Weinstock, Lubin & Co., Sacramento, California

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Weinstock's occupied an imposing building on K
Street, which, while only 3 stories in height, featured
an imposing arched entryway.

Weinstock's building superseded an earlier store,
which had, in 1908, replaced the original store
that was destroyed by fire in 1903.

Weinstock's was modernized over the years, and
became a landmark in downtown Sacramento.

Weinstock, Lubin & Co.
1120 K Street
Sacramento, California

First Floor
Jewelry, 20 • Fine Jewelry, 306  Silverware, 59  Handbags, 37  Small Leather Goods, 86  Gloves, 6  Accessories, 41  Hosiery, 3  Hats, 30  Cosmetics, 17  Accessory Tops, 88  Street Floor Blouses, 66  Career Sportswear, 65  Career Sweaters and Knit Tops, 113  Career Lingerie, 54  Career Shoes, 101  Shoe Salon, 8, 75  Luggage, 33  Notions, 4  Stationery, 15  Calculators, 172  Adult Games, 174  Camera Shop, 13  Shaver Shop, 13  Candy Shop  Books and Records  Gourmet Shop  Sporting Goods, 28  Portrait Studio, 306  Fountain Luncheonette
Store for Men Men's Accessories, 170  Men's Furnishings, 7  Men's Pajamas and Hosiery, 91  Men's Sportswear, 50  Men's Clothing, 48  Men's Formal Wear, 428  Men's Shoes, 57

Toys, 28

Second Floor
Career Dresses, 27  Town and Country Shop, 34  Knit Shop, 12  Career Women's Dresses, 127  Sportswear, 89, 73, 97  •  Women's Sportswear • Sweaters, Knitwear, 40  Active Sportswear, 78  Coats, 25  Suits, 21  In Tempo Shop, 84  Fashion Center, 84  Designer Shop, 22  Bridal Shop, 93  Fur Salon, 60  Millinery, 301  Wig Boutique, 302  Maternity Shop, 68  Lingerie, 24  Sleepwear, 124  Loungewear, 51  Robe Shop, 51  Foundations, 19  Beauty Salon
Junior Shop Sportswear, 32, 85  Dresses, 64  Coats and Suits, 76  Young Junior Shop, 52
Infants' Shop, 42 • Infants' Furniture, 42  Little Boys' Shop, 74  Little Girls' Shop, 44  Girls' Shop, 47  Girls' Sleepwear, 56  Children's Accessories, 102  Preteens' Shop, 46  Children's Shoes, 58

Third Floor
Bedding, 2, 55  Linens, 23  Bath Shop, 23  Fashion Fabrics, 1, 67  Art Needlework, 29  China, 11  Glassware, 36  Table Linens, 82  Gift Shop, 70  Lamps and Pictures, 171  Draperies, 10  Carpets, 32  Furniture, 38, 39, 92  Major Appliances, 3, 80  Housewares, 39  TV, Stereo, 72

(Note that this directory was put together using speculative information; if you can embellish with information about the main Weinstock's store at 12th & K streets, please comment below, and I will incorporate your material)

Country Club Plaza
163,000 s.f.

Weberstown Mall
131,000 s.f.

Florin Mall
150,000 s.f.

Reno, NV
Park Lane Center
150,000 s.f.

Fashion Fair
August, 1970
163,000 s.f.

Citrus Heights
Sunrise Mall
163,000 s.f.
The Garden Room
Coffee Shop

Murray, UT
Fashion Place
197,000 s.f.

Vintage Faire
162,000 s.f.

Downtown Plaza
164,000 s.f.

Ogden, UT
Ogden City Center
100,000 s.f.

Salt Lake City, UT
October, 1980
100,000 s.f.
Windows on the Square

Coming in Due Course.

Note that Weinstock's, known at the time as Weinstock-Lubin, merged with its competitor Hale Brothers.  For a while, the stores were known as Weinstock-Hale, and Weinstock's acquired Hale's only branch, at Arden Fair.


