Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Co., Rochester, New York

Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Co. building on Main Street, built 1905.

1926 Sibley Tower addition to the store.

Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Co. (1868)
228 East Main Street
Rochester, New York

DOWNTOWN STORE DIRECTORY (1,000,000 sq. ft.)

Sibley's Budget Floor

Street Floor
Fine Jewelry • Fashion Jewelry • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Gloves • Belts • Umbrellas • Fashion Sunglasses • Hosiery • Hat Bar • Fashion Accessories • Street Floor Sportswear • Street Floor Blouses • Street Floor Sweaters • Street Floor Lingerie • Romance on 1 • Bazaar • Cosmetics • Drugs • Pharmacy • Camera Shop • Stationery • Luggage • Books • Coins and Stamps • Repair Shop • Men's Accessories • Men's Grooming • Men's Furnishings • Men's Shoes • Men's Hats • Men's Coordinates • Men's Sportswear • Olympic Shop • New Directions • Men's Clothing • Flower Shop • Gourmet Foods • Candy • Delicatessen • Ice Cream Shoppe • Sidewalk Cafe • Snack Bar • Grocery • Fruits & Vegetables • Frozen Foods • Bakery • Butcher Shop

Second Floor
Miss Sibley Dresses • Miss Sibley Sportswear • Blouse Boutique • Miss Sibley Coats • Lady Sibley Shop • Town and Casual Dresses • Career Dresses • Career Coats • Concept Dresses • Concept Sportswear • Young New Yorker Dreses • Young New Yorker Sportswear • Concept Coats • Sibley Place • The Situation • Social Dressing • Dress Salon • Coat Salon • Designer Sportswear • Fur Salon • Bridal Salon • Anticipation Shop • Shoe Salon • Town and Casual Shoes • Young New Yorker Shoes • Aigner Boutique • Junior Sportswear • Junior Dresses • Junior COats • Junior Shoes • Kate's Place • Canned Ego

Third Floor
Lingerie • Sleepwear • Loungewear • Shape Shop • Junior Lingerie • Fabrics • Sewing Machines • Art Needlework • Linens • Sheets • Pillows • Bedding • Bath Shop • Draperies • Curtains • Floor Coverings • Rugs • Floor Coverings • Toys • Beauty Salon
Young Fashion World Children's Accessories • Children's Shoes • Infants' Shop • Infants' Furniture • Toddlers' Shop • Little Girls' Shop • Girlswear • Little Boys' Shop • Boyswear • Young Juniors • Piggy Bank Shop

Fourth Floor
China • Silver • Crystal • Waterford Gallery • Glassware • Table Linens • Gifts • Housewares • Cooks' Kitchen • Small Electrics • Appliances • Hardware • Garden Shop • Lamps • Art Gallery • Home Entertainment Center • Records • Pro Shop • Sporting Goods • Christmas Boutique

Fifth Floor
Furniture • Contemporary Gallery • Livin' Easy • Sleep Shop • Interior Design Studio • Ward Gallery

Sixth Floor
Tower Restaurant • Customer Services • Portrait Studio • Wilcox Travel Agency

Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Co. (1969)
400 S. Salina Street
Syracuse, New York

Lower Level
Sibley's Budget Store

Floor 1
Fine Jewelry • Fashion Jewelry • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Gloves • Belts • Umbrellas • Fashion Sunglasses • Hosiery • Hat Bar • Fashion Accessories • Street Floor Sportswear • Street Floor Blouses • Street Floor Sweaters • Street Floor Lingerie • Lingerie • Sleepwear • Loungewear • Shape Shop • Junior Lingerie • Romance on 1 • Bazaar • Cosmetics • Shoe Salon • Town and Casual Shoes • Young New Yorker Shoes • Aigner Boutique • Drugs • Pharmacy • Camera Shop • Stationery • Luggage • Books • Coins and Stamps • Repair Shop • Men's Accessories • Men's Grooming • Men's Furnishings • Men's Shoes • Men's Hats • Men's Coordinates • Men's Sportswear • Olympic Shop • New Directions • Men's Clothing • Pro Shop • Sporting Goods  • Flower Shop • Gourmet Foods • Candy • Delicatessen • Bakery

