F. W. Wurzburg Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan

Read about Wurzburg's in
Michael Hauser's new book
Wurzburg's remodeled the building formerly
occupied by Herpolsheimer's in 1951.

The 'new' Wurzburg's was a collection of several older buildings,
as well as a "Parking Pavilion" across Ottawa Avenue NW.

Wurzburg's - The Heart of Grand Rapids

F. W. Wurzburg Co. (1872)
101-13 Monroe NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan

GL 9-5100

Snack Bar • Wurzburg Budget Store

Street Floor
Fine Jewelry • Diamonds • Clocks • Jewelry • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Gloves • Hosiery • Fashion Accessories • Hat Bar • Buy of the Town Sportswear • Buy of the Town Dresses • Buy of the Town Shoes • Campus Shoes • Cosmetics • Charles of the Ritz Powder Bar • Notions • Closet Shop • Camera Center • Optical Equipment • Gift Wrapping • S&H Green Stamp Service Center • Candy • Bake Shop • Epicure Shop • Fountain Lunch • The Campau Room
Louis Street Books • Magazine Center • Stationery
Store for Men Men's Furnishings • Smoke Shop

Store for Men Sportswear Shop for Men • Shoe Shop for Men • Men's Hats • The Clothes Horse for Young Men

Second Floor
Sportswear • House and Town Dresses • Better Dresses • Hat Salon • Wig Salon • Suits • Four Seasons Shop Coats • The Colony Shop • The Cranbrook Room • Shoe Salon • Bridal Salon • Beauty Salon • Fur Salon • Photo Studio
Young Michigan Shop Junior Sportswear • Junior Dresses • Junior Coats
Store for Men Men's Suits • Men's Coats

Third Floor
Fabrics • Sewing Machines • Blouse Bar • Lingerie • Foundations • Sleepwear • Robes • Daytime Dresses • Uniforms
Young World Infants' Wear • Infants' FurniturevToddlers' Wear • Girls' 3-6X Wear • Girls' 7-14 Wear • The Clothes Tree for Young Teens • Children's Shoes • Boys' Wear 4-7 • Boys' Wear 8-20

Fourth Floor
Silver • China • Glassware • Table Linens • Art Gifts • Bedding • Bath Shop • Art Needlework • Curtains • Draperies • Floor Coverings

Fifth Floor
Luggage • Vacuum Cleaners • Radios • Televisions • Phonographs • Records • Furniture • Sleep Shop • Grand Rapids Furniture Galleries • Lamps • Pictures • Mirrors

Sixth Floor
Housewares Center • Model Kitchen • Garden Shop • Appliance Center • Magicolor Paints • Toys • Sporting Goods • Kennel Shop • Auditorium

Seventh Floor

Eighth Floor

Ninth Floor

Tenth Floor
Telephone Operator

Parking Pavilion
Tire and Auto Service Center • TV Center
(293,000 s.f.)

Lansing's F.N. Arbaugh company was founded in 1891, but
the buildings it occupied dated from 1905 and 1909

In 1953, Sperry & Hutchinson Corp.  (S&H Grren Stamps),
owner of Wurzburg's, purchased Arbaugh's in Lansing. The
tore operated under that name until another change of
ownership in 1969, when it became Wurzburg's

Wurzburg's anchored the southern end of Lansing's
Washington Ave. shopping district.

F.N. Arbaugh Co. (1891/1905/1909)
401 S. Washington Avenue
Lansing, Michigan

IVanhoe 2-1141

First Floor
Fine Jewelry • Diamonds • Clocks • Jewelry • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Gloves • Hosiery • Fashion Accessories • Hat Bar • Buy of the Town Shop • Cosmetics • Charles of the Ritz Powder Bar • Notions • Closet Shop • Camera Center • Optical Equipment • Gift Wrapping • Candy • Bake Shop • Epicure Shop • Stationery • Books
Men's Store Men's Furnishings • Smoke Shop • Men's Sportswear • Men's Clothing • Men's Shoes • Men's Hats • The Clothes Horse for Young Men
S&H Green Stamp Service Center • Casual Furniture
Street Floor Annex
Housewares Center • Model Kitchen • Garden Center • Appliance & TV Center • Magicolor Paints • Toys • Sporting Goods • Kennel Shop • Luggage

The Village Kitchen

Second Floor
Sportswear • House and Town Dresses • Better Dresses • Hat Salon • Wig Salon • Shoe Salon • Suits • Four Seasons Shop Coats • The Village Shop • The Cranbrook Room • Shoe Salon • Bridal Salon • Beauty Salon • Fur Salon • Beauty Salon
Young Lansing Shop Junior Sportswear • Junior Dresses • Junior Coats