  1. History Press has just released the book "Weinstock's: Sacramento's Finest Department Store".

  2. Here are the opening dates of each Weinstock's branch store above:

    Country Club Plaza - March 4, 1961 (as Weinstock-Lubin)
    Arden Fair - August 10, 1961 (as Hale's)
    Stockton - February 10, 1966
    Reno - July 31, 1967
    Florin - October 9, 1967
    Fresno - August 31, 1970
    Sunrise - February 14, 1972
    Modesto - February 12, 1977
    Murray - January 30, 1978 (through conversion of The Broadway opened in 1974)
    Downtown Plaza - November 3, 1979 (replacing the 12th & K flagship)
    Crossroads Plaza - August 2, 1980
    Ogden - October 4, 1980

    The Stockton store was originally at downtown through the 1963 acquisition of Smith & Lang.

    Weinstock-Lubin and Hale's merged into Weinstock-Hale in 1965, and became just Weinstock's in 1967.

  3. There was also a Hales at 9th and K which later became Wienstocks. For several years there were two Weistocks within 3 blocks of each other.

    Also the 12th & K Weinstocks had a hair salon on the mezzanine and a restaurant in the basement.

    1. Grandmother worked in the salon at that location. Loved all the smells and color and excitement in that store.

  4. I have a small silver tray with the Weinstoc logo celebrating their silver anniversary. Just found it at a garage sale this summer.

  5. I have a trunk with an original delivery receipt from Weinstock, Lubin & Co. from 1804. I don't know if you are at all interested in this. Please, let me know. -sarahjzfitness@gmail.com

  6. The fire that destroyed the original Sacramento store in 1903 resulted in the death of a firefighter, and injury of several others... just a footnote.


  8. My Grandfather just passed away this year and I was left alot of grandmothers things and one of those was a Diamond Watch and I have the Diamond Certificate from September 12,1977 from the Reno store it's a beautiful watch.I was wondering if there are any more Weinstock's jewelry store left out there?

  9. David Lubin is my great grandfather. So nice to hear such interest in his store!

  10. I worked at the downtown store in 1988. This was my first job in Sac. I moved from Yountville, CA to my very first place, a studio apt, away from home. I was in China and Flatware. The most fun was helping brides and grroms register for gifts. Trim-a-home was across the way at Holiday time. We couldn't help but laugh at the people that would run up the escalator before it was turned on. They just couldn't wait to get Holiday clearance deals! We enjoyed "dressing up" for work - back when it still mattered how you presented yourself and spoke to customers. I did cover lunches and breaks for Electronics dept. Didn't know a darn thing about the equipment and would pray no one would come in .:-) Loved the old stores even Woolworth's. --Heather

  11. All these years, I've kept a large shopping bag from Weinstock's. Since I'm trying to pare things down, is this bag worth anything/be beneficial in the Museum? ...I have several bears (full-size and smaller bear puppets) that were only available at Christmas time. Every year, we all love seeing them during the Christmas season. Wonderful memories of a store and years gone by. Thanks, Weinstocks! :)
    Amre Cortadino

  12. Thank you, Amre! I would love to see a good photo of the bag. I could put it on the "shopping bags" exhibit. Beyond that, you may be able to sell it on eBay. It would seem there are collectors out there who would snap things like this up. If you can take a photo, please send it to bakgraphics@comcast.net
    Thank you!

  13. Oh, memories! I worked at the store on K street in 1978 and then went to the big store, where I worked until 1984. The bigger store had a number of events where celebs like Andy Warhol, Donny Osmond, Phil Donahue, Richard Thomas, and others came. I still remember selling Marlo Thomas a handbag when I worked in the handbag department. She was mega sweet. I also got to model some of the furs one year and remembered how the cost of a long mink coat at $10,000 could pay my college tuition. Lots of fond memories. I worked full time in the junior department and Misses sportswear during 1982-the end of 1983 which helped with the cost of going to BYU.

