruce

  3. What year did striplings open?

  4. I worked on the top floor of the downtown Stripling's building. Most of the space used on the floor was building maintenance. Stripling's chocolate candy factory was, also, on the same floor. They had a refrigerator in the break room where they kept the chocolate candy overage. The employees (on the floor) would help themselves (including me) to it.

  5. Also, in the basement was the store repair shop. Stripling's was, also, a Scottie Savings Stamp Redemption Center.

  6. Stripling's opened in 1893.

  7. MY grandfather, Sam Estes, ran the open parking lot and the multi story one they built ino the mid 70s. "Mr. Sam" was well known to many of downtown shoopers and worker. I have a cash register from the Candy counter. Built in 1938.

  8. Stripling's candy counter sold a white chocolate pecan candy that were called honeybees. Is there a recipe available?


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