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Wanamaker's Meet Me at the Eagle
Michael Lisicky's latest book - a spellbinding history of Wanamaker's in New York and Philadelphia, a fine follow-up to his work on Hutzler's.

Hutzler's Where Baltimore Shops

A feature selection of The Department Store Museum.  Highly recommended, probably the best book about any single store.  Beautifully compiled and written, profusely illustrated.  Read it and you'll shout "Bravo!" for Michael Lisicky's achievement.

Harzfeld's A Brief History

A splendid history of a beloved Kansas City store.  Engaging text and illustrations.

Hudson's Detroit's Legendary Department Store

One of the most informative of the Arcadia series, this book documents Detroit's Great J.L. Hudson Co. with illustrations and interesting facts.

A Chicago Tradition: Marshall Field's Food and Fashion

A hardcover color volume which explores the history and culture of Chicago's Marshall Field & Company

Give the Lady What She Wants!

A reprint of a 1950s history of Marshall Field & Company.  Highly recommended, full of anecdotes.

Frederick & Nelson

This Arcadia book gives a very endearing overall perspective about Seattle's most legendary store.

Dayton's Department Store

The Arcadia series' offering on Dayton's of Minneapolis.  Contains a history, pictures inside and out, advertisements.

Hess's Department Store

Another of the Arcadia series - this one chronicles the iconoclastic retailer from Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The Higbee Company and the Silver Grille
Paperback volume covering the beloved Cleveland store and its famous tenth-floor eatery.  Includes recipes.  Well-illustrated. The Higbee Company and The Silver Grille: More Memories, More Recipes

Marshall Field's A Building Book

A small but beautiful examination of the architecture of Marshall Field & Company.

Carson Pirie Scott

A definitive work on the architecture of Chicago's Carson Pirrie Scott & Co. store, designed by Louis Sullivan.


Service and Style:  How the American Department Store Fashined the Middle Class by Jan Whittaker

A highly entertaining and readable study of American department stores from a cultural history viewpoint.  Again, highly rewarding and a great accomplishment.

The Grand Emporiums by Robert Hendrickson.
Long out-of-print and somewhat quirky.  In spite of errors, questionable grammar, and a general lack of organization, this book remains a "must-read" for anyone interested in the American department store. Grand Emporiums: The Illustrated History of America's Great Department Stores

The American Department Store Transformed 1920-1960

Absolutely new; a magnificent history of American department stores and how they expanded in the 20th century.  Many unique illustrations and very readable, engaging text.  By all means, read this book if you have any interest in the American department store.


One Nation Under Goods

A discussion of what makes shopping malls so compelling in American culture.

Shopping Environments: Evolution, Planning and Design

A 472-page volume examining the history and practice of shopping centers and stores from an architectural design standpoint.


Macy's Christmas Ornament by Holiday Lane

Hear The Wanamaker organ


Midnight in the Grand Court
The latest recording of the Wanamaker Organ

Midnight in the Grand Court

Grand Celebration
The Wanamaker Organ with the Philadelphia Orchestra

Grand Celebration (Dig)


  1. I have a detailed history of Denholm and Mckay along with photos that I would like to send you. How can I go about that? I didnt see a email address.

    Thank you!

  2. There's a new book on Foley's out:

  3. It would be interesting to have an entry for Sibley, Lindsay, and Curr better known as Sibley's which was a Rochester NY staple for many years. There was a downtown flagship store, a Greece Towne Mall store and others?

  4. Seek, and you shall find . . .

  5. Foley's has a book out as well.

  6. Any info about New Jerset Steinbechs??

  7. The American Department Store Transformed is probably one of the best all inclusive books about the retail world during the 20th Century---from "downtown" shopping to malls. It is a MUST read for anyone who values this website

  8. I originally looked for Maas Brothers. Your site came up, and how pleased I am to find it.
    I have been fascinated by the great and storied retailers of America my entire life, especially since I spent my career in visual presentation.
    Your site is a treasure.
    I lament the loss of these great and historical retailers and their stories.
    So many. So sad they no longer exist.
    Keep up the good work.


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