Third Floor
Fashion Fabrics • Sewing Machines • Art Needlework  • Blouse Bar • Lingerie • Foundations • Sleepwear • Robes • Daytime Dresses • Uniforms
Young World Infants' Wear • Infants' FurniturevToddlers' Wear • Girls' 3-6X Wear • Girls' 7-14 Wear • The Clothes Tree for Young Teens • Children's Shoes • Boys' Wear 4-7 • Boys' Town

Fourth Floor
Silver • China • Glassware • Table Linens • Art Gifts • Domestics • Bath Shop • Pictures • Mirrors • Lamps • Stereo-Hi-Fi Shop • Records

Fifth Floor
Furniture • Sleep Shop • Grand Rapids Furniture Galleries • Curtains • Draperies • Floor Coverings

(101,000 s.f.)

28th St. at Michael, Wyoming

28th St. at E. Beltline

Lansing Mall
Delta Township
(Lansing, MI)
110,000 s.f.

North Kent Mall
August, 1970

Maple Hill Mall
Kalamazoo, MI
August, 1971

Westwood Mall
Jackson, MI
Coming in Due Course


  1. My mom worked at the one downtown and Eastbrook back in the late 60's...so many memories :)

  2. My mom worked in Men's Furnishings for many years. I remember going there entering the side entrance with the security guard at the desk. I'm alot older now but when I am in an elevator I recall the Wurzburg's elevator voice. "Welcome to Wurzburg's, Please touch button for your floor and step back". Also visiting Mickey Mouse on the 6th Floor during Christmas.

  3. I learned how to ride a "two-wheeled" bicycle that was purchased from Wurzburg's. Great memories!

  4. My sister worked at Wurzburg's in 1965. She is still very close to two of her co-workers from there and they call themselves "The Wurzburgers."

  5. My father was the warehouse manager. He died after his shock of his dying in the Army. I loved going into that big store!

    Betty Ann Burnham

  6. Can someone tell me what street the Wurzburg warehouse of Grand Rapids, Michigan was on. I know the store was on Monore but the warehouse was not there.

  7. I collect old credit cards from out of business stores as an extension of my interest in department store history. I have never run across a credit card from Wurzburg's but I would love to find one. Can anyone tell me for sure that they issued a card. Thanks Scott (nimmos@bellsouth.net)

  8. Great work you have done here, Many Memories , I worked at Wurzburgs
    1961 thru 1965 my first real job
    thank you

  9. Yes, Wurzburg's had their own charge card......it was white and of course, Wurzburg green! The Wurzburg warehouse was on Grandville Avenue, S.W. - The building is still here....leased to several other businesses.

  10. I remember being in pajamas when we would go to pick my mom up from work (like most families in the '50s we only had one car) She worked in the girl's clothing dept. ...... she had a hard time not buying me every cute new outfit that came in to the store ;-)
    Lots of great memories of this big old store .... so much to see.... and at Christmas time this is where the "real" Santa let us sit on his lap and give him our list! ;-)

  11. I was born in "57". Our home was at Eastern and Wealthy. Awesome memories of riding the bus with Mom downtown for shopping and sitting at the lunch counter of a department store. We had cheeseburgers and phosfates(?)..You know, that flavored soda water. Anyway, Christmas downtown is a memory I could revisit again and again. The windows with the animated figures depicting Christmas scenes were the best!

  12. I was born in "57". Our home was at Wealthy and Eastern. I have fond memories of riding the bus with Mom downtown for a day of shopping and eating lunch at the lunch counter of one of the department stores. We'd have cheeseburgers and phosphates (?). You know, the flavored soda water. Christmas in downtown GR was "Magic" for a little kid! The store windows dressed with animated figures depicting Christmas scenes is on the top 10 list of favorite memories.

  13. I am looking for old photos of North Kent Mall, Maple Hill Mall, and Westwood Mall. Do you have originals? Thank you for your help.

  14. I have a Wurzburg fur shawl.......any ideas what to do with it??? Sarah sj.munkacsy@att.net

  15. On rainy days you could still make out the Wurzburg sign at the eastbrook mall store.
    A few weeks ago that part of Eastbrook (now called centerpoint was torn down.

  16. Something else I found interesting.....
    look at this picture of the Wurzburg's store....
    I was trying to recreate that sign for a model I am working on.
    Sitting down with photoshop I find that the Green Wurzburg's logo you have on your site is really quite different from the one on this sign.
    The slant of the "b" and the "g" as well as the missing "'s" are the most noticeable.
    And never mind how many times I was in that building, I have no idea if that clock was just painted or if it worked.

