D. M. Read Co., Bridgeport, Connecticut

D. M. Read store, built in 1925 at Broad and John Streets

D. M. Read Co. (1857)
Broad and John Streets
Bridgeport, Connecticut

EDison 3-1151


China • Glassware • Silver • Gifts • Lamps • Housewares

Street Floor
Jewelry • Watch Repair • Cosmetics • Gloves • Small Leather Goods • Belts • Handbags • Fashion Accessories • Neckwear • Hosiery • Casual Shoe Bar • Hat Bar • Umbrellas • Blouses • Street Floor Sportswear • Street Floor Lingerie • Fashion Shoes • Corner I • Notions • Stationery • Cameras • Luggage • Confections • Snack Shop
John Street Men's Furnishings • Men's Sportswear • Men's Clothing • Men's Shoes • Men's Hats
East Building Appliance Center
Post Ofice Arcade Casual Shop

Second Floor
Domestics • Curtains • Draperies • Slipcovers • Portrait Studio
Young World Shops Infants' Shop • 2-to-6 Shop • Boys' Shop • Girls' Shop • Subteen Shop • Teen Shop • Young World Shoes • Children's Furniture

Third Floor
Sportswear • Dresses • Daytime Dresses • Coats • Suits • Town and Country Shop • Fairfield Room • Millinery • Fur Salon • Bride's Shop • Uniforms • Maternity Shop • Lingerie • Foundations • At Ease Shop
Jr. News Jr. Dresses • Jr. Coats • Jr. Sportswear

Fourth Floor
Bedding • Furniture • Rugs • Broadloom • Photo Studio • Trim-a-Home Shop • Beauty Salon

Fifth Floor
Toyland • Bicycles • Outdoor Equipment • Books • Venetian Tea Room • Offices


Trumbull (1964)
Trumbull Shopping Park
220,000 sq. ft.
Jonathan Trumbull Restaurant

Danbury (1967)
177,000 sq. ft.


  1. Thank you for your site - these description of DM Read's brought back so many childhood memories that I got teary. As I read your descriptions of the Bridgeport store, I could see each floor in my mind's eye.


  2. The Danbury store was on Federal Road - I beleive #114, at the corner where Nabby Road meets it. The space is now a Bob's Store.

  3. Thanks for this site . In the late 40's and 50's my great uncle Micky ( James V. Beach ) work for Read's as custodian and for 11 years was both santa Claus and the Easter bunny . If any one has any info and / or photo's I would love to see them . He was before working for Read's , a professional clown with Ringling Bros. - Barnum & baily's circus . Contact me , Keith Beach of Buna Tx , @ billygoat45@yahoo.com - thanks

  4. I love the old malls and dept store memories. i had worked in the reads store in trumbull when I was a teenager I worked in the restaurant and also waited on tables.I think it was so cool back then to have a restaurant in the store .And slso the employee lunchroom.Does anyone remember Skydells dept store in bpt i had brought my first 3 piece suit.Also anyone remeber lofts candy store?/ Billy Liebel liebel99@aol.com

  5. Does anyone remember that they moved reads to the old Gimbell store in bpt laff plaza ?

  6. I worked at Read's Bridgeport store for about a year in 1976 and 1977. It was a great store. The elevators were operated by wonderful women and the doors of the elevators had metal grates. Even in the 70's there was a sense of style that the Trumbull store lacked. I was just out of college and worked in the Men's Department with 3 terrific women: Jean, Helen and Eleanor.
    Donna Kruszewska

    1. I was just a kid in 1970s I was scared of elevators til one of the operators was so nice. I then loved to ride elevators.they were indeed angels. Remember cars 4 and 5 dod not go to the basement. Its amazing I can forget things from yesterday but I can still see this vividly from over 40 years ago.

  7. My uncle was the policeman (special police) that stood in front of the elevator on the main floor. That was back in the late 50's.

