Miller & Paine, Lincoln, Nebraska

"Nebraska's Quality Department Store"

Miller & Paine
13th & 'O' Streets
Lincoln, Nebraska

HE 2-8511

Miller & Paine Budget Floor

First Floor
Fine Jewelry • Silverware • Costume Jewelry • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Gloves • Belts • Hosiery • Accessories • Blouse Nook • Sweaters • Sport-Stop Sportswear • Career Shoes • Cosmetics • Notions • Stationery  •  Cameras • Candy
Store for Men Men's Furnishings • Men's Shoes • Men's Sportswear • Men's Clothing
131 So. 13th St. Book Store

Second Floor
Popular Price Shop • Misses' Dresses • Coats and Suits • Sport Shop • Custom Sizes • The New You • The 70's Shop • Fashion II Sportswear • Fashion II Dresses • Holiday Dressing • Better Dresses • The Showcase • Regency Room • Bridal Salon • Fur Salon • Millinery • Wig Salon • Shoe Salon • Portrait Studio • Circle of Beauty
The Place Junior Sportswear • Junior Dresses • Junior Coats

Third Floor
Lingerie • Loungewear • Robes • Foundations • Maternity Boutique •  Infants' Shop • Tot Shop • Girls' Shop • The Boys' Shop • Children's Shoes • The Craft Shop • The Craft Loft

Fourth Floor
Linens • Bath Shop • Fabrics • Needleart • Toyville • Luggage • Auditorium

Fifth Floor
Housewares • Garden Shop • China • Gifts • Glassware • Pictures • Lamps • Tea Room • Cafeteria

Sixth Floor
Furniture • Carpets • Draperies

Seventh Floor
Employment • Credit Office • Cashier • General Offices

Eighth Floor

Gateway Shopping Center
157,000 s.f.
The Tea Room

Conestoga Mall
Grand Island
96,000 s.f.

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  1. I was looking through some clothing from my grandmother when I came across several hats from Miller and Paine. One had a receipt in it for $8.95. I was very happy to be able to find a little more about where my grandmother purchased the hat.

    1. My grandmother worked in lingerie and designed and sold her hats for Miller and Paine. Her fashion label says by peggy

  2. Well, that was sure quick . . . I just published the exhibit, and am not completely done with it yet.


  3. As a girl, I remember eating the Little Miss Muffet in the Millers tearoom. It was chicken in gravy over mashed potatoes....and my favorite part a delicious cinnamon roll. I spent many hours shopping at Millers in the 1950's and 60's.

  4. I worked for Miller & Paine at the downtown store for a couple of years while in college. It really was like a family there and my time spent with folks who had worked there for decades was so interesting.

  5. My mother used to work in the cosmetics department on the main floor. One of her jobs was to custom blend facial powder for ladies. That would have been about 1961.

  6. When I was a little girl, my Grandma worked for Miller & Paine in the Girl's Department. She took my sister and I too the Tea Room regularly. My favorite thing to eat there was the macaroni & cheese.

  7. What wonderful pictures. I started as a sales associate at Miller and Paine in the downtown budget store in 1983. My dream was to be a buyer. In Oct 1985 I was promoted to that position. At Miller and Paine I learned the fundamentals of buying, selecting and driving sales. When Miller and Paine was purchased by Dillard's in 1988, I was given the opportunity to move to St. Louis and buy for Dillard's. Later in my career I bought for both May Department Stores and Macy's.

    I will always look back with fondness at my days at Miller and Paine. I loved the mac and cheese and the cinnamon rolls!! Both the Tea Room and the basement restaurant were wonderful!

    It was great to see the crowds of people all wearing red on NU Football Saturdays milling around the Miller and Paine downtown first floor. GO BIG RED!!!

    Thank you for including Miller and Paine in this article!!

    Roxanne Gottula

  8. My mother worked at Miller & Paine in the toy department during Christmas time. She later worked in the costume jewelry. My aunt worked in the candy department. I have fond memories of meeting her for lunch and eating there.

  9. Does anyone remember the cosmetics line that Miller and Paine carried? I think it started with the letter H and was lite green in color.

  10. I just bought a old marble top inlay endtable set and there was a ticket stabled on bottom that says miller & Paine

  11. Miller and Paine had the best cookies. All of the food was delicious. Did they ever make a cookbook? If so, I would love to purchase one. :) Jackie Edwards

  12. I just purchased a "Snip-o-Matic" pair of scissors made in Japan (copyright 1973) from an estate sale in my neighborhood in Southern California. It was in the original box with a price tag ($2) from Miller & Paine. I was thrilled that this site came up in Google, although so far no info about the scissors. Love my find: scissors and this site... Thanks!