Floor 2
Miss Sibley Dresses • Miss Sibley Sportswear • Blouse Boutique • Miss Sibley Coats • Lady Sibley Shop • Town and Casual Dresses • Career Dresses • Career Coats • Concept Dresses • Concept Sportswear • Young New Yorker Dreses • Young New Yorker Sportswear • Concept Coats • Sibley Place • The Situation • Social Dressing • Dress Salon • Coat Salon • Designer Sportswear • Fur Salon • Bridal Salon • Anticipation Shop • Junior Sportswear • Junior Dresses • Junior Coats • Junior Shoes • Kate's Place • Beauty Salon • Canned Ego
Young Fashion World Children's Accessories • Children's Shoes • Infants' Shop • Infants' Furniture • Toddlers' Shop • Little Girls' Shop • Girlswear • Little Boys' Shop • Boyswear • Young Juniors • Piggy Bank Shop

Floor 3
Draperies • Curtains • Floor Coverings • Rugs • Floor Coverings • Furniture • Contemporary Gallery • Livin' Easy • Sleep Shop • Interior Design Studio • Lamps • Art Gallery • Home Entertainment Center • Records
 • Photo Reflex Studio • Wilcox Travel Agency

Floor 4
Fabrics • Sewing Machines • Art Needlework • Linens • Sheets • Pillows • Bedding • Bath Shop • China • Silver • Crystal • Waterford Gallery • Glassware • Table Linens • Gifts • Housewares • Cooks' Kitchen • Small Appliance Centers • Appliances • Hardware • Garden Shop • Toys • Erie Belle Restaurant


Southtown Plaza (1953)

Eastway Plaza (1955)
Empire Blvd. at Bay Rd.
50,000 sq. ft.

Newark Plaza (1957)
50,000 sq. ft.

Irondequoit Plaza (1957)
120,000 sq. ft.

Greece Towne Mall (1967)
150,000 sq. ft.

Syracuse (1969)
400 S. Salina St.
278,000 sq. ft.
Erie Belle Restaurant

Eastview Mall (1971)
168,000 sq. ft.

Fayetteville Mall (1974)


  1. How and when did Sibley's enter the Syracuse market? Was it a separate subdivision of the main Rochester Sibley's?

  2. Sibley's opened their store in downtown Syracuse in Autumn of 1969 . . . they announced intention to enter the market much earlier, but there were issues about the site and the demolition of existing buildings, which caused quite a delay. The store was originally 4 floors with a basement, but after a "renovation," it was cut back to 2. To my knowledge there are no department stores left in the downtown of this city that once boasted Sibley's Edwards, Dey Brothers, The Addis Co., Chapell's, and a smaller specialty store known as Flah & Co. It would have seemed that, in the 60's, the horizon looked very bright indeed for downtown Syracuse; so much so, that Sibley's and Associated Dry Goods, the parent, were confident enough to make the investment they did.

  3. Associated Dry Goods merged Sibley's with Buffalo's Wm. Hengerer Co. in 1981 and the stores eventually just became Sibley's, operated out of Rochester. When May Co. merged Sibley's into their Kaufmann's chain in 1990, there were four locations operating in the Buffalo market, all of which are currently operating as Macy's:

    1. Boulevard Mall - this location opened as Sibley's in 1983 in space formerly occupied by Sattler's. Kaufmann's later opened a separate Men's Store at the Mall which is still operated by Macy's.
    2. Eastern Hills Mall - this location opened as Hengerer's in 1971 and is the only store to have operated under all incarnations of Hengerer's/Sibley's/Kaufmann's/Macy's.
    3. Walden Galleria - this location opened as Sibley's in 1988 as the first store to open at the then under-construction mega-mall.
    4. McKinley Mall - this location opened in 1989 as Sibley's. Kaufmann's later opened a Home Store on the site which is still in operation as Macy's Home.

  4. This site is amazing! I have thought for a long time that it is a shame that all this history has not been documented. I worked at Sibleys downtown and also in greece.I have searched the web for pictures of the inside of the store and have found little. This is a forgotten piece of our culture so I am grateful it is now being preserved. My children will never experience the absolute joy of a downtown department store. Call me a dinosaur, but I think it's a tragedy.

  5. It is hard to imagine any of our cities without their downtown "anchor" department stores, but for me, it is especially so in regard to Rochester, where my brother lived for several years. I got to know Sibley's and it was certainly worthy of the type of documentation you mention. I am not sure where, but I did see that either the library or historical society had some photos on line from the store's past. Nothing too extensive, and one hopes that someday a book might be published about this great store, one of the largest between New York and Cleveland.