  14. How interesting! I just found this website. I also worked at Weinstocks in Sacramento in the late 1970s at the 12th and K classic store, and also the newer store on 4th and K in the early 80s. My father was regional manager of the fine jewelry dept for all the Weinstock stores for over 35 years. The fine jewelry depts were consigned to an L.A.-based company called Belkeith. I sometimes rotated work at the other four Sacramento stores, which was pretty fun. It was very devastating to my father (and many others I'm sure) when the Weinstocks stores began to close. Belkeith declared bankruptcy shortly after. See LA Times article: http://articles.latimes.com/1991-04-23/business/fi-581_1_carter-hawley

  15. Thank you so much for this website. I am a history buff who received gifts from "Weinstock/Halle's in those signature red & green boxes from my grandparents. The boxes wore like iron -- unlike those today. Now that I've found your site, I'll look for more stores I might remember.

  16. Thank you for this website. I will be checking out more department stores I remember -- now that I've found you.

  17. While going to college I worked at the Arden Fair store (store #52) from the fall of 1968 until March 7, 1971. The store manager was Bill Hitalla and the head of personnel was Jackie Vance. The shoe department, where I worked, was managed by Ben Andrews. Also in shoes were Mike Nicotera, Mike Duell, Bob Frye, and Zella Pratt. In the adjacent cosmetics department was the lovely Bobbi Kivley (now Parker). Others I recall were Jim King, Cindy Rossi, Cindy Wheatley, Marlene Yaffey, Shirley Thomas (shoes 9th & K Street store) and Dena Lindsey (12th & K credit dept.).
    Country Club Plaza (store #43) was doing the largest sales business at that time followed by Sunrise, 12th & K, Arden Fair, Florin, and 9th & K.
    Sometime during 1969 or 1970 Sears decided to open for business on Sundays. Weinstock's quickly followed suit by also opening on Sundays. "Premium pay", which amounted to time and a half pay, was paid those employees who "volunteered" to work Sundays. Starting pay was $1.65 an hour, the minimum wage at the time. Full time sales employees made as much as $2.45 an hour.
    In the summer of 1970 a couple dozen employees from the Arden Fair store were among the Sacramento Weinstock's employees who moved to Fresno to open and staff the new store there.
    Bob Rhodes

  18. In our old house back in Watsonville ca we dug up a beautiful perfume bottle weinstock Sacramento

  19. I have a 1910-1911 Weinstock Lubin & Company Fall & Winter Catalog. If interested let me know at mustardseed@centurytel.net I can send photos if needed.

  20. Eric Young:

    Thank you Bob for your work on this site. I worked at the Arden Fair store from about 1968 to 1972. I remember Bill Hitela the store manager, John Redmond the asst store mgr, Jackie in HR. Those were fun days.

    I am trying to locate a fellow worker by the name of Sherry who worked in HR under Jackie. If you have any information on how to reach her, please send it to me at esyoung805@gmail.com.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

  21. I worked in the Beauty Salon at 12th and K. It was on the mezzanine floor.

  22. I am working on documenting my step-fathers life history and he remembers that his uncle James bought a 20x20 house shell from Weinstocks Lubins and had to relocate the home himself. His uncle built wood skids to put under the home and dragged it down Elverta Rd in Sacramento behind a tractor to his own lot. Is there any info on these homes that Weinstock Lubin sold and the prices they were selling for? This is such a interesting story, it would be so great to have a picture of one of these shell homes that were sold to the public. This home was expanded to a 2000 sq. foot home and still stands on Rio Linda Blvd in Sacramento. I am waiting to get some pictures of it from Uncle James' daughter, who grew up there. Any info you can share would be appreciated! Thank you, TLG

  23. Hello Bob,

    Do you remember the last name of Sherry who worked under Jackie in Personnel at Arden Fair at the same time you and I worked there?

    Thanks, Eric Young (Arden Fair Men's Dept.)

