Young-Quinlan, Minneapolis, Minnesota

A beautifully produced, luxury-class
book about Minnesota's fabled
department stores, from Dayton's
to Young-Quinlan.


901 Nicollet Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Entrance Floor
Handbags  Neckwear  Hat Bar  Entrance Floor Shoes  Notions
Men's Furnishings  Prestige Linen Shop

Boys' Shop  Students' Shop

Men's Shoes  Gift Balcony

Second Floor
Young Quinlan Shop  Fur Salon  Bride's Room  Brucewood Suit Shop  Brucewood Town Shop • Brucewood Dreses • Miss Young Shop
Men's Sports Clothing  Men's Clothing  Men's Suits
Miss Young Shop Miss Young Dresses

Third Floor
Beauty Salon  Young Moderns' Shop • Cross Country Shop • Shoe Salon
YQ Young Shop Junior Colony 

Fourth Floor
Gift Gallery  L'Entresol • Moderately Priced Shop  Fountain Room
Very Young-Quinlan Girls' Shop • Young Set

Fifth Floor


  1. I used to eat in the Fountain Room when I was in college in the 70's

  2. Thanks for this great blog! It helps me with my research for writing and is filled with great memories. I posted the Daytons post on Facebook and my Minnesota friends went crazy. They loved it and shared it all over. P.S. Like Ghosthunterdan I used to eat in the Fountain Room in H.S. with my mom. It was so elegant!

  3. Donna Turner16 May, 2018 10:34

    I worked in the Window Display department in the 1970's. Great memories. Beautiful building and hand-crank elevators operated by white-gloved ladies.
    The Fountain Room restaurant was a fabulous place to eat. Know for it's Creamed Chicken on a flaky Patty Shell.

  4. Please I have items from Young Quinlan that I would like to donate to the museum,My dad worked for Them for many years and as the store was closing in 1985 he brought home items that you might like to have perfume bottles still wrapped in the orginal paper.

  5. I have been living in Minneapolis for nearly 3 years..and been working for ProWeb365, a design firm there. Thanks for nice share about a great place in Minneapolis.

  6. I represented North High School Class of 1966 on their Teen Board. High Schools throughout the city had one representative. We would select an outfit to wear and model it on Saturday in The fountain Room. We were also part of the Aquatennial. I enjoyed being involved, meeting other girls, wearing classy clothes in an upscale department store.

  7. My Great Grandmother Adele Pauline Deubach was a buyer for the store in the 1920's

  8. Shopping at YQ, as we called it, was wonderful. And I have fond memories of lunching at The Fountain Room with my manager's mother (he counted that as work; I viewed it as a privilege - she was fearless and fun), There was the decor, the delightful food, and most of the customers were ladies who dressed up for the occasion. Many of those same ladies wearing hats and gloves had bottles of beer sitting at their table. I was enchanted.

  9. My mother bought her wedding dress at YOUNG AND QUINLAN I am wondering if I can send it to the museum for display. It is a petite tailored suit circa 1947-48.

    1. Thank you, but I would contact the Minnesota Historical Society - I think they might take it. The Department Store Museum is purely digital (Run by 1 person from a small condo) so I unfortunately cannot accept or display items. I do hope, though, that you find a good home for such a lovely piece of history.
      - Bruce


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