  8. To answer the question about when the downtown Read's relocated, it was 1985. In 1983 BATUS (the parent of Gimbels) merged the NY and Philly divisions into a new business unit, Gimbels-East. In 1984 the Lafayette Square branch was closed (it was never a strong store for Gimbels).
    Read's took over the space after much prodding from the City of Bridgeport, and although it initially survived the transition to Jordan Marsh, the store was closed in 1991. Lafayette Square was one of the many "downtown malls" to fail. Gimbel's as a retail company folded in 1986.

  9. I used to work at the restaurant during high school in trumbull shopping park was lots of fun! does any one have any old pictures of that store. or the location at lafatette plaza

  10. Does Read's have any connection to Skydel's Department store?

  11. Skydel's was family-owned store located on the corner of East Main Street and Arctic Street on Bridgeport's East Side. I don't think it had any connection to Read's It carried good quality clothing and jewelry. I still have a pair of earings purchased there. I lived about 2 blocks from it. Skydel's was where we went to buy dresses for such special occassions as weddings or graduations.I liked to just walk through it on the way home because it felt special.
    Donna Kruszewska

  12. Thank you, Donna, for your comment. I did not know it before, but Bridgeport must have had a large Eastern-European population. A fellow from Slovakia recently contacted me because he found an old portrait of a realtive, that they couldn't identify, in his grandmother's belongings - the portrait came from Read's!


  13. I worked in both Read's stores in the mid !960's. First Bridgeport then onto Trumbull store to help with the opening. Many fond memories of both of both locations. Great times. I believe my dad was credit manager for Read's
    at the time also. We moved to Ct. in 1962 so he could take that position...

  14. I also remembered the nice women running the elevators in the Bridgeport Reads, as My Dad moved our family out to Trumbull from Jackson Michigan in 1964, so he could run the personel Department of the Trumbull Reads store. He took me downtown to the Bridgeport store at times and we got to ride the elevators, it was so cool! He first started in the Bridgeport store until the Trumbull store was finished being built. He later moved on to be district personel manager for the Trumbull, Bridgeport, and Danbury stores, and soon after the Derby, Southbury, Yorktown heights, and Poughkipsie stores. Dad had many wonderful years at Reads and worked with so many wonderful people through the years. It was sad to see it end in the late 80's.

  15. It really wasn't Christmas until the two large Christmas trees went up in D M Reads on either side of the large double staircase that went downstairs to Housewares.

  16. Bridgeport had a very sizable Eastern European population, most coming from the eastern Carpathian Mountains, Besides the large Polish RC Church (St. Michael the Archangel) which still exists, there was St. Joseph's Polish National Catholic Church now out by the airport in Lordship, three Slovak RC Chruches (St. Cyril's--still there---and St. John Nepomocene,,,closed) and Holy Name of Jesus (actually just over the boarder in Stratford), a Slovak Lutheran Church (now in Trumbull), a very large Byzantine Catholic Church (Carpatho-Russian) St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic (now in Trumbull) and its offshoot (after the troubles of the 1930s) St. John the Baptist Carpatho Russian Greek Orthodox Catholic Church (on Mill Hill Avenue with the dome) and the two other offshoots also called St, John the Baptist CROGC in Stratford; a Ukrainian Catholic Church and two Ukrainian Orthodox Churches; a Russian Orthodox Church (on East Main Street with the domes) and numerous synagogues all on the East Side. On the West Side was one of the largest Hungarian settlements in the US with two RC churches (one in Fairfield), one Byzantine Catholic Church (now closed) and three Hungarian Reformed Churches (one in Fairfield) and at least one Orthodox Synagogue (now in Fairfield). In addition, there was a Slovenian RC Church (now in Fairfield).

  17. The original D. M. Read store was located at the NE corner of Main Street and Fairfield Avenue. It was two or three stories with a mansard roof. When I was a child, the building was the home to Leavitt's, another department store. My mother used to buy my uniform for St. Anthony School (Fairfield) there. The building is still standing, though sheathed in glass , functioning as an office building of some kind.