  17. many fond memories of my childhood with my dad who worked over forty years at the downtown store.credit-toys-furniture.his name was Leroy f tilton.if antone has pictures or stories to share,i would love to her from you.thanks-rick tilton

  18. whats cool is Maple Hill and Westwood Mall were 100% identical. Maple Hill was torn down, however Westwood is still open, and running well. Check out Westwood Mall jackson MI for photos of the mall. The inside is 100% the same too. The only change is they destroyed the movie theater in westwood and the site is now a parking lot, and the montgomary wards building is removed and now the mall is anchored on a new Walmart. Pretty cool.

  19. I am seeking interior photos of Wurzburgs from about 1960-1964 when my grandmother Doris Deming was director of personnel, or any photos with her in them possibly?


  20. I was photographed at age 3, nearly 4 (born mid December, 1959) on Santa's lap. I remember that experience so well-- he was such a gentle Santa, and the picture is so special to me. A more vivid memory is from a few years later. Mom didn't drive -- not that unusual back then -- so we took a bus to shop downtown. It was springtime, and there was a tornado. We all had to go into the basement. There were many mothers and young children, and it was very scary and a little exciting to be there, huddled in a small basement area, near the bottom of a stairwell. The ballstrade was metal I recall!

  21. What was the reason this store went downhill so fast in the early '70s? It was so popular and then in a few years it was bankrupt. It has always been a mystery to me.

  22. For many years, Wurzburg's was owned by Sperry and Hutchinson (S and H Green Stamps). S and H sold the chain to John Butler of Detroit, who controlled Demery's Department Stores. This would have been around 1970 or so. Demery's was a junior sized store and did not have nearly the depth of merchandise or customer services that were offered by Wurzburg's. Under Demery's management, product lines and brand names were dropped in favor of less expensive "in house brands". The sheer number of storwide sales and special purchases also increased two fold, and as a result, with less offerings and the quality of the goods going down, sales decreased, and Demery's began to close Wurzburg locations beginning with the flagship store on Monroe Avenue. Eventually, all branches as well as Lansing and Jackson closed. Meanwhile, Rogers Department Store expanded their 28th Street store, and in 1976, J.L. Hudson Co. entered the GR market with their first store at Woodland Mall.

  23. I've just landed here from a google search. I am looking for any photos of the Wurzburg murals as I've come into posession of the artist's brushes and other assorted personal things. His name was Roy Panzanhagen. I have his library card too from 1951.

    If anyone can help me find photos of the murals, I would be so delighted!

    Contact me at foxberryhii@yahoo.com

  24. I worked on the "mezzanine" of the downtown Grand Rapids store from 1966 through 1969. This was a small space tucked in between two floors. I don't remember if it was between the 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd floors.It was on the West, front of the building. There was the photography studio, gift wrapping & ticket sales, a dress maker's shop and two alteration shops...one for men and one for women. My first job after high school. I talked with a 25-30 something the other day and told her I used to work at the old downtown Wurzburg's. She asked me, "What's a Wurzburg?" Sigh.

  25. Things are in the works for a book about Wurzburg's, Herpolsheimer's, and Steketee's . . . and I would love to use your comment in the finished work. Can you e-mail me at bakgraphics@comcast.net with your consent?

    Thank you!


  26. Don't forget William Wurzburg built Algonquin Lake in Hasting's in Barry County.

  27. Do any of you historians know anything about Ed Wurzburg?
    He lived in Detroit 1959-60. Please email me Larry@adventuresgalore.com


  28. I have a wooden hanger stamped "Wurzburg's Men's Clothing" and found this site when I did an online search. My family lived in East Lansing for a few years which is how we probably got it and it got passed along to me.

  29. Does anyone have any pictures of the Wurzburg's executive offices? I believe I have Mr. Wurzberg's executive office chair. My mother was head seamstress & monogramist there in the 40's or 50's.

  30. I have vivid memories of having my photo taken with Santa at Wurzburg's in Grand Rapids. My mother cherished those photos and kept them safe and sound in her 'unmentionables' drawer forever. Somehow, those photos were throw out by a sibling who could not have known how much I'd love to have them now. Shame. Are there copies out there? Maybe the photographer who was hired to take them would have the negatives? Could I be this lucky? My mom was executive secretary for Thomas Hardy of Hardy Herpolsheimer's in Muskegon, MI.

  31. I do know that the Grand Rapids Public Library bought out the negatives of a large commercial photography studio that worked for Grand Rapids' major department stores. Whether they included the customer photo studios' work, I don't know. The History room would be a good place to start.

    - Bruce

  32. Bruce, didn't Wurzburg's or Stek's have a baby of the month or year tradition? My mother held on to this old picture of me that supposedly was one of those youngsters!

