Lansburgh & Brother, Washington, D.C.

Lansburgh's, one of Washington, D.C.'s
oldest department stores.

The store advertised its new 1925 addition
in newspapers with this sketch.

Lansburgh's as viewed from the corner
of 8th and 'E' Streets.

The oldest part of Lansburgh's was  located
on 7th street, but it sported a modernistic
facade applied in 1940.

The E Street side of the Lansburgh
& Brother store, composed of the
Busch Building (acquired 1921) and
the store's own 1914 building.

The 8th Street side of the Lansburgh
& Brother store, built in 1914

Lansburgh & Brother (Lansburgh’s) (1850)
400-426 7th Street (7th, 8th and E Street)
Washington, D.C. 

NAtional 8-9800

Street Floor
Jewelry • Fine Jewelry • Watches • Cosmetics • Accessories • Hosiery • Handbags • Gloves • Leather Goods • Scarves • Popular Fashion Sportswear • The Rafters •  Budget Shoes • Luggage • Stationery • Notions • Records • Candy • Soda Fountain
Men’s Store Men’s Furnishings • Men’s Sportswear • Men’s Shoes • Men’s Clothing • Young Executive Shop • Men’s Hats 
Street Floor Mezzanine
Colonial Tea Room 

418 7th Street
Major Appliances • Television • Stereos 

Second Floor
Popular Fashion Dresses • Dresses • Misses’ Sportswear • Town and Travel • Better Dresses • Better Sportswear • Starlight RoomThe CollectionRegency Room • Coat Salon • Furs • Shoe Salon • Junior World Dresses • Junior Sportswear • Women’s Dresses • Women’s Sportswear • Millinery 

Third Floor
Lingerie • Robes • Corsets and Bras • Knit Lingerie • Fashion Fabrics • Linens and Domestics • Sewing Machines • Beauty Salon

Fourth Floor
Infants’ and Toddlers Wear • Tots’ and Girls’ Wear • Children’s Shoes • Boys’ Shop • Rugs and Carpet • Draperies and Upholstery • Toys 

Fifth Floor
Furniture • Bedding 

Sixth Floor
Housewares • Small Electrical Appliances • China • Glassware • Silver • Gift Shop 

Langley Park
Langley Park Shopping Center
New Hampshire & University
Langley Park, MD
October, 1955 
127,000 sq. ft.
Hampshire Room

The Village at Shirlington
29th Street & Arlington Mill Dr.
Arlington, VA
September, 1959
150,000 sq. ft.
Old Dominion Room
Tyson’s Corner (1969)
Tyson's Corner Shopping Center
McLean, VA
October, 1969
160,000 sq. ft.
Fairfax Room
Rockville Mall (1972)
Montgomery County, MD
February, 1972

Springfield Mall
Springfield, VA
160,000 sq. ft.
Coming in due course.


  1. A minor correction: The surviving (1914 and 1921) sections of the store are at 8th and E NW.

  2. Thanks, Steve. I got turned around. The exhibit needs updating, too, but I made the corrections so as not to be misleading.

  3. The store also housed a bakery that sold the most wonderful pound cakes

  4. i have a letter of appreciation to my aunt for helping a customer find her lost purse on Feb 10 1950 Also included was a 1935 dollar.Letter was signed by then store mgr H.L.Neugrass

  5. My mother worked in the millinery department of Lansburgh's in 1946 while my father served as a Military Policeman in the US Army. My father was stationed in Washington, DC and guarded the Pentagon and President Truman. In 1947 they returned to RI.

  6. There was also a store located on New Hampshire Ave. in Langley Park, MD. I remember my mom taking us there during the late 1950's and early 1960's.

  7. I have some of my Grandmother's and Aunt's handkerchiefs probably 40 ish to 50 ish and it has a sticker of Lansburgh's on it. Glad this was on the web. Enjoyed checking it out

  8. I worked at Lansburgh's Shirlington part-time when I was in high school, from 1970-1972. I still have a letter from Personnel, indicating that someone had commented on my good service, and informing me that I would receive an extra $1.25 with my next paycheck. When the store closed in 1973, I went down one evening and peeled off the metallic sign with the logo and store hours, that was affixed to the glass doors. I still have the sign, about 10 inches in diameter, sitting on my coffee table. I trust the statute of limitations has now run on my crime. :)

  9. I have an original mink shaw and two pelt mink boa from lansburgh's all tags are still in it. Trying to sell it
    , it was my grandmothers and she is now no longer with us and I wish to part with it . If you know of anyone looking for or can give me an idea on price wise what to sell this thing for it would be appreciated please email me or text me Joseph Murray 4574 at gmail no space no caps please put in subject line mink thank you and have a blessed day