Bergdorf Goodman, New York City, New York

In 1928, Bergdorf Goodman moved to the corner
of 58th Street and Fifth Avenue, on Grand Army
Plaza, near the Plaza Hotel.

Bergdorf Goodman was one tenant in a complex which
extended down Fifth Avenue to 57th Street. The com-
plex, faced in white Dover Marble, replaced the Van-
derbilt Chateau which had occupied the site.

In 1968, Bergdorf Goodman acquired the leases of
other businesses in the block and expanded to
57th Street.

The elegant luxury store remains one of the most
renowned specialty stores in the world.

Bergdorf Goodman
Fifth Avenue, 57th to 58th Streets
On The Plaza
New York City, New York

PLaza 3-7300

Street Floor
Precious Jewel Box • Real Jewelry • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Gloves • Belts • Accessories • Blouse Bar • Scarves • The Perfumerie • Cosmetics • Delman Shoe Salon • Plazapapers • Port of Call • Van Cleef & Arpels Boutique • Fendi Boutique • Hermès Boutique • Neuhaus Belgian Choclatier  Men's Shop  Alfred Dunhill of London

Second Floor
Lingerie  Negligees  At-Home Collections  Foundations  Mallett at Bergdorf Goodman Antiques  Jerry, Hairtstylist to Men
The European Collections Chanel  Givenchy Nouvelle Boutique  Saint Laurent Rive Gauche  Mila Schön  Fendi  The World of Geoffrey Beene  Muriel Grateau  The Fur Salon

Third Floor
Country & Casual  Coats & Suits  Leathers and Suedes  Rain & Shine Shop  Designer Sportswear  Millinery

Fourth Floor
Plaza Collections Dreses  Coats & Suits  Plaza Boutique  Plaza Approach  Halston Boutique  Ports International Boutique  Tiktiner Boutique  Fourth Floor Salon  Wig Shop
Gifts  Antiques  The Garden Path  Linens  Bath Shop  Decorative Acceories  Nena's Choice Gallery

Fifth Floor
Miss Bergdorf Dresses  Sportswear  Coats & Suits  Shoe Salon  Fur Boutique  At-Home  2-4-6 Shop  Jerry Silverman Boutique  Miss Bergdor's Centre Point  Miss Bergdorf's Bazaar  Active Sportswear

Sixth Floor
Boys & Girls  Infants' Apparel  Toddler's Apparel  Children's Shoes  Toys

Bigi Dresses  Coats & Suits  Sportswear  Beauty Bit  Bits 'n'Pieces  Shoe-In  Sixth Sense  Bigi Bites

Seventh Floor
Suga at Bergdorf's Beauty Salon  General Offices
(228,000 s.f.)

White Plains
140,000 s.f.

Coming in due course.


  1. The White Plains store did not last long.... it eventually became part of a Mall (The Westchester) which includes Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

  2. The White plains store was for whatever reason, a total failure. It did not last long. Replaced by Neiman Marcus. Today the NYC store is fifth avenue and no where else.

  3. The WP store failed because it was the return store for all the Westchester woman who spent the day in NYC, went shopping and lunched, impressed their friends with a large purchase from BG, the would go home and return it the next day. That is the sole reason they closed, they lost money.

  4. However, this store was beautiful, a museum piece of architecture

  5. I remember A LOT of my infant and toddler clothes coming from Bergdorf. My father's aunts were really super rich(one of them got bored one day and her husband took her to France for lunch) unfortunately they were quite elderly and died before I could get to know them better...

    my mom told me and showed me the labels and stuff when I was older and dressing my cabbage patch kids in layettes and dresses from Bergdorf. I had the best dressed dolls and bears in the neighborhood lol.

    My cousins who were in there near teens at the time benefited from the generous relatives more than I did.

    Oh and Bonwit teller or whatever it's called...I had stuff from there too.

  6. They never should have changed the beauty department that was once on the main level. It was in a beautiful room with windows that let light in.....very pretty. Now its in the basement and looks like every other beauty department. I think I am probably the only person that cares but I am sad that merchandising has become so cookie cutter.

  7. The White Plains store was the ultimate in luxury at that time. It was all marble, plush rugs and crystal chandeliers all done so tastefully with a modern feel. I worked in men's furnishings where we sat our clients down and brought the items to them. We also had cashiers, "behind the scenes", the client never saw a cash register. I loved it!

  8. I have been inside BG only a few times, but I find the interiors visually breathtaking. I love the fact that the escalators are non-conspicuous; you have to look real hard to find them!! The basement beauty department is the only thing that mars this store; it could pass for a slightly smaller-scale Sephora. Their housewares floor is not to be missed; it makes Saks' housewares floor look non-existent. The men's BG store directly across the street is a keeper as well. The fragrance department is a tiny little nook but worth it. Each floor is unique in its own way. Recommended visiting when in NYC if you want to check out the closest thing to a true luxury department store.