  13. Miller & Paine Souvenir Spoon. I have a demitasse souvenir spoon made by Gorham and retailed by Miller & Paine. For a picture see: .. the spoon is Lot # 93. Does anyone have information about this spoons. Thanks,

    1. Here's the info on the tea and coffee (demitasse) spoons from my book GORHAM SPOONS: STERLING SOUVENIRS FROM A BYGONE ERA:
      Exclusive to MILLER & PAINE
      (Lincoln) • 1931 • Struck. At
      the handle top is a view of the
      Capitol, “Nebraska” is lettered
      down the shank, and a shaft
      of wheat and ear of corn are
      at the base. Simply decorated
      reverse. Plain bowl. • 515⁄16"
      • 1/- (example on hand) • A
      photograph was found in the
      Gorham records of this artdeco
      spoon but nothing else
      about it was unearthed. The
      Capitol shown is Nebraska’s
      third and the one in use today.
      It was built during the years
      1922–1932. Raised at the base
      of the handle reverse is “Pat.
      1931” and “Gorham” (rather
      than the three-part mark) next
      to the word “sterling” and
      the letter “R.” Above those
      markings, which were part
      of the die, “Miller & Paine”
      is stamped. The “R” stands
      for “regular” which was a
      standard weight marking
      used by Gorham to indicate
      12 ounces of silver per dozen.
      The stock number “H837” was
      on the photograph but is not
      on the spoon. The photograph
      also included “Exclusive to
      Miller & Paine” so the stock
      number seems to have been
      unnecessary. Miller & Paine
      was a department store in
      Lincoln. It was acquired by
      Dillard’s in 1988.174 • D
      Exclusive to MILLER & PAINE
      (Lincoln) • 1931 • Struck. Same
      as tea but in smaller form. •
      4⅜" • -/10 (example on hand)
      • See the tea for more. The
      coffee reverse is the same as
      the tea reverse but it doesn’t
      have the “R” marking. • D

  14. I worked at the downtown store in the mid 80's and was supervisor of the furniture dept. Miller and Paine was a world all to its own. You could buy almost anything there and everything was of good quality. I still miss it and wish it were around.

    1. Would you're name be Deanna or Deanne? I believe I was under you're employ with Pat Gretchen and Cindy . They were design area and I was in Furniture. The name Eric comes to mind as well. Gary J.

  15. While growing up in S. Ca. we would always wait for the special Christmas treat my Grandma Florence would send us from Miller & Paine. We called them Feffer Nuts But I believe they were called Pfeffer Nussin????? I would love to find anyone who would know where I could get some of these as they were always such a great Christmas tradition. If anyone knows anything about these please contact me at Thanks and Happy hoildays

  16. If anyone has the receipe for the Pfeffer Nuts would you please share. Every Christmas season I am so hungry for them. I just purchased a bag of what they claim are Pfeffer Nuts. Sorry, they do not taste the same and they certainly do not have the same strong spice taste or the hard consistency. Letty Hubka VanKleeck

  17. I was born in Lincoln in 1957 and grew up on "Miller's" Crumb Cookies. Found the recipe online a while back and made a batch this past weekend. They were just as good as I remember, especially with a glass of milk!! A fantastic piece of my childhood revisited. Note: they are not an easy cookie to make, lots of steps and ingredients, but worth every bit of the effort.

  18. My father - Robert Beadell - wrote the jingle for one of the Miler & Paine commercials. Some of us were discussing it on Facebook after a HS classmate found a used book with a M&P price tag on it. :)

  19. Carol (Aksamit) Hawkins03 September, 2014 11:39

    I worked at Miller & Paine in gift wrapping dept located in the basement. Regular hours and later on nights part-time. I love that store special the floor where was located in Christmas theme. "Toyland". I would go up on the elevator I believe the third floor and you would come alive at the sight. I am 66 years young and my fondest memories of a great store of Miller & Paine. It was so sad when that store closed and sure the founder lost store to his son. I love shopping there best buys. Those days are no more

  20. In the basement of Miller and Paine's was an affordable dinner with a U-shaped counter with corners. I worked down town in the late 70's early 80's and would enjoy soup there during the week. The older women that worked there were dressed in white dresses and all wore white orthopedic shoes. A real step back in time, even for the day.

