Montgomery Fair Company, Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery Fair Company
29 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama (1868)

Lower Floor
Housewares • Small Appliances  China  Paints  Toys  Sporting Goods

Street Floor 
Jewelry  Handbags  Belts  Scarves  Hat Box  Blouses  Sweaters  Leisure and Lounge Wear  Stationery  Luggage  Bakery  Men's Furnishings  Men's Shoes  Men's Hats  Men's Clothing  Boys' Clothing
Dexter Arcade Cosmetics  Gloves  Leather Goods  Hosiery  Umbrellas  Silverware  Records  Teen Town
Monroe Arcade Appliances  TVs  Stereos  Men's Work Clothes  Trend Shop

Ladies' Shoes • Children's Shoes • Teen Shoes • Young Moderns' Shoes • Art Goods • Books • Luncheonette

Second Floor
Sportswear  Dresses  Daytime Dresses  Ladies' Suits  Ladies' Coats  Gold Room  Bridal Salon  Fur Salon  Millinery  Junior Dresses  Junior Sportswear  Junior Coats  Lingerie  Foundations  Beauty Salon

Third Floor
Piece Goods  Linens  White Sewing Center  Infants' Wear  Infants' Furniture  Tiny Tots' Wear  Girls' Wear  Credit Office  General Offices

Fourth Floor
Lamps  Pictures  Mirrors  Draperies  Bedding  Furniture
(146,000 sq. ft.)

Ave. B & 8th Street

April 11, 1957
64,000 sq. ft.

Montgomery Mall

Coming in due Course

Personal Shopper: Miss Frances Fair


  1. As most of you know, Montgomery Fair was where Rosa Parks was working when she made her historic refusal to give up her bus seat and subsequent arrest on December 1, 1955.

  2. does anyone know what her job title was? I need this for a project.

  3. Am I allowed to use one of these images? I am writing a book for children and am trying to find free images to teach Rosa Parks powerful story.

    1. Likely not in a printed book. You should check with your publisher. These pictures were sourced from Alabama state archives and you should check with them about licensing.

  4. It's funny how many of these stores have logos that consist of cursive names on white backgrounds. Maybe that was the problem. Don't do it! It's a curse!

  5. What were the years of operation for the Fair?


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