    Thanks for taking the time to make your apt and enjoyable comments!

  6. There is a Facebook group called "former employees of Sibleys in Rochester, ny" and there are a few photos posted there of the inside of the store in the 50's.

  7. I used to live in Webster, New York, we had a Sibleys at the Wegmans plaza at Bay Road and Empire Boulevard. It was a great place to shop but I really liked the one in downtown Rochester. I used to go there around the Holidays and visit the basement where the grocery area was to get specialty items. One of my Grand parents saved a news paper from when the original store opened in the city, it was complete with pictures. I still have it but it is packed away in a box. I moved to California 29 years ago and still miss the East. beverly32149

  8. Sibley's bakery(in the grocery store)was the best. Their birthday cakes were amazing and just delicious. The baker was very talented in decorating the cakes, and one could get any motif on them one desired. Also, their meat market was outstanding-so fresh, cut or ground to order, wonderful poultry and everything the best quality. No irradiated fruits/vegetables in those days, that is for sure! What a pleasure it was to shop there! Sibley's even had a pretty good art department, having special art exhibitions and they made picture frames. In the porcelain china department, I remember a special Asian exhibit in the 70's, I believe it was, from Japan and China, with fine porcelain, other fine items, and artisans came in person from China, demonstrating how they hand painted snuff bottles on the interior with tiny little brushes. The bottles were expensve way back then, around $70 each! They were excellent quality though, and just beautiful! Their furniture and carpet department was really great too, as were their appliances, small appliances, and cook ware. One could find quality in everything in those days! Now everything is made in China, and it isn't fun to shop any more! The quality is inferior, everything is expensive and when I buy a pot or pan from China, I worry about contamination. So much change in a liftime! So sad to loose all of our local department stores, not only Sibley's, but also,B. Formans, and McCurdy's, and of course, most of all, to loose items made in the good old USA! It is better to shop at a house sale today, and thrifting/recycling is more economical, that is for sure!

  9. I clearly remember when Sibley's built a spectacular new store in downtown Syracuse. It was the late 1960's and I remember the news stories that this was the first major department store to be built in a large city in twenty years. That was a time when downtowns across the nation were losing stores to the suburbs. Sibley's is long gone from downtown Syracuse but its building remains with the Sibley's logo on one side. I am unsure what use it now has.

    I also remember the Fayetteville, NY store. Built in the new Fayetteville Mall in the early 1970's, it really was impressive--even elegant-- and I often took out-of-town friends to see it. It was just as impressive as the sketch above. Sibley's was a rival of Dey Brothers (which I preferred because I grew up in Syracuse and Deys was OUR store). Nevertheless, Sibley's was a good store with quality products and I wish it was still with us. The Fayetteville store stood only twenty years or so and it was demolished when the entire mall was bulldozed. It is now the site of a large outdoor shopping area which, in many ways is much nicer thant the mall concepts of the Seventies. However, I still look for Sibley's and that stunning facade.

    How did we manage to lose so much of our local identities and allow ourselves to morph into communities of Bon-Tons and Kaufmans?

  10. I'm not sure why I searched this out. My very first job was at Sibley's Southtown Plaza, in the bakery. Those were the days.

  11. Today I came across a lot of Sibley,Lindsay & Curr coins in $10.00 and $25.00 denominations. I was wondering what they were used for ,and if they have any value today.I have Googled it with not much luck-

  12. I worked at Sibley'd downtown (Roch) in the mid-1970s and it was wonderful, especiall at Christmas time. Was als great being just accross the street from Midtown Plaza. There isn't shopping like that in most cities anymore. Soon there will be a few upscale venues for the 1%ers and Walmart for the rest of us.

  13. I remember Sibley's and used to love the bargain store in Irondequoit. I have recently come across a photograph that was taken at Sibley's by the Heberger Studio and am trying to get an idea of the age of the photograph based on the style of the frame and the content of the photo. Can anyone help??