  33. When my Dad passed away i inherited his Wurzburg's Cashmere wool coat, i know his first one was stolen but this one he purchased probably in the early 60's. it has since been handed down to my son. My parents always shopped at Wurzburg's or Herposhimers and have many fond memories of downtown Grand Rapids.

  34. I'm from Grand Rapids, and back in May '78, in the late afternoon/evening before "the wrecking ball ceremony", I took a series of 35mm slides of the Kresge, Grant, Green, Woolworth, etc. block along Monroe Ave, from Goodrich St.(no longer exists) down to Pearl St. This area is now where Rosa Parks Circle is located. If you would have interest in these slides for your future book, please contact me. As a young man in the early 60's, I also worked at the underground parking garage at Herpolshimer's for LONGTIME store manager Sid Annis. Herpolshimer's is now the Grand Rapids Police Dept. Headquarters, and the cruisers are parked in the old customer parking garage!

  35. My favorite store! I won a Ginny Vogue doll when I was four or fiver from a coloring contest, They did not believe that a four year old could color so well, so they asked me if I wanted to color and I colored the doll in a plaid dress again. They gave me my doll. My mom also worked there at holidays. I have my Santa Claus pin and photos with Santa.My husband first asked me out for a date by the escalators in 1969..

  36. My mom and dad met when they both worked at wurzburgs. My mom worked in the office, and my dad was a driver. Does anybody know we're to find wurzburg collectables. Like the bank?

    1. I have 2 of them and was trying to find out the value of them. My aunt got one for me and one for my brother when she worked there.

  37. My mother also worked at Wurzburgs back in the late 40's early 50's in the office I believe. I also remember going there for our Christmas photo with santa in the late 1950's. Now after visiting Santa, I remember seeing Mickey and/or Minney Mouse where they would go behind a curtain and bring out a gift. I got pick up sticks.
    I also reflect on getting on the elevators. The recording would say, "Welcome to Wurzburgs. Please push button for your floor and step back."
    Finally the teen department. Maybe on the 3rd floor? I remember the candy stand next to the escalator. They had a name the teen department contest and I won, along with someone else who had the same entry. It was called the Clothes Horse. I may have won a gift certificate. I can really remember.

  38. I have a green Wurzburg Grand Rapids building coin bank that I am thinking of taking to a Grand Rapids antique dealer to see if they can tell me anything about it or can sell it. It says: "Wurzburg of Grand Rapids save you more with S&H green stamps" on one side and on the other side it says: "In the heart of Grand Rapids." I cannot find any information online. If you have any information on it, please contact me at slnotestine@gmail.com. Thank you!

  39. While I was cleaning out my grandmothers home, I found a number of Wurzburg's Christmas boxes. They are lovely and a nice piece of history.

  40. I remember seeing Santa and walking around the building to see the animated figures at Christmas time. What I did not see mention of was Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer who would "talk" to us and a present would slide down the chute of the small cabin that Rudolf stood next to. I also remember Rudolf's nose would light up and he would stamp his front foot. Additionally, wasn't there a small train suspended in the ceiling that people would take their kids on and we looked down on the shoppers below???

    1. Rudolph and the Caterpillar Express / Santa's Space Capsule were both farther up Monroe Avenue at Herpolsheimer's. Wurzburg's was known for the Christmas Parade, their animated windows, beautiful themed holiday decorations, the Toyland of More, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

  41. I remember shopping in the late 60's for school clothes with my mother at the Wyoming store on 28th St. Also remember being so excited to go into the S&H Green Stamps store which was in a separate building next door just to the West of the main plaza. I saved up for and got a small transistor radio with the stamps my mother let me keep. Would listen to Detroit Tiger games under my blankets at night when I was supposed to be sleeping!

    1. Thank you kindly for sharing your memories!

  42. a proud to be one of the oldest member of the founding family, I share the position with my cousin, Peggy Osier Fairbanks we are both the great grandchildren of the founder, Fredrick Wurzburg.

    1. What became of the protraits hanging above the main entrance? My mother worked there as extra help at Christmas back in the mid-50's. I probably spent hundreds of hours in that store over my youth.

  43. I found a 1947 calendar while going though my mothers things just wondering if anyone know what it is worth. It is a seventy fifth anniversary Wurzburg of grand rapids diamond jubilee year.

  44. I'm a member of the Steketee family so this is really a nice site to see the long ago days of Grand Rapids kept alive. Thank you.

  45. My Great Aunt Jean Voight worked in the dress department in the Monroe Avenue Wurzburg store in the 1950's-mid 1960's.


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