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  1. I have a yahoo group called
    "Foley's...of course!" (that was one of Foley's advertising campaigns). It lists a ton of commercials for various department stores. Please join. I would like for you to use some of the information I have compiled in this site. You have done an awesome job.

  2. I was given a hat in its original case by my grandmother. Its a fur hat with a matching piece with it. I have been trying to research on the internet where it came from or how much its worth but I cant seem to find much info. The top of the box simply states "Rori's by Wallace". Any ideas where I can have this piece appraised or find out more about where it came from?

  3. A truly great and magical store that should be listed is Hess's from Allentown, Pa.

    I often refer to Hess's main store as the store that worked, as I never saw a middle level store
    turn out such great customer service right up to it's end.

    email me if you would like their directory.

    Ken Allan

  4. There was once another store in Downtown Pittsburgh that you do not list; it was called Rosenbaum's. Not sure if that spelling is correct, as I am 43, the store closed it's doors in 1973 or 74 and my mother was a Kaufmann'sGimbels women. We never shopped there, though I am aware of it's existance. Do you have any information on Rosenbaum's? Does anyone?

  5. The department stores featured here are certainly not all of them, mostly those I had heard of or visited, and the most famous and well-known, of course.

    I have heard of Rosenbaum's, but only recently, and I believe you can see postcards of the building online by searching. Another good source would be the Pittsburgh papers that can be browsed on Google.


  6. My husband got me for Christmas a beautiful mink coat from our town's antique store.I am curious as to know a little of the coats history. The inside tag says Wurzburg's of Grand Rapids. If anyone can give me any information it would be greatly appreciated.

    Louana Kieme

  7. BAK
    Sadly, your new update is confusing. With the old directory you had a list of states...then cities and stores.....very user freindly...while this is just a list of stores it is not even in alphabetical order. i am not sure what you were thinking...but is it possible to re-arrange into some type of order. Would make it much more user friendly. You do a wonderful job and I love the museum....but please change
    Thank you!!!!!

  8. This page is a list of new exhibits, in the order that they are added. The directory you mention still exists on the welcome page.

  9. I have an unopened bottle of Iron Horse. That I got from the grandopening of Goldsmiths in the Wolfchase Galleria opened 1997. I would like to sell it.

  10. jay jacobs, squire shop, tops & bottoms, lerners and bon marche (now macys) were some of the shops i went to here in seattle in the 80's. none of these arent in operations anymore here in seattle.
    celeste from frederick & nelsons (also worked at woolworths until their closing as well as f&n)

  11. I would like to contribute pictures of some of my collection to you. I currently have over 600 items from department stores across the country (and world). (Shopping bags, hat & gift boxes, vintage catalogs, matchbook covers, store directories, charge plates, name tags, etc) please let me know if you are interested in any of them, I would be happy to send them along. The majority of my collection are stores in the New England area and range from 1920 - 2012) Thank you so much for this wonderful window shopping trip down memory lane!

  12. Another store of interest was The Hub in Steubenville Ohio. Fabulous and ahead of their time. had everything the big city stores had. When it closed so did downtown Steubenville, once a vibrant shopping district now just a scary place to visit.

  13. Hi… I have an Abraham Straus oval coin credit card it has a series of 5 numbers then a dash RX… like this *****_RX.
    Can you tell me what the RX stands for? I’ve seen these cards with a RA on it meaning Revolving Account, also with an S only (don’t know what this S means either).
    Thank You!!


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