  14. I have a Sibley's Hat Box...I found it at a yard sale and thought "Boy, this thing has got to be something special"! So I snatched it up for about $2.00's It's in Excellent condition, looks like sepia colors, Beige background with Sibley buildings and words that say
    " In Rochester its Sibleys" The woman that owned it must have been an employee cuz when I opened it there was a large Green Pin - Say's - Sibley's in cursive writing # 240 in the middle and in Capital Black Block letters reads EMPLOYEE... also a monthly news letter April 1963 called "From the Potter's Wheel", Syracuse China Corporation, Syracuse, 1, N.Y.
    The first Article is introducing the "new manager" Raymond C. Cobourn. The newsletter Also has an article named 'Sibleys Visits Syracuse. Representatives of the Sibleys China Dept, of Sibleys, Lindsay and Curr Co., the article mentions the names of the people that where there from Sibley's ...Geraldine Covington, Madeline Ange, Bertha Pelava, Mildres Hamman, , Myrtle Schendel just to name a few. I came to this site to see if I could find out anything about the hat box. Little did I know there was so much going on over here!@ If any of you remember this or know anything about the hatbox and what it might be worth today would be great to know...Such History in this Box! Rhonda

  15. Hello, Rhonda!

    Thanks for that interesting anecdote. If there is any way that you could scan the images of Sibley locations on the box, I would post them for all to see. You can find my email on the home page.

    Sibley's was the largest store between New York and Chicago at one time, so there was a lot "going on" there!


  16. Greetings: Can anyone tell me who manufactured furature for Sibley, Lindsay & Curr? Thanks.

  17. my mom came across some coins from sibleys what were these used for and are they worth anything

  18. Anyone remember the restaurant in the downtown store or the cafeteria in the Greece Town mall location? I used to eat there all the time when I was a kid (especially the cafe in the Greece mall).

  19. The Sibley's cafeteria at what used to be Greece Towne Mall was called The Ridge Room. I'm curious as to how the administrator of this blog came across sketches of various Sibley's department store locations that are long gone. I thought I was the only one who had those in print form. At any rate, the former Sibley's store at Greece Ridge Mall is now being demolished. I went through there and photographed it back in February when Bon Ton was having a store fixture sale.

  20. I digitally-enhanced these images from some old photos. If you are in possesion of the original images, would you consider scanning or photographing them, so that I may show better images and enhance readers' memories? I once had a better image of the Syracuse store but it was lost due to a portable hard-drive crash a few years ago.
    My brother and sister-in-law lived in Rochester, abd Greece Towne Mall was their local shopping center at the time. By then, Sibley's was in decline, but you could see what a fine store it was at one time.

  21. I would give my right arm if someone would/could offer any more recipes from Sibley's. My grandmother would ask my what I wanted for my birthday, I would reply "Only my favorite cake from Sibley's. The cake was of chocolate layer,with 3 differant lines of frosting piped on top,dark and light chocolate and white it was GREAT!
    That grand mother I spoke was my fathers mom. Pop often told us kids as a young lad hr found a hidden door at Sibley's E.Main St. entrance. This door opened the way to the stores tower, from there pop would watch parades and all outdoor activities downtown. Go Pop!

  22. Wow, what great memories. i worked in the grocery dept in the 1970's and it was a treat. Sometimes hard work sometimes great fun. I will never forget Norma, Karen, Kirt, Mr Larter and Gertie and the fun crew at the registers. The cakes were great and so were the gourmet items. only place I knew where you could buy chocolate covered crickets and ants and other really different items. They were the first to introduce gluten-free breads too.

  23. I remember Walking Down to Sibleys @ Midtown on my Lunch Hour and i Would get a Walking Salad:) Does anyone Remember them? What was the name of the Place there it was just Take out I think.

  24. I spent the first fifteen years of my life practically living in the store in downtown Rochester. My dad worked in their in-house print shop where they did all their own business cards, fliers, posters and such without contracting a large printing company like Case-Hoyt. I remember the special kind of magic they created at Christmas time.

  25. Does anyone have the recipe for the wonderful Coconut Macaroons from the Bakery?

  26. My grandparents had lived on Daytona Ave in Webster, NY and there was a Sibley's next to Weagmans off of Empire Blvd. I remember going shopping there when we were kids and opening Sibley boxes at Christmas. My sister kept a wool coat that our grandmother wore, that has the Sibley tag inside; still in great condition and in style. We also kept some old tie and gift boxes that our grandmother had saved. The boxes have a paper cover with the Sibley's logo on the top covers.

  27. Does anyone remember coin gift certificates?

  28. Does anyone have the recipe for the new england clam chowder sold in the cafeterias.

  29. Diane Clayson Christensen28 February, 2013 00:04

    I ran the cafeteria in the early 1980s with a wonderful crew. I still get a Christmas card from Ken who worked with me. Beautiful memories of the snow and Christmas and name is Diane.

