McCurdy & Co., Rochester, New York

McCurdy's original building dates from 1901, and was
expanded in 1913, 1923, and 1928.

The store received a modernistic make-over in the 
1960s with the opening of the Midtown Plaza
shopping center, to which it was directly connected.

McCurdy & Co. (1901)
Main Street
Rochester, New York

First Floor
Fine Jewelry • Costume Jewelry • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Gloves • Scarves • Fashion Accessories • Blouses • Sweaters • Midtowner Sportswear • Place First • Midtowner Shoes • Lingerie • Loungewear • Robes • Foundations • Cosmetics • Notions • Stationery • Candy • 'Gate 1' Luggage
McCurdy's Men's Shops Men's Accessories • Men's Furnishings • Men's Sportswear • Men's Shoes • Men's Hats • Men's Clothing • Contemporary Man • Young Men's Shop

Second Floor
Garden Room Restaurant • Oak Room Grill • The Jet Terrace • Beauty Salon • Midtowner Dresses • Women's Dresses • Women's Sportwear • Plaza Dresses • Plaza Sportswear • Better Dresses • Better Sportswear • Midtowner Coats • Plaza Coats • Better Coats • Fur Salon • The Image • Designer Shops • Bridal Salon • Shoe Salon • Junior Sportswear • Junior Shoes • Junior Dresses • Junior Coats

Third Floor
Baby Boutique • Infants's Wear • Toddlers' Wear • Children's Accessories • Children's Shoes • Boys' Wear • Girls' Wear • Teens' Wear • Young Juniors • Toys • Sporting Goods • Cameras • Books • Records • Fashion Fabrics • Art Needlework • Sewing Machines

Fourth Floor
Furniture • In-Vironments • Bedding • Rugs • Floor Coverings • Lamps • Art Gallery

Fifth Floor
China • Silver • Gifts • Glassware • Table Linens • Housewares • Small Appliances • Major Appliances • Garden Shop • Hardware • Televisions • Stereos • Linens • Bath Shop

Sixth Floor
Offices • Cash Office • Credit Office • Travel Service • Personnel Office


Dewey Venue

Geneva (1957)
Town & Country Plaza

Long Ridge Mall (1970)
Ridge Road

Eastview (1973)
140, 000 sq. ft.


  1. Such a nice store. Macy's and Bon Ton don compare!

  2. I worked at Midtown and Marketplace and still miss the people and the store!

  3. Karen Colizzi Noonan30 July, 2011 18:35

    I worked in Geneva, Eastview and Long Ridge. Met my husband in Geneva - got engaged in the stock room! (SO romantic! LOL) Many good memories of people and parties and Christmas rush season. It will never be this way again, i'm afraid.

  4. The Eastview store will soon begin to be renovated/rebuilt into what will become a lavishly-appointed, upscale nationally reknowned retail store whose venerated,famous name will soon be revealed to the public sometime in the next few weeks.

    I,too worked for McCurdy's, in their downtown Flagship store in 1968 in the Boys department on the Third floor while in school. I was thrilled to take the vast majority of my little paycheck & save it in order to gift my parents & little brother with fine clothing & exquisite, henredon furniture for our family. I always derived the most pleasure by GIVING to my loved ones rather than for just myself. They were thrilled knowing I sincerely cared for them.
    My favorite part of downtown McCurdy's was the Book Department,Bakery & Counter Restaurant found on their granite-paved Main Floor. Their whipped cream cakes,French pastries & Almond-paste tea cookies were always freshly baked & tasted excellent! Their sister "Fashion Specialty" store, the very elegant, venerated B.Forman Co., a four story Rochester version of Bergdorf Goodman, had it's own Dior Boutique, exquisite designer fashions of the highest caliber,deeply-golden-foil covered gift boxes, a home gift gallery that would satisfy & astonish the biggest design snob, & mens & childrens departments that endlessly delighted!The store displays & advertising were as sophisticated as any Manhattan stores,if not even more so! It was a very stylish French Deco limestone building gold elevator door,gold entrance doors,with marble & limestone main floor paving,bronze Louis XVI glass Vitrines,high ceilings, French inlaid wood panelled portals, a main floor designer shoe department so elegant(25' ceilings,heavy crown & wood inlaid wainscot paneling, huge white carved wood chandeliers with yellow shades,built in banquettes & Louis XVI white fauteil chairs) it would make any Nordstrom look like an airport waiting room!!



  6. I have recently come across a beautiful coat labeled B. Forman Co. Rochester, New York. I have been trying to do a little research on the brand but I cant seem to come up with much. The little information I have found on the brand has just left me wanting more!! I do believe that this coat is over 75 years old.... if anyone can provide me with any information I would greatly appreciate it. This item may belong in a museum. The coat is being very well taken care of and is in beautiful condition.

  7. B Forman was a specialty department store in Rochester New York. I will be adding an exhibit on the store soon. You might wish to search the newspaper pages at where you will find many Forman ads.


  8. I remember the Geneva store. I wrote my very first check as an 18 year old kid when I purchased a sport coat there. It was a good store and a part of upstate NY history.

  9. I worked at McCurdy's from 1973 until 1984, ending up as Store Planning Director. I'm grateful to the senior management group for letting me develop professionally and in letting me help with a portion of the company's direction. Gil McCurdy maintained a paternalistic environment for all employees and thanks to his interest in all areas of retail operation, not just the merchandise buying and selling, I had opportunities that I would not have had with most retail companies. Thanks for good memories and the foundation for a great career.

  10. I worked at McCurdy's from many years starting around 1968 when I worked part-time in the toy department. By 1972, I became an Assistant Buyer to John Irish for Toys, Sporting Goods, Luggage & Cameras. Later I moved to the Northgate store where I worked as the supervisor of the Mens, Young Mens and Boys depts. A couple of years later, I moved to Long Ridge where I supervised the same departments and later also became supervisor of part of the Budget Store.

    I left McCurdy's around 1980 to help build the Computer dept for Leon's Typewriter and Supply in downtown Roch. Later I moved to The Computer Store on Monroe Ave, where I eventually started and ran their educational sales dept.

    In 1986, I abandoned the cold for South Florida, where I still live.

    My father was the buyer of the Carpet Dept and eventually retired from there. My brother also worked at McCurdy's as an asst Buyer and then as a Buyer for several depts.

    My Grandmother was the hostess in the Tea Room Rest for many years. Later she worked as the cashier at the McCurdy's Coffee Break Rest on the 1st floor.

    I remember fondly the opening of Midtown Plaza, Long Ridge and Eastview Malls. Coffee at the Midtown Terrace restaurant and lunch in the Oak Room or Garden Room.

    For us McCurdy's was a family affair and great memories of days long gone.

  11. Does anyone know if there are photos of the annual cristmas tunnel exhibit at mccurdys ?

  12. I worked at all the Rochester B. Forman stores from 1973 to 1994. I left 5 months before the whole thing went down. I don't care who says what, I think both McCurdys & Formans could have been saved if the right people ran the show. The wrong people were put in charge and look what happened.

  13. anyone know of a recipe for mccurdy's cheesecake? we had them make a cheese cake wedding cake for us in good

  14. Hi all,
    Does anyone know who Princes Daphne was. McCurdy's name is on a pair of shoes I have and there is writing saying that says Daphne last Princess. Any information would be kind and helpful! Thank You! The sounds like it was a very special place to shop.

  15. I believe McCurdy's owned B. Forman as well, as they both went away at about the same time.