  21. remember the cinnamon rolls still available online thru runza
    my grandfather passed in the tea room after enjoying lunch in 1977

  22. My father was the store manager in the mid seventies...I worked as a busboy and dishwasher in the Tearoom. Good job for a young teenager. I still remember the people that worked there with fond memories, Charlotte in the Tearoom, Mike in Maintenance and Harold in Janitorial etc.

  23. Great job on the site and information! Brings back so many fond childhood memories! I grew up in north central Kansas and Lincoln was the closest "big" city for shopping etc. I remember having an elevator operator who was always so kind, collecting blue stamps and eating delicious mac & cheese or chicken pot pie in the tea room. Great memories!

  24. My grandmother was a bookkeeper at Miller & Paine and retired from there. As a young boy i had fond memories of the building downtown and the huge store at Gateway. Thank you

  25. My great grandmother, grandmother, aunts and mother worked for Miller and Paine. I now work in the Miller and Paine building at Nelent. That building and it's history are in my blood and part of my personal history.

  26. I worked as a waitress at the Miller and Paine Tea Room in the Conestoga Mall, Grand Island Nebraska all through high school. Was the best first job! I bought my prom dress at Miller and Paine. Still have it. ❤

  27. WOW �� found an old book with with M&P price sticker on it, which brought back so many memories ☺
    As a new immigrant my first job was at M&P warehouse by State Pen, with GlennC KarenB GlendaB YvonneJ LeanneL WarrenB.. Worked for almost 3 years and moved on, but never forgot the nice loving people I worked with ❤����

  28. When we cleaned out our parents' home I found two blue Miller &Paine square hat boxes with my mother's little pillbox hats with netting inside. I'm sure they're from the 1950's -early 60's. They are one of my treasured keepsakes.

  29. Does anyone remember the small cubed coconut candy sold in the bulk bins at Brandeis? Is it available anywhere today?

  30. I bought my wedding dress at Miller & Paine in 1984. I still keep it in the blue garment bag!

  31. I have fond memories of a grade school field trip to Miller and Paine. It was my first trip on a school bus, very exciting.We watched as the chocolates were being made and everyone was given a wonderful little candy. Yum

  32. My sister and I would take the city bus to The Brandeis store in downtown Omaha to Christmas shop. The trip also included a stop at Woolworths for "black cow" suckers, they were delicious chocolate covered caramel. I remember hiding mine from my sister in my sock drawer...not the best place to hide chocolate-Caramel candy.

  33. I lived in Lincoln from November1961-June 1964, attending Irving Junior High. I loved going downtown on Saturdays with my Mom and having lunch in the Tea Room. My fav was the mac & cheese!

  34. I worked as a seamstress one summer-about 1970- in the alterations department. I wonder if anyone remembers the names of the permanent employees? I remember that Dorothy was the head person who gave out the assignments and that a woman who came from Cuba worked there and was making all the wedding trousseau garments for her daughter, but I can no longer remember their names. I loved working at Miller and Paine because I could walk around the store and marvel at all the wonderful goods.

  35. In 1957 my mother-in-law purchased a story on a 30-foot coloring roll from the Miller & Paine Toy Department for her daughter (my future wife) to color and read. (See the ad in the Lincoln Sunday Journal and Star for May 26, 1957, page 8-O). My wife now reads the scroll to our grandchildren. Thanks Miller & Paine!

  36. I was just wondering about the history of Miller & Paine. When did it open? When did the satellite stores open? Who was the original owner(s)? Was the tea room a part of the original store and operated by the same people?Thanks

  37. I purchased a very unusual industrial cash register from the estate of a Miller & Paine model (name escapes me) about 8 years ago. It is a 1918 NCR EL (electric light). The model number is very unusual 999(3)RS-EL-3C. It has keys that go up to 9,999.99. I am tring to find out if this came from the Lincoln NE Miller & Paine department store. I can provide pictures. Thank you.

    1. Please post pictures. I worked there and could tell you. My cousin helped come up with the NCR price tags M&P used and that concept.

  38. I found 4 mini creamer bottles with Miller & Paine paper caps. Can you tell me anything about them?

  39. Just acquired a piece of signed Mana pottery for Miller Paine/Lincoln. Researched it may have been from an event in mid-sixties there for native american crafts on the fourth floor.


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