  30. I worked at Sibley's during the summer of 1966 as a "floater". I would work at any department that needed me. I loved to get people to "Charge and Send"!
    Does anyone remember those wonderful chocolate drinks..maybe they were called "Frozen Chocolates" for 10 cents? They were perhaps like the Wendy's drink but twice as good. They sold them outside the grocery store in a little booth.

    Karen Kaplan Klein

    1. Karen - they were called Frosty Fudgies!

    2. I loved those frosties! Also love the Lime Rickies at the same counter. So delicious and refreshing. I'd meet my friends in front of the purse department, we'd have lunch--the wonderful buffet in the Tower Restaurant. Often there was a fashion show during lunch. Oh, those were the days.

  31. My grandmother used to be a hostess at the Tower Restaurant on the sixth floor of the downtown Rochester store. It was always so much fun to go there. I was a kid, but I recall that it had a great reputation, and did a better lunch business with the downtown executive crowd than they did at dinner time. They also had a great 'breakfast with Santa' every year. My dentist was in the tower building and after every visit, I would get soft ice cream at the soda fountain just outside the grocery 'department'. Good times in downtown Rochester back then.

  32. My parents met at Sibley's in Rochester and later moved to Florida where I was born. However, every summer, through the 60s and 70s, we went back to Rochester. I'll never forget visiting Sibley's and the Mid-Town mall. Today, we have Walmart and Costco, gone is an true era. Thank you for this site.

  33. I remember the Walking Salads for lunch. Does anybody remember their great bakery. Every St. Patrick's Day I would get one of the green covered frog cakes with pink frosting inside. I waited every year for that and miss them so much

  34. As a young patron in the 1950,s I remember most the "Malt" - Soft Ice Cream glass - Coke Bottle Shaped delights. These were provided at the counter - booth just outside the Grocery Dept. Later in life they had a wonderfull "ClamBake" Dinner for a picnic that was packed in a large cooking tin that you put right on your outside campfire grill. It was for a party of (4) persons. It contained, clams,fresh corn, potatoes and chicken. A truley wonderfull picnic container and all in one pot for around & 20.00. Christmas Glass Window Displayes, listed in a Series of aisles, were a treat for us younger kids. We will always miss our Rochester - Sibley's ! Such fond memories, of the past...

  35. I have been on a quest to have someone verify my memory of the "frozen chocolate malts" served in a tall silver container with a long spoon. It was a walk up bar and if you were lucky you got a stool at the bar. This was our treat before leaving downtown. I say it was Sibley's, my hubby thinks Edwards???????

  36. My memory says the ones at the walk up bar on the first floor came in a styrofoam cup. But in the basement restaurant, which they closed around 1979 I think, at the counter your milkshake came in a silver cup. Maybe you have merged the two? But I do remember Edwards having a snack bar too. And remember in midtown, the "747" restaurant which was like having an airplane meal? Sigh. I can still smell sibleys main floor. It was unique.

  37. I remember the "chocolate frosteds" from a styrofoam cup at the stand up counter on Sibley's first floor. What I remember most is Sibley's at Christmas. My mom would take each of us 4 youngest kids, one at a time, 4 different evenings, on the West Ave. bus to downtown for Christmas shopping. There was also the bakery in the back of Edwards that had great doughnuts and cookies. And for a real blast from the past, how about Katz Meat Market on Water Street, where my grandfather worked as a butcher?

  38. Sibley's (under ADG) was considered the East Coast equivalent to Robinson's in LA. They both were more upscale and at one time catered to what was known as the "carriage trade". Still not on par with Lord&Taylor (another ADG division), but more so with Robinson's.So sad that except for truly large-large urban cities there are no downtown stores remaining.

  39. i bought a beautiful wedding dress and a pair of shoes at a yard sale, seems her son age 61 was selling his moms wedding dress, does it have any value to it? its sure very expensive silk with lace and 1943 when she got married so thats during the war when money was tight, any help be appreciated, thanks ken

  40. we all are getting the frozen treats mixed up a little. definitely the metal 'cup' you got was a milkshake. but the icecream treat i thought was in the basement was either a 'frosted' or something like that. but edwards had a great bakery & most stores had a cafe' to eat & drink. sorry to hear the one with 4 youngest kids taking turns. we also took the bus but went back and forth numerous times during christmas, especially me & my older sister. we also lived across from the Public Market when i was 1-5yrs.old so we walked downtown ALL THE TIME. my mom even let us skip school so we could go with what do our kids have... the mall.? my oldest is 33 and she got to see santa at T.H.E. Best display i've ever seen & ride the monorail at MIDTOWN PLAZA. awesome memories. i worked at McFarlin's mens clothing(1973-75) the last of a true haberdashery.