  24. I filed a lawsuit against Weinstocks of Utah in Ogden in 1987.... and won. They had a policy that gave security people free reign to violate the rights of customers. It was a sweet day when I got the check from Carter Hawley Hale. Good riddance to a terrible institution

  25. I bought a sable fur coat at county club plaza store mid 80s took it back each summer for storage in their cold closets. Weinstocks was my second charge card only because I had worked at Rhodes. This store location is sorely missed as Macys. I will not go to downtown Macys. I did charm school Sears Arden Fair around 1963 or 64. We could drive out the back of Arden Fair to avoid the traffic. That is closed off now. I remember Arden Fair way before the mall was created to enclose all the stores. Nice to grow up in Sac. Mom and I would go to all the stores looking for bargains. Southgate, Arden, County Club, Sunrise, Downtown. County Club Plaza had a food court in the late 50's, replaced with Penney's. I worked there one Christmas 1972. Sac. was good for shopping.

  26. My little grandmother worked in Foundations (women's wear) 1950's. As I recall, all female sales reps wore dark dresses. Very professional. I can still hear the call of the elevator bell 'ding' up to the ' Mezzanine' floor. Grandmother would finish her day riding home on the
    J Street bus. Everyone was dressed up including women shoppers in dresses!

  27. I worked at the Weinstock's Distribution warehouse on Richards Blvd in Sacramento at first we had carbon copy distro sheets to portion out the merchandise to the stores. Then in 1983 a computer room was added to the floor and then we used computer distro sheets ( the green and white printer sheets, new then but ancient by today's standards ) I worked a lot of overtime in the months before Christmas, starting at 4 am and getting off at 4 pm. When my car broke down, I had to ride my bike there on the bike trail. I was young and in shape in those days!

  28. When I was a kid my dad worked as a suit salesmen on the first floor. I remember the candy department at the end door. They sold chocklet covered ants. WOW.

  29. I have a back beaded purse and matching coin purse that was my great grandmothers. Estimating that these items are 50+ years old. Does anyone know where I can have these items appraised? I would sincerely appreciate your assistance and guidance. Thank

  30. Today, I was going through a box of books and came across "Notable Speeches By Notable Speakers of the Greater West" edited by Harr Wagner published in 1902. In it was "Jesus the Jew" by Harris Weinstock whom later expounded on his 'speech' into a book by the same title. He signed the front fly of the book. I was excited, but my wife never heard of Weinstock's. My 63 year old brain cells still had Weinstock images and thoughts while other info have disappeared.

  31. Interesting site, some good Sacramento history... found my way here looking for some info on a recent find I had at an estate sale. Purchased a box of misc old photos and such. Well in the box, I found 3 silhouettes on card-stock of children that were taking at Weinstocks photography studio. 2 were signed with their name, age, and date (10 & 11 year old girls) and the baby's silhouette was printed into an decorative advertisement flyer for the studio. The interesting thing about these silhouettes was that they were dated 100 years ago almost exactly to the day (missed by 2-3 days) that i found them.

  32. i recently bought an ely culbertson canasta 2-deck card shuffler off ebay, from a guy in tracy, calif. i'll call it 85%, for $20. it came in the original (pretty rough) box with a sticker on the bottom that reads 'weinstock lubin & co'. the sticker price was $5.45. all steel, baked on finish, and does it's job well.
    i don't play canasta, but french rummy (also with 2 decks). it was made in denver where i lived for 40+ years, and recently moved to texas.

    i love playing detective!!


  33. I have a London Fog coat that I just found with tags still attached. Retail at the time of purchase was $126.00, such a gorgeous coat

  34. I have a family photo of my great grandmother with her parents and siblings. There is, what appears to be a 'modern day' stamp on the back that says
    Portrait Studio, Mezzanine
    12th & K Sts. - Downtown Only
    Sacramento, Calif 95814

    My question is - does anyone know if there is a way, or place, where I can see what year this picture was taken? My great grandma appears to be about 4-6 years old which would mean it would have to have been taken in the 1900s.

    Is anyone able to help me? Thank you.


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