  9. Bergdorf Goodman actually improves with age! Both the main and the men's stores offer great merchandise (bring $$$'s) in an impressive setting.
    Years ago, this grand dame had a downward spiral in merchandise and housekeeping... they had a few bad years. Again, much improved today. Service is spotty if you shop not dressed for success!
    Berfdorf Goodman is a small jewel on Fifth Avenue NYC

  10. Worked at the 57th Street store for few years. Have an original invitation (which unfolds into a decorative sketched long poster detailing what was sold on each floor) dated Aug 23, 1983 - the year they put in the escalators. Andy Warhol and Carla Fendi, were among the many who attended this party.

  11. Worked at the 57th Street store for few years. Have an original invitation (which unfolds into a decorative sketched long poster detailing what was sold on each floor) dated Aug 23, 1983 - the year they put in the escalators. Andy Warhol and Carla Fendi, were among the many who attended this party.

  12. Dee Dee Robinson03 September, 2013 11:49

    I worked at the 57th Street store summer 1974. My job was to open new credit accounts. It was the first place I ever used a teletype machine. It connected to the credit bureau. I remember Diana Ross wanted to them to close the store so she could shop without anyone looking at her. She wasn't the only celebrity or prominent person who shopped there so they did not close the store for her.

  13. The White Plains store closed because BG's merchandise was oriented towards a sophisticated and very cosmopolitan clientele. There is not sufficient demand for that type of thing in the suburbs. Even very affluent ones like Westchester County and lower Connecticut.

  14. When I was a young woman in the 1960s, my friends and I would go in to BG just to look around and gawk at the rich clientele, dreaming of someday being one of them.

  15. I bought my prom gown at BG in 1965. In those days you (and your mother) were seated on a velvet couch. Dresses were brought out individually, and you chose the ones you'd like to try on. I decided on a scoop necked cotton brocade and ordered it in pink. We catholic school girls had to be modestly dressed. I went infor a "fitting" We also ordered some extra fabric that was made into a stole by our own dressmaker She decorated it with pink maribou trim. It was so exciting. Although we were middle class people, my mother worked in the city at various administrative assistant jobs, such as aat Mosler Safe Company. She was a smart astute shopper. later I was a Bonwit Bride. Janet, Darien CT. formerly of the Bronx.

  16. Bergdorf's was my first job after high school, in 1966. Worked stock in Cosmetics, then salesgirl in BiGi, then Gal Friday in the Advertising Dept (John Robinson was Mgr). We considered it an event whenever we saw Mr. Andrew Goodman-nice man. Good times!

    1. I am researching a garment with the "bigi at Bergdorf's" label. Would you mind sharing what Bigi was? Any history would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you

    2. Bigi was the junior-size women's shop at Bergdorf's. There was also a snack bar called "Bigi Bites." You could certainly find references (ads mostly) to it in the New York Times archives.
      - Bruce

  17. My great-grandfather, Francesco (Frank) Bellafiore, manufactured house brand ladies wear for Bergdorf Goodman 1920's-30's. Wish I knew more...

  18. I was a copywriter there between l971 and l973. My husband had just been hired to run Bergdorf GoodMAN,the first proper men's clothing department. We met in a merchandise meeting. I was getting the feel of a Russian sable from Emeric Partos for its Town & Country ad. He walked in with three suits over his arm for GQ. His first words to me were, "Not many women can carry off a sable indoors." Everyone swooned. We followed a long tradition of love at the Plaza.

  19. Good Evening and Happy 2020 ! It would be wonderful if anyone would care to elaborate on the various details of note that apply to Bergdorf Goodman vs.the new Neiman Marcus store that was opened recently at Hudson Yards. How do the stores differ and how are they similar in their offerings of products and services ? Thankfully, it seems that full-service restaurant dining is once again being recognized as part of the "experience driven millennial shopping experience," so it seems. Any thoughts and/or points of interest would certainly be interesting and very much appreciated. We really hope that future generations will enjoy the wonderful "make a day of it" shopping experience in the grand department store format, even if it is referred to as a "specialty store," such as this store,the great Bergdorf Goodman store we love. Happy New Year, warm regards and heartfelt prayers to one and all for a joyous 2020 and beyond ! Thank you again BAK for making it possible for us to have a place to celebrate and savor the great department store retailing experiences we love. We respectfully and wholeheartedly thank you for making such a homey place to enjoy the heartfelt, extended family like experiences of the great stores and their people, in a beautiful and comfortable online setting. God Bless !


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