  41. oh yeh to all that have those 'coins' they were actually gift certificates.

  42. I recently purchased some Hitchcock furniture that had a label on it that said Sibley, Lindsay, and Curr Co. In what years did they use that label on furniture?

  43. I have alot of the coin gift certificate tokens... the silver$10 and the bronze colored $25...does anyone know what metal they are and how much they are worth?

  44. can any one show me colored picture of these black and white picture? i guess these giant building will looking fresh in color.

  45. Sibley's grocery and bakery was the best in the city. Wegmans and Mohican Supermarkets didn't come close but could not compare with the quality of foods available at Sibley's. They carried the original gourmet products of those times

  46. The Hitchcock chairs bearing the Sibley, Lindsay & Curr name were manufactured by the Hitchcock furniture company but differed somewhat from the original styles. I worked there as a part time stock boy in the late 40's and early 50's while going to school. Although, I currently reside in PA and enjoy what we have here, I still miss the close knit urban shopping and entertainment that was available in those days at downtown venues throughout Rochester.

  47. Did you forget Wells & Coverly in Syracuse? I worked there part time one year during the Christmas season, and my grandfather had been a tailor there for many, many years. I loved the store, and purchased most of my clothing in Haven Hall on the third floor. Who can forget Jack Craig who sold dress shirts on the first floor, or Mr. Johnson who was the floor supervisor/walker, and who greeted customers as they entered the store?

  48. I came to Rochester from down south in 1982, and I thought Sibley's was the finest department store I'd ever been in. I worked in the Sibley Tower and spent many a lunch hour browsing the store. I left Rochester a long, long time ago, but my memories of Sibley's remain as fresh as ever.

  49. Coins were used to pay employees in 1870s then locked in basment St Paul And main.
    Restamped in 1946 as Sibley money
    orginals were made from Gold Sliver and nickel.
    They we're then restamped in 1960s as discount promotion.
    At closing given to employees. ..NOTE THIS
    Sibleys Santa was given the orginal 1865 Santa suit equipment and three cases of orginal Sibleys coins to be given to special needs children.
    Santa still gives coins away to children.
    These orginal coins survived the fire survived two wars survived the closing.
    But now survive Sibleys as Santas special gift.
    worth there weight in Gold sliver and nickel.

  50. Following are some details – Please Save the Date and an invite will be forthcoming.
    WHAT: Sibley Re-Union
    WHEN: Saturday, July 19, 2014
    TIME: 1:00PM – 6:00PM
    COST: Compliments of Winn Company. Food stations, wine, beer and tour
    WHO: Former and current Sibley employees and one guest
    ATTIRE: Rochester casual
    I sincerely hope you are able to attend and if you have any contact information for former Sibley employees please email to me and we will add them to the invite list.

  51. Email me at or call me at 312.925.0489

  52. I can be contacted at or 312.925.0489. Love to catch up!!

  53. I worked at Sibley's The Last 6 yr.s they were opened in the bakery, I've looked for the former emplyee Facebook page and did not find. if someone could help me out. please

  54. Is there a Bakery Cook Book? I loved the Mocha Cake and the little special Frog Cup Cakes also Swirl Cookies topped with a little chocolate frosting and a half pecan. Thanks for any help. Reply to

  55. I was a tween when Sibley's went into the newly-built Fayetteville Mall in Syracuse. They had copper metalic panels above the entranceway to the mall. I have an old photo of that somewhere. It was such a nice store!

  56. Those were the daysssssssss!!!

  57. I worked in the Tower restaurant under Deitrich S. It was truly the best job I ever could have had. The space was amazing as were my co workers. Sometimes I have dreams that I still work there. Bonnie


  58. Fascinating history. From an estate sale, I have a Sibley, Lindsay, & Curr Co. white Armoire with the store tag id stapled to the back of the armoire. One of the drawer has an engraved "Dixie" on the side. I'd like to get an appraisal and sell - any suggestions?